8 Apps to Learn Swedish

By OptiLingo

I will write this in English, as many would not understand it in Swedish. The article will be for anyone who would like to learn Swedish. There are many apps for iPad and iPhone as well as Android to learn Swedish. The report will discuss these many apps to learn Swedish from, more so we will concentrate on the Android apps. The best app to learn Swedish Android will also be highlighted.


Se bokstavsljuden

The Se bokstavsljuden app will teach you the Swedish alphabet. The app will not only show you the Swedish alphabet but teach you the proper annunciation. You will learn the way to form your mouth, lips, and tongue. The best part of the Se bokstavsljuden app is if you get stuck on the formation of your mouth, lips, and language, you can imitate the head in the app. The Se bokstavsljuden app is one of the easiest apps on the market for learning Swedish.


Google Translate

If you are stuck trying to translate something from your native language to Swedish, the Google translate app should be the obvious choice. The Google Translate app does make some grammatical errors, so it is not the most recommended app for learning the Swedish language. There are some fantastic features to the Google Translate app that will be discussed next.

You can type in any one of ninety languages to get it translated to the language of your choice. Also, you can use your camera to convert any text into one of twenty-six languages. If you want to hear the word spoken, you can translate it in two-way audible in forty languages. You can even save translations for future reference. There is also a feature for you to take a picture of text for further interpretation. The take a picture feature will work for those languages not supported by the instant image.


Skolstil 2

When typing into the Skolstil 2 app, the letters that are typed will sound out in Swedish. If you complete an entire word correctly, the Skolstil 2 app will sound out the word in Swedish. You will learn Swedish with ease when using this app. Everytime you type a word or sentence you learn the Swedish equivalent of that word or phrase. The Skolstil 2 app is popular among teachers who use the iPad to teach. It is also available for the Android devices. When you download the Skolstil 2 app to learn Swedish, you will be amazed at the simplicity of the app. There are no additional features which could confuse you. The Skolatil 2 app is simple and straight forward.


Moji klockis

When you are in Sweeden, remember the importance of arriving on time for everything you do. You will need to learn the Swedish clock. There is no better app to determine the Swedish clock than the Moji klockis. When you download Moji klockis, you are taking the initiative to learn the Swedish clock. Some say the Moji klockis app is a little childish. But, if you want to learn the clock and learn it fast, this is the app for you. You can learn the Swedish clock and be on time for everything you do while in Sweeden.


Stora pekboken

Stora pekboken is an excellent app to start your journey of learning the Swedish language. The app consists of pictures. These pictures are of animals and everyday things. The Swedish word for that picture accompanies the photographs. You already are familiar with the image in your native language. When you see the image in Sweeden, you will be able to relate to picture to the Swedish word. The Stora pekboken app is an excellent choice for children. Learning a new language can be difficult for many. But for children, learning a new language can be extra tricky. Why not download the Stora pekboken app today and begin learning the Swedish language with ease.



Teachers developed Alfavux. It is primarily for adults and young people who have a native tongue other than Swedish. The app is an excellent app for those who do speak Swedish natively and who are struggling with the appropriate spelling and annunciation of Swedish words.

With the Alfavux app pictures and words are shown to users. These images are sometimes displayed in different words. When you see the image, there will be letters at the bottom of the screen. Your job is to take the letters and unscramble them to be an appropriate Swedish word. There is no need to worry if you make an error. If you make a mistake and put a letter in the wrong spot, the letter bounces back to the row, and you can try again. There is also a feature that allows you to hear the word that goes along with the picture on the screen as many times as you need to listen to it. The Alfavux app is by far, the best app to learn Swedish Android on the market. The app is free, with ads, but you can learn the Aedish language in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are.



This app is used on Sweeden by teachers because you switch from the Swedish language to a variety of other styles. Teachers in Sweeden use the app to assist students trying to learn another language. It is also helpful if your native language is not Swedish, but you desire to learn the Swedish language. The Lexin app is an excellent choice for those who speak the Arabic languages as their first tongue. The Lexin app can go from many of the Arabic words to Swedish and back.


uTalk svenska

The uTalk svenska is a useful app to learn Swedish. The uTalk svenska app is one that is not a free app. It is expensive. But if you are going to be a tourist in Sweeden for the first time, it might be worth springing for this app. The uTalk svenska app is one of the most helpful apps on the market. The uTalk svenska app is feature rich. Some key features include record and playback, images and fun quizzes. These features are the reason the app cost so much. However, they are also the reason the app is useful for all who want to learn Swedish.

If you download one or more of the apps in this article, you are sure to learn the Swedish language. It is not a problematic tongue to learn. With the assistance of some of these apps, you will be speaking Swedish in no time at all. Even if you are learning for fun.