10 Reasons Why Should You Learn Icelandic

By OptiLingo • 5 minute read

Learn about all these awesome reasons why you should learn Icelandic

Learn the Language of Iceland

Icelandic isn’t a common second language to learn. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not beneficial. Icelandic has its unique advantages you can’t get by learning any other language. So, it’s not just beautiful, Icelandic is also useful. Here are 10 reasons why you should learn Icelandic.

1. Speak to Everyone in Iceland

Icelandic is the official language of Iceland, and around 350,000 people speak the language worldwide. This tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean hosts more than just this unique language. Speaking Icelandic lets you talk to all the people in Iceland, and a considerable Icelandic community in Denmark, Sweden, and the United States.

2. Travel in Iceland Freely

Of course, one of the greatest perks of speaking a second language is getting by in a foreign country easily. If you speak Icelandic, your vacation to Iceland will be beyond fabulous. Iceland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, and you could see it in a unique way if you speak the language.

You’ll navigate easily, and if you’re ever lost, you can simply ask a local for directions. Normal tourists only experience what the tour guides tell them. But, if you can talk to real Icelandic people, they can recommend you places and sights that you wouldn’t know about otherwise. Plus, you’ll also get better customer service. Icelanders are kinder and more patient with those who take the time to learn their language.

Iceland is where they speak Icelandic

3. Train Your Brian with Icelandic

Did you know that speaking a second language can improve your brain health? Studies have shown that bilingual people have a better fighting chance against dementia and Alzheimer’s at an older age. That’s thanks to the memory exercises language learning entails. It’s truly a great reason to learn Icelandic.

Not to mention the mental health benefits speaking a second language can have. Achieving such success will definitely boost your confidence. So, why not learn Icelandic to reap these awesome benefits?

4. Secure a Higher Pay with Icelandic

Bilingual employees earn more because they’re a greater asset to a company. Of course, speaking a second language can show how smart you are. But, companies directly benefit from having someone on staff translate for foreign business partners. Even if your company doesn’t have a business interest in Iceland (yet), having that knowledge is enough leverage to ask for a well-deserved pay raise.

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5. Make Your CV Stand Out

Now, you may think, if speaking a second language has so many benefits, why learn Icelandic? Why not French or Spanish like everyone else?

Well, isn’t that a little too boring?

Don’t get me wrong, speaking any foreign language is amazing. And French and Spanish are awesome languages. But, imagine how well you can stand out with Icelandic! There aren’t a lot of people who can speak it fluently, so you’ll be unique with this knowledge. This can give you the upper hand in a job interview.

Why not learn Icelandic

6. Icelandic People Are Super Nice

You won’t meet people as nice and caring as Icelandic locals. They’re famous for their hospitality. Foreign language learners often experience anxiety about speaking to locals. They fear ridicule and embarrassment if they make a mistake.

Well, with Icelandic you won’t have to worry about that. Icelandic people are incredibly kind, and they’ll be so appreciative of your efforts to learn their language. They’ll do everything they can to help you learn and practice more.

7. Learn Other Scandinavian Languages

Since Iceland was founded by Vikings, it’s understandable that Icelandic shares a common language root to Nordic languages. This is called the North-Germanic language family. Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are all closely related to Icelandic. Once you know a Scandinavian language, learning others will be much easier.

If you have aspirations to learn more than one Scandinavian language, Icelandic is a decent choice to start. Although, it’s not the easiest. While other Nordic languages have a difficulty rating of 1 (meaning it will take 600 hours to master), Icelandic has a difficulty of 4. This means that it would take roughly 1100 hours to reach Icelandic fluency.

8. Discover Norse Culture

Old Norse legends and history is extremely interesting and exciting. And if you speak Icelandic, you can learn a lot more about it. Iceland was conquered by Vikings, and their history and culture reflect that beautifully. Traditions, celebrations, and values are still important in Iceland. And if you speak Icelandic, you can observe them up-close with the locals.

9. Read Icelandic Literature

Not a lot of people know that Iceland has a vibrant, beautiful, and rich literature. Inhabitants of Germanic and Pagan-European origins wrote amazing poetry in Old-Icelandic about their legends. Myths and stories from Viking ages remained protected in Iceland. So, if you ever wanted to read original Eddic poetry, you need to know Icelandic.

10. It’s Fun to Learn Icelandic

There are countless reasons why you should learn Icelandic. But, if the brain benefits and career possibilities didn’t convince you, perhaps entertainment will. Icelandic is a fun language to learn. It’s different enough to be exotic, but close enough to English to be enjoyable. And what better way to discover Icelandic than with OptiLingo.

OptiLingo is an app that gives you the most common Icelandic words and phrases. So, you’ll learn how to speak like a real Icelandic local. This app also builds your confidence when you’re speaking Icelandic. Making you speak the language from the first lesson onwards, you’ll never have to guess your Icelandic pronunciation. Discover more about the language of Iceland when you download OptiLingo!