10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Swedish

By OptiLingo • 6 minute read

Why learn Swedish?

Amazing Reasons to Learn Swedish

Swedish is undoubtedly an awesome language. But, learning it and speaking it fluently has amazing benefits. Learning Swedish can 100% improve your life. How? Find out why you should learn Swedish, and what exact benefits speaking the language of Sweden has in store for you. Perhaps these reasons will motivate you to start learning Swedish.

1. Connect to 10 Million People

There are around 10 million people who speak Swedish in the world. If you speak Swedish, you can connect to millions of potential new friends. And best of all, the Swedish people are extremely nice. If they hear that you’re learning Swedish, they will definitely help you. So, you’ll never have to worry about being embarrassed. Just wholesome, happy learning. That’s why learning Swedish is a great choice.

2. Travel to Sweden Easily

Of course, the most direct benefit of learning the language is to speak to the locals. And when you’re traveling to Sweden, you definitely need at least a little Swedish knowledge. If you speak Swedish, and by chance, you get into a little trouble, getting out of it is much easier.

You can ask for directions if you’re lost. Receive better customer service from appreciative Swedes. And best of all, you can discover Sweden like no normal tourist does. The locals always know about the hidden sites and the best food places to visit.

Learn Swedish to travel to Sweden easily

3. Swedish is Easy to Learn

Officially, there’s no such thing as an easy or a hard language to learn. But, Swedish is definitely easier to learn for native English speakers than most other languages. Swedish is a North Germanic language. And since English is a West Germanic language, that means that the two are closely related.

According to the US Foreign Service Institute, Swedish is a category 1 language. This means that you’d only need 600 hours of study to reach fluency. Of course, that’s only a guide number. You can learn Swedish much faster, especially because you already speak English.

Swedish vocabulary and grammar are different, but you’ll find a lot of the logic familiar. And the pronunciation won’t be impossible to master either. So, if you learn a language, why not learn Swedish, where you already have a head start?

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4. Learn Other Nordic Languages After Swedish

Of course, the languages of Scandinavia are closely connected. Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic are all much easier to learn once you speak Swedish. If you ever had desires to speak more than one Nordic language, learning Swedish will definitely be a great start.

5. Enhance Your Career

A company values its bilingual employees. That’s because having that kind of skill in-house is extremely beneficial. Whether it’s talking to Swedish investors or negotiating deals in Swedish, your fluency could be the deciding factor. And that’s very valuable to a company.

You can definitely enhance your career opportunities. Speaking Swedish looks amazing on a CV. You’ll secure better jobs more easily by knowing a foreign language fluently. And, that’s not the only benefit at work you’ll get.

6. Get Paid More Because You Speak Swedish

Because you’re a valued member of a company, you can secure a higher paycheck too. Bilingual employees earn more than monolingual ones. So, why not cash in on that when you learn Swedish?

7. Study Abroad in Sweden by Learning Swedish

Sweden offers scholarships and financial benefits to high school students. And it’s one of the few countries in the world that actually pays students to attend education. And college in Sweden is just as enticing. Although it’s not a generally paid deal, higher education in Sweden’s free. And best of all, it’s good quality of teaching too.

So, if you have the chance to study abroad in Europe, Sweden is an amazing choice. You can get a work class education for a fracture of the cost. And the best way to secure your Swedish education is through speaking Swedish.

8. You Need Swedish to Move to Sweden

Once you lived in Sweden, you’ll know what the fuss is about. Sweden has one of the highest quality of life ranking in the world. It became the third-best country to live in in 2019 in terms of job prospects, healthcare, and household income. So, if you decide to move there, you’ll surely benefit from what Sweden has to offer.

But, the best way to blend in and become one of the Swedes you now call neighbors is to speak Swedish. You’ll get by in your day-to-day life much better. And you’ll definitely make more friends if you speak the language.

9. Discover Swedish Culture

Everyone’s heard of the Vikings. The nation that braided their hair, sailed on impressive ships and kept nearby lands in fear. But, there’s a lot more to modern Swedish culture than the history of the Vikings.

By learning Swedish, you can discover what Sweden’s culture has to offer. You can learn about their holidays, celebrations, and mindset. And best of all, you can use Swedish to talk to real Swedish people about these topics. They’ll surely love to share their culture with someone who actually put the effort into learning their language.

Plus, if you love ABBA as much as I do, you’ll definitely get a kick out of learning Swedish!

10. Improve Your Brain Health By Learning Swedish

Last but not least, there’s one reason to learn Swedish that a lot of people underestimate. Speaking a second language has been linked to reduced effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s at old age. That’s right. If you learn to speak Swedish, you can keep your brain sharper for longer.

Not to mention the mental health benefits of speaking Swedish. Tackling a big task like learning another language will definitely bring you a sense of pride and accomplishment. So why not try to learn Swedish to unlock this amazing feeling?

Learn Swedish with the Best App

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