The Best Way to Learn Romanian in 10 Easy Steps

By OptiLingo • 8 minute read

The best way to learn Romanian

An Easy Way to Learn Romanian

Learning Romanian isn’t an impossible task. Anyone can learn a foreign language. But, when you’re learning on your own, it’s fair to wonder where to even begin. Luckily, this guide offers a solution. Follow these steps to start your Romanian language learning journey, and reach fluency in record time. Use them to find the best way to learn Romanian.

Ultimately best way to learn Romanian is to have confidence in yourself. A positive mindset can make a big difference when you’re starting out. If you have that, taking these 10 steps can make your experience with learning Romanian smooth, streamlined, and efficient. 

Is Romanian an Easy Language to Learn?

Romanian is easy to learn if your native language is English. Thanks to their shared Latin roots, there are a lot of common words and vocabulary in both languages. You can use these to make your Romanian studies quicker. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Romanian?

While there’s no exact number for how long it takes to learn a language, there are rough estimates you can follow. Romanian is a Category I language according to the US Foreign Service Institute, which means it will take approximately 580 hours or 23 weeks to reach Romanian fluency for native English speakers.

the best way to learn Romanian

The Best Way to Learn Romanian

These 10 steps are crucial to learning Romanian. No matter how you learn, these can guide you to Romanian fluency the best. They worked for thousands of language learners before, so you’ll surely find them helpful. Complete these steps for the best way to learn Romanian

1. Discover Your Learning Style

Everybody can learn a language but not everybody does it the same way. Some prefer watching instructional videos while others like reading more. If you’re not sure what kind of learner you are, try this questionnaire. When you know, you can adjust your Romanian learning to suit your style best.

For example, if you’re an aural learner, aka audio helps you learn more, cater for that. Tune in to Romanian podcasts. Listen to Romanian songs. Or just put Romanian YouTubers on. But, always complement this with other forms of exercise. Transcribe a radio show to improve your writing skills. Sing the song out loud to practice your speaking too. Since you need speaking to reach Romanian fluency, it’s important you don’t just rely on one type of learning style. That’s the best way to learn Romanian and improve your overall language skills.

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2. Find the Best Romanian Learning Resources

You can learn Romanian using different kinds of resources. You can learn with a class or reach fluency on your own too. The best way to learn Romanian is to find the best resources for you. If you have fun and you progress, you’re learning the language effectively. Here are a few examples of common language learning resources you can choose from to reach Romanian fluency:

  • Sign up for a class: You can join a night class or a college course for Romanian. These group sessions usually cater for all levels of proficiency. However, there are two things you should know about these classes. The other students may slow you down, so if you need to learn Romanian fast, you can’t waste any time. And these courses, especially in colleges, can cost quite a lot of money.
  • Hire a private tutor: Private tutors can give you personalized advice, and you can develop your Romanian fluency fast. But, you have to pay for their time and expertise. Many private language tutors start at $40 – $50/hour.
  • Buy a Romanian textbook: You can learn Romanian on your own too. If you want something to guide your classes, a textbook is a good option for you. They can explain grammar well. But, textbooks are often very boring. If you feel like learning Romanian with a book is a chore, opt for a more fun language learning method.
  • Download an app: Language learning apps not just convenient, they’re also very effective. You can trust apps built on scientifically-proven methods. These can give you a great foundation for Romanian, and a list of useful vocabulary words you can use.

3. Create a Romanian Language Learning Schedule

Once you know how you’ll learn Romanian, you need to decide when you’re going to do it. Creating a language learning schedule isn’t difficult. You can always start with your daily routine, and build on that. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to fit language learning into your everyday activities. Whether it’s listening to a podcast on your commute or to Romanian songs in the gym, you have plenty of options.

As for how long you should study for every day, that’s up to you. Even 20 minutes/day can give you great results and progress towards fluency. The more time you spend on your Romanian studies, the faster you’ll achieve fluency.

Learn Romanian vocabulary easily

4. Learn Common Romanian Vocabulary

Romanian fluency isn’t about how many words you know. It’s more important to know the right words. 80% of everyday speech comes from 20% of your vocabulary. And that’s true for Romanian too. So, if you only learn the most crucial expressions, you can make your Romanian studies much quicker. 

If you’d like to access this list of the most common Romanian vocabulary, all you have to do is download OptiLingo. This app has the most high-frequency Romanian expressions ready to go, so you can start learning the language today.

5. Don’t Translate Romanian into English

As you’re learning Romanian, you may be tempted to translate the words and sentences into English. But, that technique actually limits you. It disrupts your learning, and you’ll never be able to speak Romanian fluently. Instead of translating and remembering the English equivalent of a word, try to remember its meaning instead. Associate the idea or image with the Romanian word. Your fluency will be more natural and effective in this way.

6. Draw Romanian Examples From Everyday Life

When it comes to learning vocabulary, drilling from a dry list won’t work. There are more fun and effective ways that work better. Try to draw examples of Romanian vocabulary from your own life. 

Instead of just blindly learning “cainele este negru” (the dog is black), try to think of a black dog you personally know. “Câinele lui Petru se numește Pufos. E un câine negru.” (Peter’s dog is called Fluffy. He’s a black dog). Next time you have to recall these words, it will be easier. 

7. Imagine Your Romanian Vocabulary

We already warned you about translating Romanian words into English. So what should you do instead? Associate the words with images.

Your imagination is limitless. Use that resource to think of a visual alternative to words. If it’s a verb, imagine somebody doing that action. If it’s a noun, imagine a picture of the Romanian word. You’ll remember Romanian more easily this way. While it may be a harder adjustment, it’s definitely the best way to learn Romanian.

Easy way to learn Romanian with culture

8. Immerse Yourself in Romanian

Not everyone can learn Romanian in Romania. But, everyone can bring a piece of the country’s vibrant culture to them. These are the best activities to learn Romanian in a home immersion experience:

  • Sing Romanian songs: Music in Romania is very popular. The industry is full of talented artists there. Try and listen to a few authentic Romanian songs, and maybe sing them too. It’s great speaking practice.
  • Listen to Romanian podcasts: Romania has a very vibrant radio culture. Tune in to a Romanian podcast to enhance your listening skills.
  • Watch Romanian YouTubers: YouTube is free. And there’s plenty of great Romanian YouTubers offering original content. Listening to their authentic Romanian gives you a great idea of how locals speak.

9. Group Related Romanian Vocabulary

Grouping or chunking in a great memory tool. You can sort your vocabulary and create separate lists to learn. Whether you’re working with flashcards or other methods, dividing them into smaller segments can always make the task more manageable. That’s one of the best ways to learn Romanian vocabulary effectively.

10. Practice Romanian a Lot

The last step you have to do for the best way to learn Romanian is practice. Practice every foreign language skills a lot. That’s the only way you’ll be proficient and fluent. Of course, practice doesn’t have to be boring or hard. 

You can make your Romanian practice easier with spaced repetition. It’s the key to language learning. By periodically reviewing your material, you reinforce your Romanian knowledge. It will be easier to recall your Romanian vocabulary. The more you practice, the better your Romanian fluency will be

Use The Best App to Learn Romanian

These 10 steps are the best way to learn Romanian. They work for every language learner. But, if you want to make your Romanian studies even more smooth and successful, you need to download OptiLingo. 

OptiLingo is the app that combines all of these steps into one. It gives you the most common and useful Romanian vocabulary. And its lesson structure has built-in spaced repetition. OptiLingo is also very fun and engaging. It exercises you speaking, reading, and listening skills at the same time. That’s why it’s the best app to learn Romanian. Reach Romanian fluency easily when you download OptiLingo!