9 Korean YouTubers to Help You Reach Fluency

By OptiLingo • 6 minute read

learn to speak korean with youtube

YouTube is a great language-learning resource. It’s free, easy to access, and there’s a ton of material to choose from. You can also use it to complement your Korean lessons easily. And to help you make the best of your studies, here are the best Korean YouTubers to follow, to help you reach fluency.

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Best YouTube Channels to Learn the Korean Language

Here is a compilation of the top Korean YouTubers you can use to learn Korean quickly in no particular order. Feel free to check them out and see if you like them. Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you can get their latest content! 


You may already know this YouTube channel from the world-famous “Baby Shark” song. This catchy tune captured millions of people, but this vlog channel is actually a great Korean language learning resource. Featuring colorful animations and easy lyrics, these melodies are useful for Korean beginners.

Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean

This popular YouTuber isn’t Korean, but he sure teaches it well. He’s an American language learner, who launched his vlog to help fellow Korean learners who struggle with the language. His videos feature in-depth explanations of Korean grammar, logic, and linguistic concepts.

Talk to Me in Korean

Talk to Me in Korean creates easy to follow language learning vlogs. You can learn a lot about the language from their informational videos. They cover a range of Korean content from language learning tips to cultural insight to help you develop your Korean fluency. Plus, you can also listen to authentic Korean from their presenters who are often native speakers. 


Once again, this YouTube channel may look like a kid’s channel (well, it is), but it’s also a great language-learning resource for Korean beginners. The colorful and clear explanations in their vlogs feature plenty of useful vocabulary. Not to mention the built-in subtitles that you can easily follow. Enjoy this video about the extinction of dinosaurs in this Korean Youtube video:

Korean Unnie

“Korean Unnie” means the Korean older sister. This Korean YouTuber dedicates her channel to teaching you everyday Korean. Her vlogs feature useful phrases, grammar explanations, and impeccable Korean pronunciation. Follow this Korean YouTuber for vlogs on everyday Korean life, as well as language lessons.

Sweet and Tasty

If you love food, you’ll love “Sweet and Tasty”. This Korean Youtuber teacher Korean language through food. Her vlogs also include travel tips and adventures. This means you’ll get a great set of Korean vocabulary if you follow her YouTube channel. Her energetic and fun spirit certainly makes her one of the best Korean YouTubers to follow.

Pony Syndrome

While makeup may not be for everyone, this YouTuber is a major fashion influencer in Korea. Her vlogs are about makeup, skincare, various brands, and even interviews with international celebrities. Follow her for some insight into Korean facemasks, skincare routines, and some great modern Korean slang.

The World of Dave

This American YouTuber creates Korean language tutorials as well. But, he’s not just educational. He’s also very funny. His satire YouTube vlogs will surely make you chuckle. Follow him for useful language advice, and entertaining content.

SBS World

Korean Drama lovers can rejoice. This YouTube channel features short videos of K-Dramas, completely for free. You can watch, listen, and read Korean through exciting stories. In fact, learning Korean through Korean Dramas is a great language-learning resource. Here’s a snippet of the exciting medical drama, Dr. Romantic.

How to Learn Korean with YouTube?

Before you dive into the vast world of YouTube, there are a few things to keep in mind. You have to have the right approach if you want to get the most out of using YouTube videos as a Korean language resource.  Follow these guidelines and can maximize your language learning with each episode!

  • Enjoy it: When you’re learning Korean, you should always follow the Korean YouTubers that you like. Luckily, there a lot to choose from. You can always find someone that resonates with you. YouTube is just as much entertainment, as a language learning resource. Don’t force yourself to watch lessons you don’t like. Doing that will be agonizing.
  • Learn about culture: The best Korean YouTubers don’t just teach you the language. They also show you Korean culture and history, so you learn more about the country and society. That way, you’re prepared for any conversation.
  • Don’t get lost: It’s very easy to get lost in YouTube. You’re always one recommended cat video away from losing valuable Korean study time to the void of the Internet. So, tread carefully. Watch your video. Focus on their material. And treat it like a language lesson because it is.
  • It gets easier: When you’re a Korean beginner, there are a lot of unfamiliar words. However, don’t get frustrated if you don’t understand everything. The more you learn, the more familiar you’ll become with the language. With enough effort and commitment, you’ll master Korean in no time.
  • Rewind and replay: The best thing about learning Korean with YouTubers, is that you can stop and rewind the video anytime. If you hit a patch of unfamiliar words, dial it back a bit and listen again. The more you listen, the easier it will be to understand.
  • Adjust the speed: Many Youtube videos can be slowed down. If you feel like the talking is too fast for your current level, take it down a notch. When you’re ready, you can watch it at a normal speed again.
  • Be careful of subtitles: If a video has provided subtitles, it’s probably safe. But YouTube’s built-in subtitle service is less than reliable. Be vary of incorrect grammar and awkward translations. Or even worse: Romanized Korean.

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