How Long Does It Take to Learn Romanian?

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how long does it take to learn romanian

How Long Does it Take to Learn Romanian?

Learning Romanian is very exciting. There are 26 million Romanian speakers worldwide who you could talk to if you spoke fluently. But, Romanian is also kind of a mysterious language. Learners often wonder how hard it is to learn Romanian, or how long does it take to reach fluency? You may be surprised that it’s actually not a long process. Find out how long learning Romanian should take you.

Before we dive into numbers and estimates, you need to know about the variables that influence how long it takes to learn a foreign language. There are some things we can’t account for, such as your personal goal, prior knowledge, and motivation. And the importance of using the right language learning method. While giving you a personalized number for how long does it take to learn Romanian, we can guide you to create your own estimate.

What Level of Romanian Do You Want to Learn?

One of the most important factors to how long it will take for you to learn Romanian is the level of knowledge you want to have. If you set achievable goals, you can learn the Romanian language faster. For example, it’s entirely possible to learn a foreign language in a week if you only want to know the basics. Asking for a glass of water on your travels. But, reaching a higher level of fluency will take longer.

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is the scale they use to divide language learning levels. Determine the goal you want to achieve with the help of this universal guide. The higher you aim for, the more time commitment you’ll need.

CEFR Levels:

Beginner (A1)

Understand and use basic Romanian phrases and expressions. You can speak a little bit to native Romanian speakers, but they have to talk slowly for you to understand.

Advanced Beginner (A2)

You can talk about your daily schedule and surroundings. Understanding fundamental Romanian expressions and phrases helps you communicate basic ideas, but you can’t have in-depth conversations.

Intermediate (B1)

Speak Romanian in full sentences. Traveling shouldn’t be difficult, as you can read street signs and ask for directions comfortably. 

Advanced (B2)

Communicate with Romanian speakers with very little effort. You can talk about complex topics, and construct complicated sentences. Express your opinions with a large vocabulary.

Expert (C1/C2)

You have fully mastered the Romanian language. Communicating with native Romanians requires no effort. You can read, write, understand, and speak the language fluently. Conveying complex ideas with style and structure isn’t difficult, and you feel comfortable with every aspect of Romanian.

How long does it take to be completely fluent in Romanian?

6 Factors That Affect How Long it Takes to Learn Romanian

Once you know what level of Romanian you want to achieve, you need to look at your circumstances. Everyone can learn a language, but not everybody does it the same way. These are the language learning factors that you have complete control over. Doing these right can determine how long does it take to learn Romanian.

1. Your Native Language

Your native language influences how hard it will be to learn Romanian. Depending on how close your mother tongue is to your target language, you may have an easier time with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The easier it is, the faster you’ll learn Romanian.

If your native language is English, you’re in luck. Romanian is a Romance language, which means it has Latin roots. And so does English. That will make learning Romanian much easier for you.

2. Your Motivation

Whether you’re learning Romanian for traveling or for family, you have your motivation. Having a strong motivation can inspire you, and carry you through the language learning journey. And if time is a pressing matter, you’ll definitely learn Romanian faster with the right motivation.

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3. Knowledge of Other Romance Languages

Romanian is closely related to French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you know any of these languages, you’ll be familiar with a lot of Romanian vocabulary and grammar. This can speed up your learning.

4. The Time You Put in

Of course, the more time you spend on learning Romanian, the sooner you’ll reach fluency. But, even if you only spend 20 minutes/day on your studies, you’ll still progress.

5. Your Method of Learning

If you use the best language learning methods, you can reach Romanian fluency faster. Don’t limit yourself to a classroom. Find your own path to learning Romanian, and have fun with effective methods. Choosing a good way to learn a language can make a lot of difference to how long it takes to learn Romanian.

6. Your Attitude

No estimate can account for your enthusiasm and drive. If you have a can-do positive attitude, you’ll learn Romanian faster. And, you’ll also have more fun.

So, How Long Does it Really Take to Learn Romanian?

Let’s get down to the numbers. How long does it really take to learn Romanian? Well, if you want some estimates, the United States Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has some for you. They ranked all languages in terms of difficulty. If your native language is English, this is the estimate for you Depending on how hard Romanian is, it has a huge impact on how long it will take you to learn it.

Romanian is a Category I language. Which means it’s easy to learn for native English speakers. FSI estimates that it will take up to 580 hours or 23 weeks of study to reach Romanian fluency. Which we could break down as the following:

  • With 1 hour of study every day, you’ll reach Romanian fluency in 1.5 years.
  • You can learn Romanian in less than 100 days by intensively studying for 6 hours daily.
  • And with 20 minutes of Romanian every day, you’ll reach fluency in 4.5 years.

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Learning Romanian Faster

Don’t limit yourself to the FSI estimates. There are things you can do to make your Romanian studies quicker. The most important thing you need to do is choose the right language learning method for you. Only then can you learn Romanian in record time.

Start Speaking Romanian From Day 1

Many language learners make the mistake of waiting to speak. You need to start talking in Romanian ASAP to reach fluency fast. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll get comfortable with the language.

Play Language Learning Games

Games make time fly. If you have fun, you won’t even think about how long does it take to reach Romanian fluency. But, you can also learn a lot of Romanian by playing.

Download a Language Learning App

Technology and language-learning go hand-in-hand. If you want a language learning method that’s convenient and accessible wherever you are, you should download an app on your phone. Just make sure you choose the best app to learn Romanian.

Use the Best App to Learn Romanian

Every language learner wants to reach fluency fast. And, if you want to learn Romanian, you can definitely cut down the time it takes to learn it. You just need the right methods. If you truly want to fast-track your journey to Romanian fluency you need to try OptiLingo.

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