14 Best French YouTubers and Vloggers

By OptiLingo • 8 minute read

Follow these French YouTubers to Improve your French

Learn French with YouTubers and Vloggers

YouTube is just as popular in France as it is in the US. So, there are a lot of great French YouTubers and vloggers that you could listen to. These channels aren’t just fun, they can improve your French knowledge quickly. Learn the French language with fun and engaging methods, and reach fluency faster with French YouTubers.

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How to Learn French with YouTubers?

If you want to maximize your language learning, here are a few tips for you. Follow this advice to make sure the French YouTubers you follow bring you closer to fluency.

  • Enjoy it: YouTube is not just a language-learning resource, it’s also entertainment. Find the French YouTubers you enjoy watching. Below are recommendations of the best French YouTubers to improve your French with.
  • Learn about culture: French culture is marvelous. Make sure you choose a French Youtuber who lets you see what modern French culture is like. Even if it’s just the French mindset or humor, you’ll definitely learn a lot about the nation.
  • Don’t get lost: YouTube is a slippery slope. You’re one cat video away from falling into the abyss and losing valuable French study time to the void of the Internet. So, tread carefully. Follow the French YouTuber, but focus on their material, rather than that interesting looking prank video on the side.
  • Rewind and replay: Didn’t quite catch a phrase? No problem. The best thing about learning French with YouTubers is that you can stop and rewind the video anytime. If you hit a patch of unfamiliar words, dial it back a bit and listen again. The more you listen, the easier it will be to understand.
  • Adjust the speed: Many Youtube videos can be slowed down. If you feel like the talking is too fast for your current level, take it down a notch. When you’re ready, you can watch it at a normal speed again.
  • Be careful of subtitles: If a video has provided subtitles, that’s great. You can improve your French reading skills with them. But, YouTube’s built-in subtitle service is less than reliable. Be vary of incorrect grammar and awkward translations.

Funny French YouTubers

1. Natoo (Comedy)

Natoo is one of the most popular French YouTubers

Natoo is a very popular French vlogger. She talks about all sorts of topics, but she always brings a bit of humor into her content. Her videos are also very visually pleasing, often using nice visual effects. Since all her content is in French, she’s one of the best French YouTubers to follow for an immersion experience.

Check out Natoo on YouTube.

2. Seb La Frite (Comedy)

Seb la Frite is a very funny French YouTuber

Seb La Frite (Seb the French Fry) is a very funny French YouTuber. French beginners will enjoy his videos because he speaks a little bit slower than most French YouTubers on this list. He talks a lot about French artists, so if you enjoy music, this is the vlog for you.

Check out SEB on YouTube.

3. Norman Fait des Videos (Comedy)

Norman is a very French YouTuber

Norman produces very funny and popular YouTube videos. You’ll learn some common French slang words by listening to him. His strength is in finding the comedy in mundane life.His most popular videos have had themes such as owning a cat (which always has the potential for comedy) and ‘Les Toilettes’ (the bathroom.) His channel is a good place to visit if you need a laugh while brushing up on French.

Check out Norman Fait des Videos on YouTube.

4. Andy (Comedy)

Andy is a female French comic on YouTube

Andy is one of the few big French female YouTubers. She makes “VS” type videos, where she compares different brands and lifestyle changes. She’s very original and funny, so you’ll definitely enjoy her French vlogs.

Check out Andy on YouTube.

5. La Chaîne de Jeremy (Comedy and Life)

Jeremy produces great French YouTube vlogs.

Jeremy is one of those YouTubers who isn’t scared of asking questions that we, as viewers, might be afraid of. He addresses all sorts of issues, some of them of the sort that get on our nerves. With the added perk of being French, you’ll have an interesting time watching his channel.

Check out La Chaîne de Jeremy on YouTube.

French Lifestyle Vloggers

6. Aurélie Marau (Lifestyle)

French Lifestyle vlogger Aurelie Marau produces great French content

Here’s another female French vlogger to help you learn the language. She posts a variety of videos, which includes beauty topics, cooking, and hair. If you’re into specifically beauty-related vocabulary, her channel is a great place to start.

Check out Aurélie Marau on YouTube.

7. Jenesuispasjolie (Lifestyle)

French vlogs don't get prettier than this.

Despite the unique channel name, Jenesuispasjolie is another good girly option. Her channel has a diversity of topics, including her day-to-day life and makeup. She has a helpful, clear way of speaking, and uses the visual aid of a whiteboard to describe her family and friends.

Check out Jenesuispasjolie on YouTube.

8. Sananas (Beauty)

French beauty vlogger Sananas

Sananas’ channel focuses primarily on makeup tutorials, so you can do your makeup while brushing up on your targeted language. Improve your French while also learning some beauty tips from a native French speaker.

Check out Sananas on YouTube.

9. Horia (Lifestyle)

Learn French with French YouTubers

Though Horia also covers makeup videos, she doesn’t limit her YouTube channel to that strictly. She gives advice on style and life, and enjoys poking fun at the world of YouTube, making her videos entertaining.

Check out Horia on YouTube.

10. EnjoyPhoenix (Beauty)

EnjoyPhoenix is a French beauty vlogger

Vlogger Marie Lopez knows what she’s doing. She covers a broad range of topics, including standard hair and make-up tutorials, showing us her homemade facemask recipes. This lets us have a peek into her world with day-in-the-life videos, making us feel as if she were a close friend we were visiting. She’s also unafraid to hit on touchy topics like school bullying, which happens everywhere, and her own struggle with loving her body. Marie deserves a visit, for sure.

Check out EnjoyPhoenix on YouTube.

Other Great French YouTubers

11. FastGoodCuisine (Food)

At last, a cooking channel by French YouTubers. The French are known for their incredible cuisine, and on FastGoodCuisine you’ll learn to make these dishes. Interestingly, you can also learn how to make other desserts with this channel, such as Oreos. You’ll head straight to the kitchen after you’ve finished binge-watching these videos.

Check out FastGoodCuisine on YouTube.

12. Nota Bene (History)

nota bene is a french history youtuber

History buffs have got to check out Benjamin Brillaud’s channel. It’s a historical tour of France and the world beyond. Afraid you won’t understand him? Don’t worry—he doesn’t speak to fast, and he makes sure his words are clear enough for a language learner to be able to follow. If you want to learn more history and pick up on new vocabulary, this is a great choice.

Check out Nota Bene on YouTube.

13. Le Fossoyeur de Films (Film Reviews)

french film reviews on youtube

Francois Theurel is one of France’s most popular YouTubers, specializing in the subjects of film and cinema. He can enjoy a good movie, and will share his love for the big screen with you on his channel. One of his most popular series, called Cinema Trips, has them visiting different parts of the world that have been featured in global cinema. Such destinations vary from Switzerland, Ireland, and North Africa. His channel is a must-see for other movie buffs of all nationalities!

Check out Le Fossoyeur de Films on YouTube.

14. Monde des Titounis (Children)

childrens french youtube can help you learn french for beginners

Now, don’t laugh. This French YouTube channel is for kids, yes. But, it’s also a great language-learning resource. If you’re a French beginner, you can learn useful vocabulary from these slow videos. They’re also very visually pleasing, so you can guess the meaning from context. Give this French YouTube channel a go, and see how fast you can improve your French with some classic nursery rhymes.

Check out Monde des Titounis on YouTube.

Learn French With More Than Just French YouTubers

All of these French YouTubers offer you hours of fun. But, you need more than just the best YouTube channels to reach French fluency. You need a reliable language learning method. And if you want to get your French up to speed to watch YouTube videos comfortably, you need to try OptiLingo.

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