OptiLingo guest post instructions

Our audience wants to know more about language learning, tips, and tricks to reach fluency and any relevant cultural insight you have that can help make learning a new language easier. Plus, they’d love to hear about your personal journey to fluency.

Interested in submitting a guest post? Make it impossible to say “No!”

We’re looking for high-quality, ready-for-publication pieces that captivate and excite our audience.

We get a LOT of emails. So, we really appreciate you taking the time to make sure your piece fits our guidelines. This cuts down on the back and forth, allowing us to quickly share your writing with our audience.


Our guidelines for guest posting on OptiLingo:

  1. Be 100% original. We do not republish existing posts on this blog.
  2. Posts may not be advertorial in nature.
  3. Minimum 800 words.
  4. Edited (appropriate headings, grammar, short paragraphs) and ready for submission.
  5. The topic should be centered around LANGUAGE LEARNING.
  6. Properly attribute any quotes, facts, or details from high-quality sources in the article.
  7. Include a short bio with an image and link to your blog/social media.
  8. Include any images/media you’d like included with the post.
  9. Make it awesome! No one enjoys being bored. (Check out our blog for examples.)
  10. Put “Guest Post” in the subject line. Let us know who you are and why you want to write this post. Then send it our way (either as a Google Doc or in the body of the email).
Emails that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored.

Please feel free to email us with a pitch first to see if your topic is a solid fit. That will save you time. We just ask that you outline the piece and explain how it’s a good fit for our audience. We reserve the right to edit any post submitted to us, including adding/removing links. Any posts that are heavily advertorial in nature will not be published. We look forward to hearing your suggestions!