16 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

By OptiLingo • 8 minute read

There are so many reasons why you should learn French.

Why Learn French Now?

There are so many languages you could learn, so why learn French? Well, there are countless reasons actually. This Romance language is beautiful, useful, and learning it will definitely improve your life. We could be here all day, listing the many benefits of speaking a foreign language. But, if you’re thinking about learning French specifically, these are the top 10 reasons why being fluent in French will improve your life.

1) They Speak French on Every Continent

Yes, even in Antarctica. French is the 6th most spoken language in the world. After English, it’s the most studied foreign language. Over 220 million people speak French as their first language. 29 countries have it as an official language. And the international organization of French-speaking countries totals over 77 unique nation bodies and countless numbers of cultural institutions that serve to make French a powerhouse on the global stage. So, it’s an extremely useful language to speak.

2) French is an Official UN Language

French is an invaluable language for international communication. It’s one of the six official languages of the United Nations, so you’ll never have to worry about French losing its relevance. Countless media outlets publish in French, so you’ll also have access to global news easily. Be better informed about international news. 

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3) French Comes with Incredible Culture

French is the language of high culture. Culinary arts, architecture, science, and fashion are all prominent in France. Entire artistic worlds and opportunities open up to you if you speak French. Learning French allows you to access classical works by famous figures throughout history in their native tongue. You can enjoy French songs comfortably. And ordering authentic French food will become infinitely more attainable.

4) Study Abroad with French

Being able to speak French, even if not fluently, will allow you to study in several European universities regardless of your age. Several of Europe’s best universities are in France. The Sorbonne, Pierre Marie Curie University, or Polytechnique HEC are all distinguished. Receiving world-class education is a great reason why you should learn French.

If you’re a student, speaking French means that you can study in a bunch of countries all around the world. That’s a lot of different geographies, a bunch of culture, and a ton of frequent flier miles. It’s also a great way to differentiate yourself from an academic perspective.

Why not learn French to go study abroad?

5) Give Your Career a Boost

Speaking a second language can improve your chances of being hired. It also gives you the leverage to ask for higher pay. But speaking French can be especially useful for your career. France has the 6th largest economy in the world. Thousands of corporations look for candidates to do business in French. And the international opportunities are countless. Become an asset, and earn more by speaking French fluently.

6) Gain Access to French Media

You may not be aware, but there are literally dozens of French television networks in the United States, and there are hundreds of radio stations. This is all separate and apart from web sites, streaming media outlets and print publications. That’s a lot of TV shows, movies, songs and talk shows you’re missing out on. Have you ever had a chance to catch a film from the era of new wave cinema? If not, then you’re totally missing out!

7) Don’t Be Just a Tourist

When you’re in France, you want the authentic French experience. And you can only get that if you speak French. Avoid tourist traps, discover new opportunities, save money, and make friends in France. Ask the locals for their recommendations. Feel like a local, and speak like a local when you’re in a French Speaking country.

8) Connect with Fellow Americans

Lots of people chose to learn a new language in order to study or work abroad. Others study a new language in order to connect with friends, family or loved ones closer to home. In both cases, access to native speakers is hard to come by in the US. Nothing could be further from the case with French. There are almost 2 million speakers of French in the United States. French is the 5th most common non-English language in the US. Connecting to a community by speaking their native tongue is an excellent reason why you could learn French.

9) Be a Patriot – Connect with US history

You can relive a little bit of history when you learn French. We’ve all heard of the Pilgrims and the lost colony of Roanoke, but French was one of the first languages of the first permanent European settlers in North America. Jacques Cartier was one of the first French settlers to explore North America, and his founding of New France established a legacy of French in the continent and country that still exists today.

From Louisiana to Missouri to Michigan, French has been in the United States for as long as European settlers have been here.

10) Get Smarter with French

The brain benefits of learning a foreign language are insanely cool. You can even fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s by being bilingual. French has complex structures and a lot of exceptions. You need to train your mind to remember everything. Luckily, there are ways to trick your brain and enhance your memory.

11) Learn More Foreign Languages After French

French is a Romance language. So, once you speak French fluently, learning other Latin languages will be much easier. Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian will all be at your fingertips. And since French is the closest related Romance language to English, it’s the perfect start to becoming multilingual.

12) Experience Reality Differently

When you learn a foreign language, you don’t just learn how to communicate. You also tap into a different way to see the world. Your perception will literally change. Language influences our outlook on life. So, if you speak French, you’ll start to see the world the way French locals do. And they’re famous for always seeing the best in everything. Nobody notices beauty as the French do. So, if you want to improve your perception of the world, why not learn French?

Why learn French? To experience French art of course.

13) Find Love Through French

French is the language of romance. Wooing your heart’s desire is a common reason why people learn another language, so why is French any different? You can learn French to say romantic French phrases. There are plenty of those in French vocabulary. Or, you can even try to join the French dating culture. Whether you find love in the US or in France, it will be worth learning French for that.

14) Make New Friends

Having international friends is amazing. Getting to know people from different cultures enriches your life. You discover new ways to see the world, new customs and traditions to follow. And making French friends becomes infinitely easier if you speak French. French friends are loyal to a fault, and they’ll bring new excitement into your life. Making friends is the reason why many language learners decide to learn French.

15) Access the Future with French

Our neighbor, Canada, boasts French as an official language, and globally French is used as an official language of the EU and United Nations. As one of the most popular languages in the world, learning French allows you to connect with a network of new people. While currently there are 220 million speakers worldwide, by 2050, that number is expected to rise to over 750M. That’s a lot of growth in French speakers, so if you’re looking to secure your future job prospects, there are a lot of reasons (and a lot of ways) to learn French.

16) French is an Easy Language to Learn

Ultimate, if you want to learn a foreign language, French will be your easiest bet. With just a few exceptions, English and French share a common alphabet, and somewhere between 20% – 25% of English and French vocabulary words are shared in common. Sentence structure and grammar are remarkably similar in both languages, so if you can already speak English, learning French should be pretty easy. More so, it’s a ton of fun. Have you read all the different reasons to learn French above? Travel opportunities, culture, French media, romance… that all sounds like a ton of fun!

Start Learning French Today

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