10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic

By OptiLingo • 7 minute read

There are a lot of reasons to learn Arabic.

What Are the Benefits of Reaching Fluency in Arabic?

Arabic is an old and beautiful language. But, it’s not just interesting to learn. Speaking Arabic fluently can significantly improve your life. So, what are the reasons to learn Arabic? Is Arabic even worth learning? Why should you give Arabic a go? If you’re on the fence or you’re unsure about Arabic, these 10 reasons will definitely motivate you to start learning today.

1. Learn Arabic to Talk to 420 Million People

With around 422 million speakers worldwide, Arabic is the 6th most spoken language in the world. So, the language has a huge significance and relevance today. And you can definitely find a lot of native Arabic speakers to practice with.

Arabic is the official language of 25 countries. These are most commonly in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Egypt, Algeria, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are just a few examples of the Arab speaking world. While there are over 30 different dialects of Arabic between these countries, Egyptian or Modern Standard Arabic is understood everywhere, so it’s worth learning it.

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2. Don’t Worry, Arabic is Easy to Learn

Arabic is not hard to learn. It’s just as easy to master as any other modern language. Although it does have a different writing system than English, once you master the Arabic alphabet, you can learn it quickly. A lot of language learners are worried about the sounds of Arabic. Arabic pronunciation isn’t impossible to master either. In fact, the majority of Arabic sounds are also found in English.

Arabic is easy to learn because a lot of people speak it. With today’s significance, this language has a lot of great resources learners can use. Take advantage of the opportunity Arabic offers you as a language learner.

Arabic is easy to learn

3. Arabic is an Official UN Langauge

Thanks to its widespread use, Arabic is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. This means, that speaking Arabic very important in international relations and diplomacy.

4. Read the Qur’an in Arabic

By speaking Arabic, you can gain access to the second-largest religion in the world: Islam. Founded in the Middle East by the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century, it’s still one of the most important religions today. There are 1.7 billion Muslim believers worldwide. And most Arabic speaking countries are a Muslim majority.

The official scripture of Islam is called Qur’an. It’s written in Arabic, which is a huge reason why Muslim believers learn Arabic. Reading the Qur’an is necessary to understand the complexity of the religion. And the best way to do that is to speak the Arabic language. Although the Qur’an was written in Classical Arabic, which is a little different than Modern Standard Arabic, it’s still worth knowing the language.

Why not learn Arabic to read the Quran?

5. Boost Your Career by Learning Arabic

Millions of speakers, an official diplomatic language, it’s natural that speaking Arabic can benefit you in the business world. Whether your company plans to or already has business partners in Arab speaking countries, your Arabic fluency could be a very impressive and important asset.

The economy is booming in Arab speaking countries. Saudi Arabia has a GDP of $18 billion, which mostly comes from oil trade. There are a lot of opportunities for your career, which you can unlock by speaking Arabic. It’s one of the best reasons to learn Arabic as soon as possible.

6. Travel Easily

Speaking a foreign language fluently is invaluable when you’re traveling. You can understand the locals, navigate easily, and discover opportunities normal tourists couldn’t even dream of. But, if that foreign language is Arabic, it’s even better.

With 25 countries with native Arabic speaking populations, you have your pick of countries to visit. You can shop in the markets of Marrakesh, or admire the Pyramids in Cairo. With Arabic, you can travel to a lot of countries easily, which is one of the greatest reasons to learn it. There are a lot of amazing holiday destinations, such as Dubai or the Tunisian coastline. You can have a well-earned vacation and practice your Arabic fluency at the same time.

Traveling is a great reason to learn Arabic.

7. Get to Know Arab Cultures

Although a lot of countries have Arabic as their official language, each one of them has distinct cultural lives. The art, history, and traditions vary between Arabic speaking cultures, but the language still connects them. Whether you’re interested in learning about Egyptian dances or Lebanese cooking, speaking Arabic will get you one step closer.

Speaking a foreign language also makes you more open and understanding of different cultures. By speaking Arabic, you can understand the mindset and world view of millions of people. And you can become a global citizen with an accepting and sympathetic spirit. It’s one of the most underrated reasons to learning Arabic.

8. Enjoy History in Arabic

Arabic is a very old language. The first written evidence of Arabic dates back to 512 AD, making it over 1500 years old. In its history, Arabic touched many cultures and nationalities. This language connected their poetry, science, and politics.

Before the European Renaissance, the Islamic Empire was the center point of mathematics and science in the world. That’s why our number system for example is based on Arabic numbers. Whether you want to learn about astronomy or the great Ottoman Empire, speaking Arabic can help you enjoy history more. Gain access to research and a part of human history through the Arabic language.

9. Be Unique with Arabic

The global importance of Arabic is a great reason to learn it. But, despite the 270 million native speakers in the Middle East and Africa, Arabic is a rare second language in the West. You can become a unique asset in the United States and Europe by speaking this beautiful language.

It’s kind of like a superpower. How you use it is completely up to you. You can become an ambassador, or join politics from a diplomatic angle. You can read and learn about Arabic, and tell your community about the beauty of the culture. Or, you can also get very rich by going into business with the Arabic oil trade. Arabic unlocks unique opportunities that can benefit you exponentially.

Arabic culture is very unique

10. Improve Your Brain by Learning Arabic

Did you know that speaking a foreign language improves your brain health? It’s true, the memory exercises physically help your mind. Bilingual people have a better fighting chance against dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Speaking a foreign language is also a huge confidence boost. The value and worth of having another language to express your thoughts are unmeasurable. You can easily enhance your mental health, and give yourself confidence. And mastering a language like Arabic will certainly have a positive effect on your life.

Is Arabic Worth Learning?

Absolutely. There are plenty of other reasons to learn Arabic. This language will make your life better. Improved communication, higher intelligence, and better self-image are just a few more reasons why learning Arabic is amazing. And if you’re ready to start learning this beautiful language fast, all you need to do is download OptiLingo.

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