How to Learn Japanese for Travel

By OptiLingo

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Are you concerned about learning the language of Japan? Further are you worried about the language barrier between you and the native people of Japan? You do not need to worry about anything. In this article, you will be presented with some of the common words and phrases that are spoken in Japan. When you have completed the reading, you will be familiar with these words and be able to get by on your travels to Japan.


Do you need to speak the Japanese language to travel to Japan?

The short answer to this question is, no. You do not need to know any words in Japanese to travel to and get by in Japan. There are many travelers to Japan who do not speak any Japanese and come back with many fantastic tales of how beautiful the country is.


What about the Japanese language barrier?

Many people are not sure what to expect of the Japanese language barrier. They are worried they will get to Japan and not know where they are going and have to find their way by themselves. However, to set your mind at ease let us assure you, nearly all Japanese people speak some English.

Many students in Japan will learn English as a second language. However, there are also many in Japan who do not speak a word of English. Most of the student from today are told to learn six years of English. That was not always the case. However, regardless if there are people you encounter that do or do not speak English, you can get by in Japan without knowing any Japanese words.


What about the Japanese written language?

Many are concerned about the language in Japan. They are concerned with the signage and knowing what the signage says. However, it is okay to visit Japan and not understand a single Japanese word.

Often, there will be signs in English along the way. These signs are at many tourist sightseeing spots. The signs in English are also along the road, at train and bus stations, as well as in many restaurants.

Let’s talk about the restaurants. Many restaurants in Japan will have menus available in English. However, this is not always the case. When you are in a restaurant and do not have an English menu available, it is going to be okay. Many menus come with pictures. The pictures make it easy to point and order.

Regardless of the signage and English friendly restaurants, while in Japan most visitors find themselves lost. You can get off the train at the wrong station, and have no idea where to go.

That is when you will encounter a cute couple who are Japan natives. Despite the fact the couple might not know any English and you not know any Japanese, the couple should still be able to point you in the correct direction of where you want to go. Sometimes, the couple will walk with you and show you exactly where you need to go, every step of the way.

How to learn Japanese for travel is not necessary. You can get by in Japan without knowing any Japanese words. The people of Japan are friendly and understand you are visiting. They will take you where you need to go, even if they do not understand you.


Why do I need to learn Japanese for travel, then?

The Japanese people appreciate those who learn even just one word in Japanese. Taking the time to learn a few words will help you along your way during your trip to Japan. When the people of Japan hear you speaking their language, they are fascinated that you took the time to learn it.

Here are the essential words and phrases on how to learn Japanese for travel.

The pronunciation of Japanese words is nothing to worry about. When you speak Japanese, you are not going to annunciate the words like in other Asian languages. You do not need to worry too much about messing up the pronunciation of the words we are about to show you.


Thank you

Thank you is a word or phrase you will often be used in Japan. The Japanese people are all about manners. When a tourist says thank you in their native tongue, the Japanese people are impressed. To say thank you in Japanese, you tell Arigatou Gozaimasu. There will be times when you say Arigatou. To say Arigatou only is sufficient to the Japanese people. Many times when there is a U at the end of a Japanese word, it is not pronounced at all.



It is polite to say hello when you meet someone on the street. So, learning to speak hello will benefit you when you travel to Japan. Here is how to say hello in Japanese, Konnichiwa. When the people hear you say hello to them in their language, they are thrilled you took the time to learn to say it. So, learning how to speak Japanese for travel can be beneficial to you.


Excuse Me

The word excuse me is an important word to learn if you are going to travel to Japan. The word excuse me is often used when you want to say something, or when you mess up on saying something. The Japanese word for excuse me is Sumimasen. The Japanese people are all about being polite. So, to learn to tell Sumimasen is essential when you are traveling to Japan.

I want something, please.

To learn a phrase like I would like something, please will help you on your travels in Japan. The expression will come in handy at restaurants, in the bus station, and many other situations in Japan. To say I would like something, please in Japanese you start by filling in the blank with the something you would like. Then you use the words O Kudasai. The phrase is used often throughout Japan and helps tourists traveling there communicate better what they want.


Where is the blank?

To ask where is the bathroom, for instance, you would first start by learning the term for toilet. Then you would fill in the blank at the beginning of the sentence stating bathroom first. After this, you say Wa Doko Desu Ka?

Remember, if the Japanese people do not understand what you are saying, pointing to pictures or gesturing what you would like is perfectly acceptable. Many of the Japanese people will often take you to the spot where you want to go. You do not need to know the entire language to get by on your travels.