OptiLingo believes language is what connects the world.

Our remote-based company spans the globe and reflects that belief.

From the United States to Europe and all the way to Pakistan, we’re a passionate group of language learners eager to help people like yourself find an easier path towards fluency.

Jonty Yamisha

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Husband, father, language activist, Circassian and polyglot.

Jonty is a serial entrepreneur, having started and sold several ventures, ranging from software development to healthcare delivery.

Jonty earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Vassar College, and holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Speaks English, German, Circassian and Russian. Is rusty in French, Arabic and dabbling in Turkish and Spanish.

Gary Spagnoli

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Marketer, programmer, entrepreneur, and traveler

Gary is an experienced marketer with deep roots in the online education and personal improvement space. He’s also an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded several marketing agencies.

Prior to entering the world of online marketing, Gary earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the City University of New York, CSI.

Speaks English, Some Spanish and JavaScript.

David Allison

Technical Product Manager

Learning Mandarin. Creating resources for Manx.

Kyle Williams

Head of Growth Marketing

Speaks Spanish and daydreams of speaking Japanese amongst the cherry blossoms of Mt. Fuji.

Milos Rajkovic

Customer Support Specialist

Native Serbian speaker. Hodophile who would love to reach fluency in Greek and Russian language.

Shozab Hasan

DevOps and App Development

Native Urdu speaker and speaks English, learning Chinese.

Shuja Hasan

DevOps and App Development

Native Urdu speaker and speaks English, learning Arabic and Turkish.

Valentine Lucquiault

HCI Specialist

Native speaker of French, speaks English, some Spanish, and Italian. Learning Russian.

Will Tucker


English speaker. Picked up some Spanish phrases while working in pro-baseball — afraid to repeat them.

Yie Ng

Product Designer

Speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. Currently learning Spanish on OptiLingo app.


Strategic Technology Partner