How Long does it Really Take to Learn the Polish language?

By OptiLingo

Polish is a language that is spoken by 40 million people. Many Polish speakers also exist in places such as Germany, Lithuania, Israel and in the Russia. There are Polish populations in places such as the United States and Canada but those populations are relatively small. Also, many westerners from Polish descent typically do not speak their language in west.

Polish is the largest spoken Western Slavic language but it is only popular in certain parts of the world. Many people who are interested in learning Polish typically do so for business or to form some type of personal bond with members of a Polish community. People also want to learn this culture to identify with their roots, to connect with their heritage and to maintain their identity if they have forgotten who they are as a people. If you are a person learning the Polish language because you want to conduct business or you want to romantically pursue a person from Polish descent; then keep reading to discover how long it takes to learn this language.


Learning a New Language and Learning Polish

Most ESL or ELL teachers will tell you that it normally takes a non-English speaker between 3 and 6 months to learn their language. When a child or an adult comes to the U.S. they typically are emerged inside of the culture outside of their home. When these foreign individuals come to the states, they typically are enrolled in some type of course where they are constantly exposed to English. Most people will pick up English rather quickly and will be able to speak a few words within weeks. Many immigrants will have a basic understanding of the language within months. How long will it take to learn Polish through immersion? That will depend on the individual and how they respond to the language.

By the third month they will be able to communicate on a basic level. This is the rule but there are always exceptions. Kids generally pick up language faster than adults. Some adults can spend decades in the U.S. and have very limited English. The reason why this happens is because they never interact with the culture and stay secluded to their community where the native language is spoken. Also, some foreign people enjoy being in the U.S. but they do not necessarily want to the American identity.

This information has been communicated to you for the following reason. You can learn the Polish language within a year or less. Better yet, you will have a basic understanding of Polish that will allow you to communicate with people on a basic level. Polish is not the hardest language in the world to learn but it can be difficult for people who never was exposed to it. How long will it take to learn Polish? Just keep reading so you can figure out the answer to this question.


Polish language Learners and their Opinion about the Language

Many Polish language learners have stated that they find this tongue to be a relatively easy language to pick up. However, there are plenty of people who disagree with this idea. They say that Polish is extremely difficult. While they do not consider it harder than a language such as Chinese (this is considered the hardest language in the world to master), they do claim it to be one of toughest dialects on the planet.

Why do some people say Polish is too hard to learn? Many westerners who learn this language cannot understand how Polish nouns have three (or more) genders when there is only two genders. They also have a hard time trying figure out which case to use for nouns and adjectives. Verbs also conjugate for gender, mood, person and time and this could make up to 25 forms for every verb (ouch!). Verbs in Polish have grammatical aspects which doesn’t even happen in English.

Honestly, the above mentioned difficulties are enough to make any person want to quit before they get started. Also, a lot of people who do venture out to learn this language want to know how long can it take to learn Polish. The truth is that many Polish language learners stated that it took them at least 18 months on average to have a basic understanding of this tongue. Some said it took longer. A few did say they learned basic Polish within a year or less but they had to be immersed into the culture and they had to stay dedicated to the process. Can I learn Polish in one year. You must practice a lot. Can I learn Polish in one year? You actually could but you are going to have to work really hard at mastering this language in order to do so. Just be prepared to put the time in to make things happen.


Learning Polish can make your Brain Hurt

How long can it take to learn Polish? Once again this answer depends on how time and dedication you give to the learning process. Most Polish language learners will tell you that learning Polish usually makes a person’s head hurt. The reason why their brain is experiencing pain is because they are literally working it out by discovering this new language. When a person is learning something new, their brain has a tendency to experience discomfort.

However, don’t quit. Many Polish language learners experienced “brain burn” but pushed through it to grasp the Polish language. Keep learning and stay committed to the idea of acquiring this language. The end goal is in site and you will be better off finishing what you started. If you give up just because your head hurts, then you will miss out on all off the great things that Polish has to offer.


Polish Speakers also Give Beginners some more Advice about this Language

Polish speakers tell beginning Polish speakers that they should expect it take time to learn the language. They should not rush the process. Taking their time is important because it will help them to get a solid foundation of the basics and the rules of Polish. How fast can you learn Polish will depend on the individual and how they take to the language. Some people will have a greater desire to learn Polish than others. Ultimately, how fast can you learn Polish is just a matter of desire, effort and how bad you want to be a Polish language speaker.