Why Learn Danish? Here Are 10 Reasons to Start Learning Today

By OptiLingo • 5 minute read

Why learn Danish? For the rich culture of Denmark of course.

Denmark is a beautiful country, and Danish is an even more beautiful language. But, most Danish people already speak English. It’s fair to wonder why you should even learn Danish. Well, there are quite a few reasons. These are the top 10 reasons why learning Danish can be useful and beneficial to you.

1. Talk With 6 Million Speakers

While Danish isn’t the most popular foreign language to learn, there are still 6 million speakers worldwide. That’s 6 million potential new friends. Danish fluency can help you communicate with these wonderful people, and give you more opportunities.

2. Travel to Denmark with Ease

Of course, if you speak Danish, you can easily travel to Denmark. Understanding street signs will be simple, and even if you struggle, you can ask Danish locals for directions. Beyond just navigation, you can also discover local gems if you speak Danish fluently. Ask Danish people for recommendations, and you may find places or experiences normal tourists wouldn’t. Just another reason why you should pick a few useful vocabulary words in Danish.

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3. Danish is Easy to Learn for English Speakers

Danish is the same language family as English. So, if you’re a native English speaker, Danish should be very easy to learn. The US Foreign Service Institute (FSI) ranked Danish a Category I language. The grammar, the sentence structures, and even some of the vocabulary will be very familiar to you. If you choose any foreign language to master, why not learn Danish, where you have a natural advantage?

4. You Can Reach Danish Fluency Fast

Since Danish is easy to learn, it also doesn’t take long to achieve fluency. Some estimates by the FSI put Danish fluency at 580 hours or 23 weeks of study. But, there’s always a way to make learning Danish even faster.

No estimate can account for your personal drive and passion. Not to mention using the right language learning methods. Those can really speed up your Danish studies drastically. Fun exercises that make time fly and give you foreign language fluency are the best ways to learn Danish.

Reasons to learn Danish

5. Experience the Culture of Denmark

If you speak Danish, you can experience the culture of Denmark. This wonderful country has a lot to offer. From fascinating art to incredible food, Denmark has something for everyone. Watch Danish crime dramas or listen to contemporary Danish music with ease when you’re fluent in the language. Culture is a big reason why students choose to learn Danish over other languages.

6. Learn Other Scandinavian Languages

Danish is a North Germanic language. The closest language related to Danish is Swedish. This means if you speak Danish, learning Swedish after will be a breeze. The same goes for Norwegian or Icelandic. Thanks to their shared past, these languages are closely related.

Apart from the Scandinavian languages of the North Germanic language family branch, Danish is also close to Dutch and German. So, if either of these languages interests you, Danish is a perfect start.

7. Give Your Career a Boost with Danish

Being bilingual looks great on a CV. Employees who speak multiple languages are an asset for the company. That’s why many recruiters prefer bilingual candidates. Talking to foreign business partners or investors in their language is a great impression to make. Companies often pay their bilingual employees more, so it’s worth learning Danish for the raise too. 

So why learn Danish for your career? Why not a popular language like French or Spanish? Well, the uniqueness of Danish is exactly why. While your colleagues can talk in these common languages, not many people have the asset of Danish. It can be a unique advantage.

8. Study Abroad in Denmark

Denmark invests a lot of money into education. That’s one of the reasons why the Danish quality of life is the best in the world. So, studying abroad in Denmark is an excellent opportunity. You’ll get a first-class education, and a chance to perfect your Danish fluency.

9. Read the Labels on Danish Beer and Spirits

Denmark has a history of producing some of the world’s finest beers. You’ve probably heard of Carlsberg, their most famous export. But, Denmark also has hundred of microbreweries and distilleries that produce amazing quality beer. The country also has award-winning rum and whiskey, which are crafted from purely natural ingredients. It’s important to learn Danish to be able to read labels.

While this isn’t a traditional reason why most people learn Danish, if you’re a beer enthusiast, picking up a few words of the language can help grow your appreciation for it.

Learn Danish to read Beer labels

10. Danish Can Improve You Brain Health

Being bilingual is literally good for your health. People who speak multiple languages are more resilient to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Improving your brain health is an amazing reason why you should learn Danish. Keep your mind sharp by learning Danish vocabulary, and completing exercises.

Why Learn Danish with the Best Methods

There are countless more reasons to learn Danish. It’s an exciting language with a deep history. Speaking it fluently will simply make your life better. If you want to learn Danish with scientifically-proven methods, you need to try OptiLingo.

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