Why Learn Turkish?

By OptiLingo • 5 minute read

Learning Turkish is a delight

Top Reasons to Learn Turkish

Learning Turkish is a delight! Jokes aside, Turkish is an awesome language. And learning it definitely has a lot of advantages. Whether you’re interested in Turkey or just on the fence about learning Turkish, these reasons will definitely motivate you to start. Here are 8 different reasons why you should learn Turkish.

1. Learn Turkish to Speak to a Lot of People

Turkish is the official language of Turkey, but a lot more countries speak it. Millions of Turkish speakers live in Germany, Cyprus, and Greece. In total, there are around 80 million Turkish speakers worldwide.

If you can speak Turkish fluently, you can talk to all of these people. Communicating and connecting to Turkish locals won’t be a problem. And with 80 million Turkish speakers, there are bound to be opportunities to improve your life.

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2. Turkey is Important Geographically

Turkey lies between Europe and Asia. It’s the country that connects the Western world to the Middle East. As it has features from both parts of the world, Turkey is a very important country geo-politically. If you’re interested in international relations and diplomacy, learning Turkish could really benefit you.

Since 1995, Turkey and the European Union have a Customs Union. With Turkey’s international importance growing, there are definitely opportunities to advance your career.

Hopefully you'll be more enthused to learn Turkish than this child.

3. It’s Easy to Learn Turkish

You may be surprised to hear that learning Turkish isn’t difficult. Since the Turkish alphabet has Latin letters, English native speakers can easily read Turkish. Turkish pronunciation isn’t difficult to master either. You can speak fluently without having to worry about your accent.

But, the reason why learning Turkish is truly easy is the people. Turkish people appreciate your efforts immensely. If they see you trying to learn or pronounce something in Turkish, they will definitely help you. This innate kindness in Turkish people is truly wonderful.

4. Learn About Turkish Culture

Turkish culture is very unique. Through its rich and exciting history, Turkey has a lot of traditions and customs. And the only way to truly understand them is to speak Turkish.

Turkish food holds a special place in the heart of the culture. We’re not just talking about Turkish delights here. Tomato and aubergine dishes, bread, grilled meats, anything a hungry person could want. And then the tea and coffee. Turkish cuisine is truly wonderful. And what better way to order it than to ask your server in Turkish? They’ll surely appreciate hearing their language from a customer.

Turkish food is awesome, and learning Turkish is even better

5. Boost Your Career with Turkish

Bilingual employees receive better pay. Why? Because they’re an asset for the company. Their language skills can build business relationships and show loyalty. So, whether you already work for a business that has Turkish relations, or you’re planning to work in Turkey, learning Turkish will benefit you. Not to mention how great speaking Turkish looks on a CV.

You may wonder, why learn Turkish specifically? Why not French, Spanish, German, or other mainstream languages? Well, with Turkish, you can really stand out. I bet not a lot of your colleagues speak Turkish. Being the only Turkish asset in the company will definitely put you ahead.

6. Travel to Turkey Easily

It’s crucial to speak a foreign language when you’re traveling. You can’t expect the locals to speak English. So, if you speak Turkish fluently, you can make your vacation truly unforgettable. You’ll receive better service from Turkish locals, get better deals when you’re bargaining, and get access to more opportunities. Normal tourists in Turkey usually don’t have a chance to ask locals for their recommendations. Discover hidden gems in Turkey by speaking Turkish.

Turkey is a travel paradise. Istambul is a bustling and exciting city, but the Turkish coastline offers a wonderful opportunity to relax on the beach. You can watch hot air balloons fill the sky in Cappadocia, or relax in a natural white pool at Pamukkale. There’s plenty of sights to see, and food to try. So, one of the best reasons to learn Turkish is to get to most of these experiences.

why learn turkish

7. Study Abroad in Turkey

If you want to study abroad in Europe, Turkey is an awesome place to do so. There are some great Turkish Universities with world-class education. But, the best part about studying abroad in Turkey is seeing how Turkish locals live. Seeing their everyday lives gives you great cultural insight and a truly global perspective. So, you can unlock this once-in-a-lifetime experience by learning Turkish.

8. Learn Turkish to Improve Your Brain

Being bilingual literally improves your brain. People who speak a foreign language have a better fighting chance against dementia and Alzheimer’s. The memory skills you gain while learning Turkish will undoubtedly benefit you.

There are even more brain benefits to learning a foreign language. You’ll get to experience reality in a different way. You’ll be more open and accepting to other cultures. This world view will make you more empathetic, and you’ll be a true global citizen. Not to mention the effects language learning has on mental health. Speaking fluently is a great achievement, and will boost your confidence when you achieve it with Turkish.

Why Not Learn Turkish?

Why learn Turkish? Well, why not? Turkish is an awesome language with a rich history and plenty of traditions. But, being bilingual has even more benefits. Be unique, and study Turkish to stand out. Speaking Turkish fluently will definitely improve your life. So, why not give it a try with OptiLingo?

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