Why Learn Romanian? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons

By OptiLingo • 5 minute read

Here are the best reasons why you should learn Romanian

There are countless benefits to speaking a foreign language fluently. But, what are the specific advantages of learning Romanian? Why should you choose to learn Romanian over other languages? Is Romanian even worth learning? Find out the wonderful benefits of learning this Eastern European language. These 10 reasons will definitely motivate you to start learning Romanian.

1. Talk With 26 Million Speakers

There are 26 million Romanian speakers worldwide. While they mostly live in Romania and Moldova, there are large Romanian communities in Hungary, Ukraine, and even in the United States. Romanian fluency can help you communicate with these wonderful people, and give you more opportunities to make friends.

2. Travel to Romania with Ease

Of course, if you speak Romanian, traveling to Romanian will be a breeze. You can understand street signs and navigate effortlessly if you understand the language. Traveling is a great reason why people study Romanian. Even if you only go to Romania for vacation, it’s worth picking up a few useful vocabulary words before you depart.

Travel to Romanian as you speak Romanian fluently

3. Romanian is Easy to Learn

One of the reasons why people have doubts about learning Romanian is because they think it’s hard. But, actually, it’s quite an easy language to learn if you’re a native English speaker. The US Foreign Service Institute (FSI) ranked Romanian a Category I language. Which means that it’s one of the easiest languages to learn.

4. Learning Romanian Won’t Take Long

Since Romanian is easy to learn, it’s a natural conclusion that it’s also fast. You can reach Romanian fluency quickly. The before-mentioned FSI estimates only 580 hours or 23 weeks of study. So, that answers the question of how long it takes to learn Romanian generally. But, you can make that even faster.

By using the right methods, you can speed up your Romanian studies. By using fun exercises, games, and natural immersion, you can reach Romanian fluency in record time. Don’t let the time commitment be a reason you miss out on the opportunities Romanian can give.

5. Experience the Wonderful Culture of Romania

Romania has a rich history and plenty of fun traditions. If you speak Romanian, you can experience these like a local. When you’re in Romania, you can ask people to give you recommendations for sights and experiences normal tourists never have the chance to see. Discover hidden gems, and have more opportunities with Romanian fluency.

Learn Romanian to experience the wonderful Culture

6. Learn Other Romance Languages

Not many people know that Romanian is a Romance language. Which means that it’s closely related to French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. If you want to learn more than one foreign language, Romanian is a great start. If you speak Romanian fluently, you already have a lot of vocabulary and grammar that can help with other Romance languages.

7. Get Closer to Slavic Languages

Although Romanian is a Romance language, it’s highly influenced by the surrounding Slavic languages. Russian, Serbian, and Croatian all had their effect on Romanian. If you learn Romanian, you’ll gain useful vocabulary that could help you learn these Slavic languages faster. And since Romania is geographically close to all these countries, it’s an ideal environment for all.

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8. Boost Your Career with Romanian

Speaking a foreign language looks great on a CV. Companies are always looking for bilingual employees because they’re a greater asset to the company. Talking to foreign investors and business partners in their native languages reflects well on the company, and on you. It’s no wonder that employers even pay more money to bilingual employees. But why choose to learn Romanian?

Well, a lot of people speak French. And even more speak Spanish. But, how many of your colleagues speak Romanian? You can have the unique advantage of speaking an Eastern European language. Being the only Romanian asset in the company can come in handy. Not to mention how much more exciting it looks on a CV.

boost your career with Romanian fluency

9. Study Abroad in Romania

Romania has some great colleges and universities. If you want to study abroad in Europe, Romania would be a great place for that. You’ll receive a first-class education, and marvel at the wonderful Romanian culture. Receiving a better education is a great reason why you can learn Romanian.

10. Romanian Can Improve You Brain Health

Did you know that there are physical health benefits to learning a foreign language? Studies found that bilingual people are more resilient to dementia and Alzheimer’s. So, if you want to avoid forgetting, you can learn Romanian to boost your brain health. This beautiful language has a lot of vocabulary to keep you sharp.

Why Learn Romanian with the Best Methods

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