Crazy Awesome Resources to Help You Learn Polish

By OptiLingo

Learning more than one language is a great fun. Apart from fun, it is of great advantage in case you will fly to that country. One will find it easy to adapt to the place. However, learning another person’s language is not easy but it requires dedication to learn. A child finds it easy to learn since it is the only language he hears since when he/he is you. But don’t worry. In this article it will highlight a few of the how to learn Polish books that will help on how to learn Polish easily. You can learn using smartphone apps, website or books, dictionaries, audio listening, etc.


Learning Apps

Duolingo – This is an app that can be downloaded over a smartphone and has got millions of learners. This will take you step by step from the introduction till you will be good to go. The app is good in vocabulary and grammar however; you cannot expect everything from it but you have to work also extra harder to achieve you goal fully.

Clozemaster – clozemaster is one of the best apps that will educate you on Polish in a realistic context. It exposes you to many to Variety of Polish sentences and the only thing you will do after is to fill the gap so as to test you understanding. Clozemaster has got a number of good features including Cloze-reading, Cloze-listening and the grammar challenges.

Memrise – Memrise app breaks down its courses from Polish 1-7. It introduces the vocabulary and with it are recordings. The app also enables you to learn your specific area of interest.


Learning through websites – This is a blog that covers most of the basics in Polish. It has got a table of content that can help you if you just want to navigate through the course.

Mowic po polsku – This site has got various articles that for Polish learning. However, contents are not ordered in a certain manner but you can use whatever order it will suit you.


Learning with Dictionaries – This is a good dictionary that also have some very interesting features. When you search a word, you will get the meaning and how it is used in a sentence. Additionally, you will get the English translations.

English Wiktionary – This has got some of the Polish vocabulary though not all. The advantage of using English dictionary is that you will be able to get more grammatical information of whatever you search. It also includes audio recordings.

Polish Wiktionary – This dictionary has got no much difference with the English version. The difference is that it has got more of the words and entries. One will be familiarizing himself with grammatical terminologies for Polish.



Introduction to Polish – In the cover, the book is indicated ` Polish for Dummies’. The book gives the general overview of the of Polish language i.e. the grammar, vocabulary and the structure of a sentence.

301 Polish Verbs – As indicated in the title, the book gives a list of 301 verbs that are common in Polish with conjugation table provided for all of them. It also tests you with quizzes provided that tests you whether you have understood.

Polski, Krok Po Kroku – This is a book that teaches Polish across diverse levels. It is subdivided into different units each having reading/listening materials. Shockingly, the instructions are written in Polish language regardless of the level.

Polish: A Comprehensive Grammar – This is a 672-page book that covers nearly all of the necessary grammar in Polish. The book is among the best books in the market for learning grammar.

Wiktionary – This book was derived from the subtitles obtained from the database of the Polish movies.

Colloquial Polish Books – This is a books that concentrates its concern on both writing and reading skills.

Polish Phrase books – This is a phrase book that was produced by BBC. This book is good for a person planning to reach a certain level in terms of speaking.


Free e-books

Wolne Lektury – This is an online library having many of the Polish works. However, some of the books here have stayed for more than a century and therefore the language might look a bit old-fashioned.

Free e-book at Woblink – One can download a book here by simply creating an account and log in. It has got also quite a number of free Polish e-books.

A bilingual edition of Alice adventure – This book has got Polish translations displayed beside the Original version of English. The only disadvantage though is that most of the diacritics in Polish are not available.


Grammar Explainers

Polski z Ania – This is a collection of ten videos that explains grammatical cases, tenses and syntax. The good thing about this series is that the subtitles are given in English hence making it efficient for both learners and at advanced level.

Polski and Wynos – Most of these resources comes in Polish however, few of them have got the English Caption. The book explains the grammar using diagrams and tables.

Polish Grammar at Mowic po polsku – This was published at Mowic po polsku. It gives separate explanations for quite a number of speech, grammatical cases and verbs tenses.

Polish noun cases at Wikibooks – This however does not cover all of the usage cases however it captures quite a number of them. It attempts to explain the cases at which grammatical cases are used.


Listening Materials

Real Polish Podcast – This is a person from Real Polish who is giving different stories. He also expresses his own ideas and thoughts that pertain to history, science and leaning a language. His episodes are also found on the YouTube Channel.

Polishpos101 – This is a language course given in audio format. Their lessons cover specific topics across all levels. Moreover, this site has additional features that include flashcards, dictionary among many others. Despite the fact that most of these audios are found in YouTube channels, some of them requires paid subscription


News, Magazines and Hobby Sites

20. pl – This is one of the known portal that gives Polish news.

Polska Agencja Prasowa – This is a website for news agency in Poland.

National Geographic Polska – This is a site that provides Polish edition for National Geographic Magazine.

21. pl – This a portal that provides articles and news all over the world regarding to the technology.

22. pl – This is a magazine that that is known for publishing science articles



Currently, learning any other language have been made easy by many how to learn Polish books and resources available online. You just stay in your house without having to go to school to learn. By a smartphone or a PC, you learn on your own.