18 Romantic French Phrases to Find Love in France

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Learn romantic French phrases, sayings, and expressions to flirt and find love in France.

Learn Romantic French Phrases

French is a Romance language. Paris is the city of love. It’s no wonder that the most beautiful and romantic phrases to express your love are in French. Whether you’re looking to flirt, seduce, or find love in France, these romantic sayings will come in handy. Cute French phrases like these will be immensely helpful. Find out how French dating culture works, and how you can impress locals with your French knowledge.

French Dating Culture

French is a romantic and poetic language; hence, you will have a wide range of cute phrases at your disposal. However, before throwing in the flirty phrases, you must know the basics of French dating culture, especially if you will use the phrases during your France visit.

Before you learn the romantic French phrases, understand that the American and French dating cultures are quite different. For example, a kiss in America is just a kiss, whereas, in France, it is a sign of exclusivity. Therefore, flirting may be a bit difficult in France.

Usually, French couples come together after years of friendship. But, if you’re smitten with a stranger, it’s still worth taking a shot and asking them out on a date. French people are a bit harder to date, but their attachment is much faster. Try these romantic French phrases to flirt with them, but be prepared for the cultural differences.

French love locks are a physical expression of these beautifully romantic phrases

Flirting in French with Romantic Phrases

Learning French doesn’t take a long time. If you speak English, you already know a lot of French words. But, when you’re learning vocabulary, it’s only worth learning the most useful and common phrases. These are definitely common French pick-up lines, so feel free to use them to flirt.

1. Puis-je vous offrir un verre ? – Can I buy you a drink?

Offering to buy someone a drink is the oldest trick in the flirting book. This is the same in France, politely ask, “Puis-je vous offrir un verre?” and wait for your crush’s response.

2. Vous venez souvent ici? – Do You Come Here Often?

This phrase should get your crush talking to you. When he or she starts talking, do not be put off if they complain about the service or even the bartender. The French sometimes bond with acquaintances by complaining about everyday things. However, not everyone likes to complain, so wait for them to start complaining before you jump into the conversation.

3. Vous êtes célibataire ? Mais comment est-ce possible ?

This is a smooth phrase, and the other person will probably like it. It means, “Are you single? But how is that possible?”

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4. Est-ce que tu veux sortir avec moi? – Would you want to go out with me?

You have flirted with the person who caught your attention, and you would like to see them again. This phrase will let them know of your intention. Do not be afraid of using it if you would genuinely like to go hang out again.

5. J’aimerais t’inviter à dîner  – I would like to invite you for dinner

Let your love interest know that you enjoyed their company, and you want to invite them for dinner by using the phrase. If you do not have their number, you can ask for it to show that you are serious about that invitation.

Seduction with French Phrases

After moving past the flirting stage, seduction comes up. Here are some phrases to get you started:

6. T’as de beaux yeux, tu sais? – You have beautiful eyes, you know?

This phrase works pretty well in any language. It may work a little bit too well in France, especially for cinema lovers. It is a famous quote from Le quai des brumes, a French film. If you think you may get nervous during your travel, practice these romantic French phrases on a friend who speaks French.

7. On peut se tutoyer? – Can we be on first-name terms?

You can suggest first name terms if you feel the flirting bore fruit. The statement means that you feel close to the person, and a first name basis might bring you closer.

8. J’ai envie de t’embrasser – I want to kiss you

You can always lean in for a kiss if you feel that it is the right moment. However, letting the other person know that you want to kiss them is a French flirting technique. Use your French language skills to woo them before the kiss.

Use the phrase when intensely staring into your date’s eyes. If your date does not laugh, go ahead and kiss him or her.

9. “J’ai une première édition de ‘À la recherche du temps perdu.’ Tu veux la voir?” – “I’ve got a first edition of ‘In Search of Lost Time’. Want to see it?”

Cultural knowledge is so sexy in France. You are most likely to impress your date if you choose something intellectual or artistic. Do your research well; watch classic French films and read about the French culture to have a chance of impressing your crush.

learn Romantic French phrases and expressions

10. J’ai eu un coup de foudre – I fell in love at first sight

After flirting and several dates, you are probably closer to your love interest now. Let them know that you experienced love at first sight during one of your romantic dinners. They will be pleased and who knows where the conversation might lead.

Romantic French Phrases for Love

The flirting and seduction may have helped you win over that special person, but now its time to make the romance permanent. Use the following phrases if you want a permanent thing.

11. Je t’aime – I love You.

Using the phrase is essential if you want someone to know that you are serious about them. However, do not get confused and say Je t’aime bien because it means I like you.

Do not be shocked when your date declares that they love you after a few weeks of dating. Culturally, the French always declare their love earlier than Americans do.

12. Sans toi, je ne suis rien – Without you, I am nothing.

This phrase will let your love know that they mean so much to you and that you fear to lose him or her. Be serious when telling them this and mean it. You can tell them this when you are preparing to ask them to marry you.

13. Tu es l’amour de ma vie. – You’re the love of my life.

This is an extremely romantic French phrase. You can say this to a long time French girlfriend or boyfriend, who you think you can spend the rest of your life with.

14. Veux-tu m’épouser? – Do you want to marry me?

Once you have moved past the I love you phase; it may be the perfect time to pop the question. You should be delighted if the person’s answer is oui!

15. Je veux passer ma vie avec toi – I want to spend my life with you

Whether you say this before or after popping the big question, it speaks volumes. This is the best way of communicating your feelings to that special person.

Learn romantic French phrases before you get married

16. Tu me manques – I miss you

When in love, you may want a person to want and miss you. Let your significant other know that you are continually missing them when apart by telling them, “Tu me manques. ” You can modify it and pose it as a question. In this case, you can ask, “Est-ce que je te manqué?” to mean, do you miss me?

Risky Romantic French Phrases

The phrases above are your weapon to successful seduction while in France. However, if you use some words, you are most likely to fail at your flirting game. Some of the phrases that you should avoid are:

17. C’est quoi ton 06 ? – What is your 06?

Asking a person for their 06 is asking for their number. However, if you ask someone for their number immediately without attempting to seduce them, it does not usually end well for you.

18. T’es trop charmante – You are too charming

You will frequently hear this phrase in the streets. While it is a useful seduction line, how you use it matters. Call someone that you know charming, and they will likely smile in approval. However, if you say it to a stranger in the streets, their reaction is most likely to be disastrous.

These phrases will help you when you are flirting and when you want something more serious. Practicing constantly will let you perfect your skills just before you travel.

Learn More Romantic French Phrases

There’s one thing you can do that will make French locals instantly fall in love with you: learn French. People in France love their language, and learning it will definitely impress French native speakers. If you reach fluency, you definitely have a much better chance at scoring a date in France. Luckily, you’re just one step away from speaking French fluently.

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