10 Top Apps That You Can Use to Learn Danish

By OptiLingo

Some people have expressed their interest in learning Danish. The main underlying issue is the pronunciation bit. As a result, most foreigners refrain from speaking in Danish. For the people willing to learn Danish, you can make use of the following apps;


IA Sprog

IA sprog was established in the 1970s. It was founded as a school that would help the Turkish immigrants to learn Danish as they were now living in Denmark. Annually, numerous foreigners have been visiting Denmark. According to statistics, more than 6,000 foreigners have signed for the IA sprog classes. IA Sprog also has an online class that is suitable for individuals who have already completed their university education and they are fluent in English. Through the application, you can peruse through instructional videos and films while at the workplace. The exercise is very interactive since it involves practicing vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening. You will also engage in sound recording for your pronunciation practice. Every student has a personal instructor who will always issue some feedback through Skype sessions. If you are looking for a how to learn Danish app, you can make use of the IA Sprog.



The Studieskolen online course is suitable for the people residing in Copenhagen. You will learn the Danish language online once a week by attending an online class. As the class progresses, you will learn more about the pronunciation and communication skills in Danish. In Copenhagen, the Studieskolen is one of the preferred language schools in the city. As a result, most students in the region have enrolled at the school so that they may learn different languages. Although the courses at the school are somewhat demanding, the end result is satisfactory.



The Mondly application is effective if you are interested in learning different languages. Since the inception of the Mondly application, more than 20 million people have downloaded it worldwide. The app offers tutorials on more than 33 languages, and Danish is one of them. Using the Mondly app, you can learn Danish grammar, phrases, and vocabulary. The app makes use of game and other features thus making the learning much easier. The Mondly app is quite amusing because of features such as the ‘Voice Chatbot.’ Through the ‘Voice Chatbot,’ you can communicate with the application, and you will receive a reply from a human voice. If you are learning Danish through the Mondly app, you can now practice using conversations. Such an instance will prepare you for the answers that you will get while conversing with the locals in Denmark.



Duolingo is a popular application that is commonly used by travelers. The application has more than 150 million users. It also offers lessons in more than 120 languages including Danish. The application has gained popularity over the years since it is user-friendly. People also draw some form of fun while using the app. Since the app has great materials for learning various languages, it is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. The app also offers people an entry test that helps to check on their language skills. As per the test results, the app will enroll you in the course that suits you. For people who are in pursuit of a how to learn Danish app, you can look for the Duolingo app.



With HelloTalk, you have the chance to converse with a Danish speaker. As a result, you will not have a hard time practicing your pronunciation and accent. You will download the application and look for someone who is conversant with Danish, and they are willing to learn your language too. After finding someone, your chat can begin. For anything that the user doesn’t understand, the application has a translation feature. By using the HelloTalk app, you will learn Danish in a short period. You will also receive some tips such as a free trip within Denmark while also making new friends.



To learn the basics in the Danish language effectively, you should opt for the Babbel app. It is suitable for beginners, especially for travelers. Using this app, you will grasp the basics that come in handy while travelling from one place to another in Denmark. The integrated speech recognition tool helps people to improve their pronunciation skills. If you want to improve your vocabulary and knowledge of the Danish language, you can scale up to level three in the Babbel application.



For anyone willing to learn Danish, you can make use of the LearnOasis application. This application allows you to learn more about the Danish language apart from simple phrases and words. At LearnOasis, you will go through three levels before becoming an expert in the Danish language. The three levels are as follows; Entry Level, LearnOasis Danish, and the Danish Pro. People who manage to surpass the Danish Pro level are accorded the Level A2 certification.



If you are interested in learning Danish and you are a beginner, you should opt for the Memrise app. In the first level, you will learn about the expressions that are commonly used in the Danish language. As you progress from one level to the next, you will become more conversant with the Danish grammar and vocabulary. The Memrise app has numerous features that ensure each reader has an awesome experience while using the Memrise how to learn Danish app. You will also get a chance to watch the Danish tutorials from more than 20,000 native Danish speakers. Google ranked Memrise as the best application for learning Danish in the 2017 Google Play Awards.



FunEasyLearn is one of the applications that will help you to improve on your Danish vocabulary. While using the FunEasyLearn application, you will get to hear the words in both slow and normal motion as a way of helping you to improve your pronunciation. Using the speech-recognition feature, each user can learn more about perfecting their pronunciation skills. The illustrations in the FunEasyLearn application are also colorful that is why people terms this app as addictive.


Innovative Language

Since the inception of the innovative language application in 2005, people have downloaded more than 500 million lessons. Through the innovative language app, you will learn about the pronunciation in the Danish language through the provided audio lessons. You will also learn how to write in Danish using the innovative language application. This is possible through the engaging video tutorials provided by the application. Through the podcasts and video lessons, people are also able to learn more about the culture in Denmark.

For anyone willing to learn Danish, the apps that have been mentioned above will suffice.