“I am always sorry when any language is lost, because languages are the pedigrees of nations.”

– Samuel Johnson (poet, playwright, essayist)

Every 2 weeks, 1 language disappears. Forever.

When a language dies, an entire culture dies with it. And when a culture dies, we all collectively lose part of our humanity, history, science, and technology.

OptiLingo is a Language Revitalization Platform that helps preserve endangered languages.

When you join OptiLingo to learn any language, you help keep these unique languages alive. And with the small impact of members like yourself, together, we make a greater impact.

How endangered languages impact our future

There’s not enough discussion about dying languages because it’s hard to appreciate and understand exactly what that means.

Currently, there are nearly 7,000 spoken languages alive in communities throughout the world. But every 14 days, one of those languages dies.

Spanish, Mandarin, English, and many other main stream languages are tied to the world economy and will continue to thrive from generation to generation. However, lesser known regional specific languages aren’t so lucky.

In fact, by 2100, it is estimated that roughly half of the world’s languages will have disappeared. We’ve lost thousands already.

The death of a language means the death of a unique way of sharing the world and the very heart and soul of the people it represented along the way.

When there are no more speakers left to speak a language, their words don’t just disappear — their stories, their history, their science, their technology, and their entire culture vanishes with them and the world collectively loses a part of our humanity.

What OptiLingo is doing to help language preservation

OptiLingo provides economies of scale and scope to endangered languages from all around the world.

Our founder, Jonty Yamisha, founded OptiLingo based on the science backed methods that helped him learn his own native endangered language, Circassian. Jonty realized that learning Circassian wasn’t just about reconnecting wtih friends and family, it was about keeping his culture from disappearing forever.

OptiLingo is dedicated to being a resource for any and all endangered languages. In 2020, Circassian was the first endangered language to be included on the platform.

Join our community and help save an endangered language