Learning the Turkish language Through Audio Listening and Other Creative Ways

By OptiLingo

Turkish is the language spoken in Turkey, and there are over 88 million native speakers of this language on a global scale. The rise of Turkey as a tourist hub makes it ideal for foreign travelers to learn how to speak the language. Turkey is also becoming a fast developing country, and business people who are trying to put their investments are learning how to speak the national language. Many students from different countries are also choosing Turkey as their ideal place to study, and learning the language is a must for those who wanted to blend in with the local population. Besides, learning a new language is fun, and if you are looking to master the language spoken by the Turks, here are some of the tips that you might consider to make your learning easier and affordable.


Enrolling at a Language School that offers a Turkish language course

The most basic thing to do when trying to learn a new language is to enroll at a language school. There are two ways on how you can achieve your goal of perfecting the Turkish language – the first one is to formally enroll at a physical school wherein you will be required to attend and listen to the teacher in front who will be handing out exercises to practice your knowledge of the language. The next option would be enrolling on an online language school which would allow you to learn inside the comfort of your own home. Learning Turkish at a language school has its own edge versus learning by yourself at home, and one of it would be the exposure to native speakers who would make it easier for you to learn. Turkish might sound intimidating to non-speakers, and the way they construct their grammar is far from how English is being spoken. However, the downside of enrolling in a language school would be the price that you would have to pay. Try looking for affordable language schools in your area and compare the prices.


Reading books and internet guides on how to speak the Turkish language

This is one of the cheapest ways on how you can speak the language without shelling out much money. First, you can explore your neighborhood and look for bookshops that sell speaking guidebooks. There’s a chance that a guide in learning the Turkish language might be one of the books that they are selling. Buy the book and read it every day, practicing your skill in memorizing Turkish vocabulary. Another option, which is cheaper, would be consulting the internet on how you can learn the language. There are websites that post text which will guide non-speakers on how to speak the language. Most of the words included in these guides are the basic things that a first timer should know, and some also have a pronunciation guide allowing the non-speakers to say the words correctly. One could learn from these websites, but the downside would be the lack of access to a native speaker who could tell you if your language skills are good or bad.


Some of the most common words provided by these websites are the following:

  • Hello translates to Merhaba in Turkish, pronounced as mer-ha-ba.
  • Good evening translates to Iyi akşamlar in Turkish, pronounced as i-yi ak-cham-lar.
  • Goodbye translates to Hoşça kal in Turkish, pronounced as hocht-cha kal.
  • Thanks translate to Teşekkür ederim in Turkish, pronounced as te-chek-kür e-de-rim.
  • Yes translates to Evet in Turkish, pronounced as it is.
  • No translates to Hayır, pronounced as ha-yoer.

There are more words offered by websites that teach the readers how to speak the Turkish language, and one should gradually practice to get used to the language and eventually become an expert.


Learning online by listening to audio files

How to learn Turkish online with audio? That is the question that most people who are interested in learning the language wanted to answer. There are websites that offer tutorials to first timers on how they could speak the language fluently. Many language enthusiasts are searching the internet and typing in the keywords “how to learn Turkish online with audio” while crossing their fingers that they would land on a site where learning can be fun and exciting. Thankfully, a lot of language learning websites are interactive, using all of the senses of the person who wanted to learn the language. Many people who wanted to visit Turkey are also looking for a free online tool that would teach them how to speak Turkish fluently and how they could develop a sense of familiarity with the words used in the language. One of the most common techniques that would make it easier for a first timer to learn the Turkish language easily would be listening to native speakers. Language learning websites have been uploaded audio clips of native speakers who are saying words repeatedly or going into a normal daily conversation. Those who wanted to learn how to speak Turkish through audio should pay close attention to how the words are pronounced, and they also need to learn the accent that the locals are making. Listening to the audio for the whole day would make it easier to memorize the words and the ways they are pronounced. There are also exercises that would allow you to practice your skill in learning the language and try to choose the ones which will also score you based on your pronunciation. Turkish can be a difficult language for first timers, but as they listen more and more to audio clips, they will start to familiarize with the language structure and eventually, they would be able to pick up.


Search for a friend who could help you speak the language

Turkish people are fond of social media, and a lot of them have Facebook accounts. If you wanted to learn how to speak Turkish more effectively, you can look for a potential friend in your social media accounts and add them. Politely ask the person if they are willing to teach you their native language, and try to talk to them multiple times in a week to practice your skills. You can also exchange messages in the Turkish language so that they could track down your development in speaking the language. Another way to learn the Turkish language is to look for natives who are living in your area and try to befriend them. Tell them your goal of learning their language, and observe how positive their reaction will know that someone would want to speak their language. This option would allow you to speak naturally, as you are already practicing with a native speaker which is a good thing.