10 French Podcasts to Improve Your Listening Skills

By OptiLingo • 6 minute read

Listen to French podcasts to improve your listening skills

French Language Podcasts for Language Learners

Listening to a podcast is an excellent way to learn French. But which are the best French podcasts to listen to? If you’re looking for some recommendations, you came to the right place. These 10 French podcasts are not only fun, they also tell you about French culture. But, the best thing about them is that you can learn French with them. Find out why these programs are so effective, and what you can do to truly maximize your language learning success with them.

Why are French Podcasts Great for Language Learning?

Listening to a podcast will improve your French fluency. But how? Here are the top reasons why you should incorporate podcasts into your language learning routine:

  1. Tune in from anywhere: Podcasts are very portable. You can listen on your phone easily, so you can study from anywhere in the world.
  2. Listen anytime: If you feel like your daily schedule doesn’t allow you to spend enough time on language learning, don’t worry. You can listen to a French podcast while you’re cooking, working out, or driving.
  3. Hear everyday French: You can hear exactly how the locals speak French. Listening to podcasts can enhance your vocabulary quickly.
  4. Learn about culture: Many of these podcasts talk about current French events. Learn about French culture and the French mindset by listening to these shows.
  5. Have fun: Last but not least, these podcasts are a lot of fun. So, make sure you choose ones that appeal to you. Below are the 10 best podcasts that you can use to improve your French.

Learn French with French podcasts

10 Best Podcasts for Learning French

1. Daily French Pod

Give your French lessons a boost with the “Daily French Pod.” With a pair of very well-planned and concise tutorials, this podcast is a fantastic addition to your French language journey. The classes are completely in French. While this podcast is great fun, we don’t recommend it for French beginners. You need a certain level of knowledge before you can fully engage with the content.

Check out Daily French Pod.

2. Grand Reportage, Radio France International

“Grand Reportage” delivers an in-depth, responsive, and on-the-ground audio documentary series. It brings attention to the uniqueness of life experiences in the context of political confrontation and environmental concerns.

Check out Grand Reportage.

3. Coffee Break French

Tune in to a live language class. Mark, the French language instructor teaches Ana, his student French. You’ll learn about vocabulary, common phrases, and grammar. This is a much more fun environment to learn French than a boring classroom. The courses are easy to understand, last at least 10 – 15 minutes, and complete beginners can enjoy them thoroughly.

Check out Coffee Break French.

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4. FrenchPodcasts

If you want to learn about critical real-life issues, this is the podcast for you. You can hear audiotapes of actual events, such as a wedding in French. The podcasts are completely in French at a regular pace and are great for beginners and intermediates.

Check out FrenchPodcasts

5. One Thing in a French Day

“One Thing in a French Day” is an exciting concept for a podcast series. It offers an insight into the everyday life of a French woman. Each episode based on a specific daily event, such as getting a bread roll, or visiting the hairstylist. The latest episodes are accessible on the website on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Check out One Thing in a French Day.

listen to podcasts in french

6. Learn French by Podcast

This podcast is a complete collection of audio courses for beginners and intermediate students alike. You’ll get to hear complete discussions, supplemented by grammar and vocabulary. Luckily, you can also find the transcripts of these episodes, so you can follow the content comfortably.

Check out Learn French by Podcast.

7. Je French

If you want to learn useful vocabulary from native French speakers, this is a great podcast. After hearing conversations in French, you can listen to the English translations to understand the meaning. Here they explain how to use some of the words you’ve just learned. And, there’s a significant emphasis on pronunciation and grammar. The speaking or discussion part of each podcast is a fantastic learning opportunity.

Check out Je French.

8. One Minute French

Don’t have much time for a French podcast? No problem. These brief lessons contain a lot of materials for French beginners.  Although it’s called One Minute French, the episodes are usually two to four minutes long.

Check out One Minute French.

9. Learn Out Loud: Survival Phrases

This podcast is for complete beginners. It breaks the most common French phrases down, so you know what every word is. This podcast can also help your pronunciation. By thoroughly explaining how each syllable is pronounced, you can have a better French accent too.

Check out Learn Out Loud.

10. News in Slow French

The name and title almost say it all. News in Slow French is a great podcast to listen to world events in French for beginners. The pronunciation is flawless, helping you hear each word. Each episode is divided into several sections, with different stories, discussions between guests, a few grammar points, and some common language phrases. Slow French news is suitable for complete beginners and intermediates, and a transcription of each session or episode is also available online to assist you in studying the language.

Check out News in Slow French.

french podcasts are a lot of fun

How To Use French Podcasts

  • Listen to what you like: Podcasts shouldn’t just be work. They should also be fun. Find a French podcast that you enjoy listening to. Make sure it matches your level of fluency. If you choose a podcast that’s too simple or complex you will be less engaged.
  • Read while you listen: Many podcasts have transcripts you can read. Or, use a French textbook to supplement your listening exercises. You’ll pick up new words easier, and you can practice your reading skills at the same time.
  • Take notes: If you can transcribe as you listen, that’s a great skills to have. But, you can also just take notes. Write down the unfamiliar words you encounter. Try to guess their meaning from context, or look them up in the dictionary. This will enhance your vocabulary rapidly.
  • Make it a habit: The key to language learning is repetition. The more you incorporate listening to French podcasts into your routine, the better you’ll be at listening to French.

Learn French with More Than Podcasts

While podcasts can raise your listening skills in French, it’s a passive activity. You need to be actively speaking to reach fluency in French. And the best way to combine listening with speaking is OptiLingo.

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