10 Best Hindi Typing Software for Windows 10

By OptiLingo • 6 minute read

best hindi typing software for windows 10

Hindi is a standardized language. It is often spoken in India. With Windows 10 you can type in the Hindi language. There is already the Mangal font already pre-installed on Windows 10 PCs. But, to effectively use the Mangal font, you will need special software to type in the Hindi language. Here are the ten best Windows 10 software for typing in Hindi.

Indic Input 3

Microsoft created Indic Input 3. With the Indic Input 3 software, users can type on an English keyboard, and the letters and words displayed on the screen are in Hindi. The software for Indic Input 3 has many keyboard layouts. It also offers users a free trial. Like most of Microsoft’s software, after the trial users need to buy a product key. Indic Input 3 is compatible with many Microsoft applications, including the MS Office Suite.


Inscript comes with Windows 10 already. It is often difficult and time-consuming to learn how to use Inscript. However, some governments prefer to use Inscript software. The Inscript software is often an excellent choice for someone studying to work for a government in a typing job. Inscript is used by many but is not a preference by most, however. The reason being is the difficulty level in learning to use it.

Google Input Tool

Google Input Tool is the best way to learn Hindi typing. The Google Input Tool allows users to type in English; then the software will convert the English text into the Hindi language. With the Google Input Tool, there is no need to learn Hindi typing. The fact that you do not need to learn Hindi typing when using the Google Input Tool makes it the best way to learn Hindi typing. The Google Input Tool is free software. Users will find it is easy to use. The Google Input Tool is compatible with many English keyboards. When users type in English, the software automatically translates the English sentence to Hindi.

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Hindi Indic IME 1

The Hindi Indic IME is a software tool allowing users to type Hindi words on an English keyboard. The Hindi Indic IME software will then translate the words into the Hindi language. Users do not need to know the Hindi language to use this software. The Hind Indic IME software is feature-rich. Some key features of Hindi Indic IME include auto text, customized word list, and different keyboards.

Anop-Hindi Typing Tutor

The Anop-Hindi Typing Tutor is a free desktop application. To use Anop-Hindi Typing Tutor, open the app and begin typing in English. The Anop-Hindi Typing Tutor allows users ease of access with or without the internet. That is correct. This application works without the internet. That makes the Anop-Hindi Typing Tutor an ideal application for anyone to use.

learn to type in hindi

Aasaan-Hindi Typing Tutor

The Aasaan-Hindi Typing Tutor is an easy app to learn to type in Hindi. The Aasaan app allows users to type in English and have the letters transformed into Hindi. The ease of use makes it a favorite among users. Some users report feeling more confident in their Hindi typing within 10 hours of using this app. The application will permit users to translate in bilingual, English to Hindi.

There is no need to worry about your previous skills when downloading and using the Aasaan-Hindi Typing Tutor application. The app is easy to use, and anyone with no Hindi language skills can use it. To use the Aasaan-Hindi Typing Tutor download it from the official site and get to work learning to type in Hindi.

India Typing Software

The India Typing Software is a free to use software that lets users type with an English keyboard. The software will translate English words into Hindi. India Typing Software is available to use offline. The software is desktop software. Some key features of the India Typing Software are it is free, it translates from English to Hindi and back to English, users can type in English and receive work in Hindi. The India Typing Software is feature-rich and should be given a try for anyone wanting to type in English and receive words in Hindi.

Soni Typing Software

Soni Typing Software is one of the most well known Hind typing software on the market. Users of Soni Typing Software type in Hindi using the Mangal font. Once users type

through their English keyboard, the Soni Typing Software will do the work for them. There are many government exams administered in Hindi via the Mangal font. To master the use of Mangal font via Soni Typing Software means you should have an easier time with the government exam.

JR Hindi Typing Software

JR Hindi Typing software is a unique Hindi typing software. Users are offered a free trial of the JR Hindi Typing Software. When the test is finished, the fee to buy the software is nominal. The JR Hindi Typing Software has hundreds of quizzes for users to take as practice for their government typing test. The JR Hindi Typing Software gets users prepped for whatever they are doing in Hindi.

The software allows users an opportunity to check their Hindi typing skills long before being professionally scored on them. When you download the JR Hindi Typing Software, you are downloading your future as a Hindi Typist. There is no need to delay in downloading the JR Hindi Typing Software. If you have been thinking of learning Hindi typing for some time, download the JR Hindi Typing Software today.

Hindi Typing Master

Hindi Typing Master does not require an active internet connection once it is installed. The Hindi Typing Master is compatible with many English keyboards. Like most of the Hindi typing software on this list, Hindi Typing Master allows users to type in English and the words typed will be translated into Hindi. A nice thing about the Hindi Typing Master is its ease of use. Users will find the Hindi Typing Master to be one of the easiest on this list to use.

Pick The Best Hindi Typing Software for You

Regardless of which Hindi typing software you choose to use, those on this list are all user-friendly. There are some that have a free license. The free software is easy for anyone to use. After all, regardless of your budget, the license is free for everyone. Paying to use the software is not a bad idea either. Especially if they offer a free trial and you find the software easy to use. Try them all first and see which works best for you.

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