How to Learn Turkish

By OptiLingo

Multilingualism is now the norm in the 21st century, with half the world’s population estimated to be bilingual. The question is, are you part of that growing population of people embracing new languages and adding them to their linguistic repertoire? And if not, maybe it’s time to add a second language to your own?

Learning a new language not only enhances your travel experiences and human connections, but opens up a world of career and educational opportunities that may have been previously off the table. And contrary to popular belief, acquiring a second language isn’t off-limits to adults, nor is it a talent only a select few possess. You can learn to speak a second language no matter how old you are or your educational background; languages are about connecting, and you don’t need to be perfect to do that!


Why Learn Turkish?

The Turkish language has enjoyed a renewed popularity as a second language in recent years, thanks to the access it grants to over 70 million native speakers across Western Asia and Eastern Europe. While many native Turkish speakers live in Turkey, there is also a considerable Turkish population Germany, Greece, and Turkey-bordering countries. The Turkish language family also includes Uzbek, Kazakh, and Azerbaijani.


Is Turkish Difficult To Learn?

While there isn’t much of a cross-over between the Turkish and English languages in terms of grammar or vocabulary, Turkish employs the same Latin alphabet as English. Turkish may be more difficult to learn than French or German–also from which English derives–but how easy is to learn Turkish really depends on your dedication. And fortunately there are a number of language tools you can use to learn Turkish fast and easy.


What Are The Benefits Of Learning Turkish?

Business: Knowing a second language can significantly improve your career opportunities, and instantly boosts your resumé’s visibility. Learning Turkish will most certainly prove advantageous for those working with Turkish companies and partners, and with the country’s newly industrialized economy growing stronger by the day, it’s all the more likely that specialists with Turkish language abilities will be in demand.

Travel: Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich culture, and its appeal to tourists shows no signs of waning. From exotic markets to stunning beaches, Turkey is a paradise for those who journey beyond the European borders. Knowing the Turkish language will make a night-and-day difference in your own travels, and conversing with the locals will no doubt solve the issue of how to learn to speak Turkish fast–it will be a given!

Moving Abroad: Relocation is an ever-present possibility if your company or school works with a Turkish partner, and you’ll definitely want to know at least the rudimentary basics of the language before you go. Many companies and schools offer classes and programs to help their employees acquire the tools on how to learn Turkish fast, with some even providing fast-track methods on how to learn Turkish language in 10 days! If you’re about to embark on your own overseas move in the near future, you will definitely want to find a fast way to learn Turkish.

Strengthen Your Brain: You don’t need a concrete reason for wanting to know how to learn Turkish language from English; learning a second language can also be a fun and enriching hobby. Bilingual and multilingualism has been proven to improve one’s memory and problem-solving skills, as well as keep the brain nimble and functioning at full capacity. Even pursuing a course of study that teaches you how to learn Turkish quickly can greatly benefit your brain health in the long run.

Exploring The Turkish Culture: Turkey is a transcontinental country, which means it occupies territories in both Europe and Asia. The country’s intoxicating blend of Eastern and Wester culture has lured travelers for centuries, and is reason enough to ask “how can learn Turkish?” Knowing the language will open up a world of music, film, dance, architecture, literature, and cooking, enriching your own life and wellbeing.


How To Learn To Speak Turkish Fast

You may be wondering “how can I learn Turkish fast?” and while the answer isn’t as straightforward, the possibilities are. Turkish may not be the most widely spoken language in the United States, or even the most pursued second language, but there are still a number of outlets and tools for how to learn Turkish fast and easy. Many fast-track programs can even teach you how to learn Turkish in 10 days!


So what are the methods for how to learn Turkish fast?

Here are some of the most popular options for the question of “how can I learn Turkish fast?”

Classroom Lessons: This is perhaps the most traditional way of learning a second language. Most English speakers can attest to being introduced to a second language this way in high school, to varying degrees of success. A classroom setting can prove to be an easy way to learn Turkish language, but finding the time to attend classes can be problematic for those with busy schedules.

Private Tutor: One-on-one learning can definitely be beneficial, especially if you’re eager to master how to learn Turkish quickly. A private tutor can work with your schedule and personal needs, providing a personally-tailored syllabus. However, tutoring can be a more costly route to how to learn to speak Turkish fast.

Audio Courses: Multimedia learning tools can be a great advantage when pursuing a fast way to learn Turkish, but they generally work better as an addition to a class or online course. Audio courses don’t provide for much of a back-and-forth, which is crucial when learning how to converse in a second language, but they can be a huge life saver when you need a quick refresher. Just make sure you purchases materials that are up to date, especially when it comes to how to learn Turkish language from English, as methods and relevant topics are ever-changing.

Online Courses: Online courses are great for those with hectic schedules or unusual hours of employment, proving to be as budget-friendly as they are convenient. Best of all, many online courses offer mobile app access as well, improving the odds of how easy is to learn Turkish thanks to improved on-the-go alternatives. Because online courses frequently update their materials and methods to keep up with the times, some even offering programs on how to learn Turkish in 10 days.

Tandem Partners: Tandem learning involves two people taking turns learning each other’s language, and can be an easy way to learn Turkish language, as well as forge a new friendship from a different cultural perspective. This is a good option if you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on classes or course materials, but make sure you are both able to teach, as well as learn, and stay on track with scheduled sessions.

Immersion: This would be the ideal method for learning any language, and the question of how can learn Turkish? is no different. Living, studying, and working in Turkey means conversing in the language daily, and is the fastest way to pick up and perfect your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. While this isn’t always an accessible option, it no doubt solves the “how to learn Turkish language in 10 days” conundrum!