15 MUST-TRY Tips to Learn Korean Faster!

By OptiLingo • 9 minute read

how can I learn Korean fast

How Can I Learn Korean Fast?

Korean is an awesome language. It’s not just incredibly beautiful, but it’s also very useful. With 75 million speakers worldwide, you’ll surely benefit from speaking Korean fluently. And I can’t blame you if you want to learn Korean as fast as possible. We all have places to be. That’s why tips will help you organize your Korean studies and show you how you can learn Korean fast.

For those who want to reach Korean fluency as quickly as possible, these 15 tips will change your life… 

1. Create a Korean Language Learning Schedule

The first step of learning Korean fast is to map out your time. What’s your deadline? Whether it’s a trip, an exam, or a business meeting, you’ll need to learn Korean as fast as possible before then. So, create a language-learning schedule that takes that into account. 

How much time can you study every day? You need a minimum of 20 minutes a day to reach foreign language fluency. But, if you’re looking to learn Korean fast, you need to sacrifice more time. Luckily, you don’t have to block out large amounts of your regular day to achieve your goals. Instead, you can incorporate your language studies into your regular activities. Listen to a podcast at the gym, read a book on the bus, or watch a Korean drama when you relax. All of these activities help you get closer to your goal of learning Korean fast.

2. Choose the Right Language Learning Method

There are a lot of ways to learn Korean. You can hire a tutor, go to classes, or purchase textbooks. But, these all cost quite a lot of money. You know what fits in your budget. Luckily, you can learn Korean by yourself using trusted methods. Download a language learning app, watch Korean dramas, and sing Kpop to have an enjoyable language learning experience.

If you’re pressed for time, choose the language learning method that gets you speaking Korean the fastest. Figuring out how to learn Korean by yourself can seem daunting, but it may the quickest route to fluency. You can schedule your lessons whenever you want and stick to exercises that work. Plus, you don’t have to wait for others in your class to catch up!

3. Learn Korean Hangul

This is the first step for every Korean learner. The Korean alphabet is called Hangul. These pretty letters are much different than the Latin letters of English. It may seem daunting to try, but I promise you that mastering Hangul is the fastest way to learning Korean.

Hangul is a very logical alphabet. It’s built on the sounds of Korean, so you’ll have an easier time learning Korean pronunciation. Reading Hangul also gives you the opportunity to understand more learning materials. Korean drama subtitles, news articles, and recipes are all written in Hangul primarily. 

And here’s the best part: you can learn Hangul in less than an hour. Doesn’t that sound like the fastest and easiest way to learn Korean? So, ditch Romanized Korean. And study the language the authentic way. Following this tip can truly speed up your Korean studies because this is by far the easiest way to learn Korean.

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4. Focus on High-Frequency Korean Words

Did you know that 20% of your vocabulary makes up 80% of your everyday speech? It’s true. This reflects a concept known as the Pareto Principle. Why is this relevant to how fast you can learn Korean? Because the Pareto Principle helps you figure out what content to study so you can get the most out of your Korean lessons.

For example, if you master the most common phrases, words, and expressions, then you’ll reach fluency in Korean in record time. Pop quiz! What sounds easier? Learning thousands and thousands of words you have to figure out how to put together into sentences to speak in a new language OR learning a handful of the most common phrases that you KNOW you’ll use from the start? 

tips to learn korean fast

So, where can you find the most useful high-frequency phrases in Korean? Well, OptiLingo’s language learning app features all of them, for starters. They come in neatly packaged in convenient lessons. But, you can always watch Korean dramas, listen to Korean podcasts, and sing Kpop songs to hear how the locals speak while covering the most commonly used phrases.

5. Use Konglish to Reach Fluency FASTER!

Konglish is a mixture of English and Korean. English loanwords have made their way into Korean everyday speech. This halfway land between the two languages serves as a buffer zone for language learning beginners.

You can quickly enhance your Korean vocabulary because you already know these words. Take a look at common Konglish expressions that you’ll hear locals say regularly:

초콜릿 (chokollit)
아이스크림 (aiseukeurim)
ice cream
콜라 (kolla)
주스 (juseu)
피자 (pija)

6. Change How You Use Flashcards

Flashcards may seem like an outdated concept, but the truth is, they’re very effective. Besides, they have the word “flash” in them. That’s a pretty good indication that you can learn Korean fast by using them.

You can use flashcards to create spaced repetition systems. This scientifically proven language learning method helps you commit new knowledge to your long term memory. By periodically repeating your materials, you reinforce the importance of your Korean studies. Over time, you increase the time between review, strengthening your recall. Think of it as a learning hack to help you optimize your Korean lessons.

7. Buy a Good Korean Textbook

Discovering how to learn Korean by yourself is crucial for learning the language fast. And a good textbook can certainly help you with that. Make sure you choose a textbook from a trustworthy source. Many prestigious Universities publish their textbooks to help you learn Korean at home. They’re a great additional resource to help you learn complex structures, like grammar.

Just be sure not to rely on them too much. Otherwise, they can slow you down…

8. Practice with a Korean Speaker

Is there anyone in your life who wants to learn Korean? Perhaps it’s worth finding someone to share this journey with. A study partner can help push and motivate you to complete your lessons faster. And it’s extremely useful to have someone there to help you practice. Just make sure you avoid speaking in English. You want a partner who’s as dedicated to speaking Korean so you can reach Korean fluency as fast as possible!

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9. Listen to Kpop Songs

Learning Korean with Kpop is entirely possible. These songs include high-frequency words and phrases. Plus, the melody gets stuck in your head. That means you’ll learn the lyrics faster while enhancing your Korean vocabulary rapidly. Kpop also gives you an excellent insight into modern Korean culture.

There are plenty of opportunities for these kinds of lessons as well. Think of all of the chances you get to listen to music. Cleaning, driving, and cooking are all language learning opportunities. First, just listen to the song, to see if you like it. Then look up the lyrics and try to follow along. You’ll master them in no time at all. Music can seriously help in terms of language acquisition; simply think about the power of repetition.

10. Write in Korean

When it comes to writing in Korean, practice makes perfect. While the primary use of language is for speaking, reading and writing comfortably can open a lot of opportunities for you. And if you’re looking to master Korean writing in record time, you need opportunity available. Translate a family recipe into Korean. Find yourself a Korean penpal. You can even write creatively. Once you start integrating Korean writing into your hobbies, you’ll learn Korean faster than you ever would have imagined.

11. Eat Korean Food

This would be my personal favorite way to learn Korean. Korean cuisine is incredibly yummy and also very healthy. Whether you opt for takeout from a Korean restaurant or you decide to sit down at a Korean eatery, you can bolster your knowledge of the language while you’re reading the menu. Try to order food in Korean if you can. That ought to be a great way to practice your Korean pronunciation.

12. Watch Korean Dramas

Korean dramas and cinema are exceptionally high-quality. Luckily, the film industry in South Korea is booming right now. Make use of that, and learn Korean faster (even when you’re relaxing in front of the TV).

Korean dramas help you master Korean in various ways. Most importantly, they use conversational Korean in these scripts. That gives you the chance to hear exactly how Korean people speak. And if you can, use Korean subtitles to make the most of your TV time. It’s a great way to practice reading Hangul fast. Korean dramas also offer great cultural insight. Use them to learn more about Korean values and history.

13. Work with a Private Korean Tutor

Hiring a professional private tutor can be very pricey since you’re paying for their time and expertise. But if you can afford it, they can certainly help you reach Korean fluency faster. Personalized help and advice can go a long way in fast-tracking your language studies.

But, you can always find someone who can help you reach fluency for free. Take advantage of programs that connect you to Korean locals. Whether it’s video chatting or texting someone from Korea, your fluency gets closer with every interaction.

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14. Travel to South Korea

This advice may be out of the budget for many of us. However, if you have the opportunity to travel to South Korea, take it. There’s no better immersion experience than in the country itself. Walk among the locals, and practice your Korean skills for the fastest way to learn. You’d be surprised at what a night in Seoul can unveil as you mix culture, adventure, and your language knowledge. 

While you’re in the country, make sure to really push yourself. Try to speak Korean with natives, even if it’s hard at first. You may be tempted to revert to English, but you should keep fighting for your Korean fluency.

15. Choose the Best Language Learning Method

There’s a lot of ways to fast-track your Korean studies. You can learn Korean in record time, you just need the best language learning method to get you there. And that’s OptiLingo.

This language learning app gives you the most essential high-frequency words. Your vocabulary will enhance rapidly by learning exactly how the locals speak. OptiLingo also has built-in spaced repetition. This means that you’re guaranteed to remember your lessons. Download OptiLingo today, and discover how fast you can learn Korean with the best language learning method!