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A message from
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“I dreamed of learning my dying ethnic language so I could speak with my grandparents before it was too late. I knew if I couldn’t make learning fast and easy, I would fail, and my ethnic language wouldn’t be passed on.

I started OptiLingo because I was frustrated after repeatedly getting lost on my ownlanguage learning journey. Like many people, I thought I was bad at learning languages. Then I learned I was simply using bad methods.

I knew that by creating OptiLingo I could not only help other people learn languages, I could also help save endangered languages like the one I learned to speak with my grandparents.”

Jonty Yamisha

CEO & Founder of OptiLingo

OptiLingo is a Language Revitalization Platform.

When you learn with OptiLingo, a portion of our proceeds go towards the
revitalization of endangered languages.

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