Dreaming of speaking Russian fluently?

Learn Russian in short lessons that focus on the most important words and phrases.

  • No boring drills.
  • No repetitive memorization.
  • No fake internet points.
  • Just listen and repeat your way to speaking Russian like a local.

It really is that easy.

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Educators trust OptiLingo

Ready for a completely new
way to learn Russian?

Ready for a completely new way to learn Russian?

Start speaking Russian!

Cover popular phrases and words you can use to speak Russian with the locals.

Master Russian naturally.

No more boring drills, endless memorization, or frustrating attempts to “make it stick.”

Reach fluency casually.

Learn what you need in short, bite-sized lessons that fit into your busy schedule.

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“I really enjoy using Optilingo – the focus on listening and repeating is different to other apps which focus on reading and typing. I particularly like the use of phrases as opposed to single words – you get introduced to tenses and plurals in useful sentences without having to drill conjugations and endings outside of context.”

– Simon

How can OptiLingo help you learn Russian faster?



Explore the most popular words and phrases in Russian.


Build confidence by mastering Russian pronunciation.

(No sign-up required.)


Review happens naturally. No drills. No memorization. Period.

Explore the most popular words and phrases.
Build confidence by mastering pronunciation.
Review happens naturally. No drills. No memorization. Period.

(No sign-up required.)

“Amazingly effective! I love the fact that I can just listen to the app while doing chores, so I don’t really need to dedicate extra time for language learning. Once I’m done with one language I can move on to another one, or redo one to refresh.”

– Ninit

Why learning Russian with OptiLingo is different

For every person who tries to learn Russian, there’s one who gives up. The most common reason is that people feel that despite all their efforts, they don’t make progress. It turns the very concept of learning a language into something that feels impossible to accomplish.

The reason most people fail at learning Russian isn’t that they can’t or that they’re bad at it. It’s because most Russian learning programs use inefficient methods. And if you’ve ever had to memorize verb conjugations or stand up and speak to a class of strangers, you get it. OptiLingo is different.

Instead of dropping you off in the deep end and seeing if you can swim, we guide you through the most common words and phrases. This means you can start speaking confidently from your first lesson. We also know that for you to truly learn a language, your lessons need to be stress-free and entertaining.

Most importantly, you need to learn Russian in a way that builds on your natural ability to learn a language. And that’s exactly why it works.

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“I tried (and failed) to learn languages in high school. In the classroom there was very little opportunity to speak practice. Same thing with the commercial programs that only teach you what to say as a tourist. But I wanted to learn to communicate in everyday situations. I really like how OptiLingo focuses on everyday phrases. I also like how the phrases can be mixed and matched to say even more useful things. Overall, I’m very happy with my results so far.”

– Generic

How OptiLingo helps you learn Russian easier

Optilingo is a great way to learn Russian without having to stress out about endless tests, memorization, and drilling. Instead, we focus on getting you speaking from your first lesson.

But there’s more to it than that.

What Is Guided Immersion?

OptiLingo is built on two methodologies: Guided Immersion and Spaced Repetition Systems. This foundation makes learning a new language fast, practical, and fun.

Guided Immersion uses a combination of high-frequency phrases, comprehensible input, and spaced repetition systems to help you reach fluency naturally.

During lessons, you’ll also learn how and why you use a certain word or phrase. All without memorizing countless grammatical rules and figure out when to apply them.

Why Guided Immersion Works:

1 It’s the 80/20 approach to language learning, focusing on high-frequency vocab. You learn what you need to speak to locals.
2 We present the vocab in the CONTEXT of highly useful phrases and sentences that are short, simple, and easy to remember.
3 The phrases and sentences you learn cover a broad spectrum of grammatical structures, so you don’t have to memorize grammatical rules separately (or at all)
4 We design each lesson with mixed and matched phrases, helping you learn how to speak on a range of topics in an easy, organic way.
5 Our entire program come works in a linear SRS (5-day) study plan, further reducing the need to memorize content.

Practice with flexibility

With OptiLingo, our lessons are short, only 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Take weekends off. Go out with friends. Enjoy a break. Relax.

There’s no pressure to stop everything and study. And if you get behind, you can quickly catch up without stressing out.

Relax and enjoy fluency

OptiLingo lets you make mistakes. Our intuitive platform doesn’t stop you every time you make a small slip-up because we understand that making mistakes is part of your journey.

Instead, we provide a relaxed environment that naturally builds the confidence you need to start speaking in a new language.

“The lessons were easy to learn and interesting. They were never boring and I did not feel overwhelmed. It’s a solid language learning app. I’m very happy and very impressed.”

– Fidela

Why you should learn Russian

There are so many reasons to learn Russian. If you learn Russian, you talk to more people, explore new areas at home, and gain a deeper experience when traveling abroad. It also looks great on your CV and it can open the door to higher paying jobs.

Plus, there are a LOT of Russian speaking people out there. So, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use what you learn.

How many people speak Russian?

Over 265 million people speak Russian worldwide, making it the 8th most spoken language in the entire world. It’s also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Where Is Russian an official language?

Russian is the official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. It’s also official on a regional level in the Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, and Moldova.

Is Russian hard to learn?

Native English speakers will have a harder time learning Russian compared to French or Spanish, for example. But, it’s also much easier than learning languages like Chinese or Japanese.

Russian doesn’t have to be hard to learn. But, you have to be prepared to study unfamiliar grammatical concepts. And you can actually make learning Russian easier and faster with the right learning method.

Language learning should never be boring. It should always be exciting and engaging. But, it should also help you progress steadily. No matter how fun a language learning game is, it’s not effective if you can’t comfortably speak the language to locals.

Ready to start speaking Russian?

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“OptiLingo is by far my favorite language app! I was able to pick up a comfort level in just a few weeks. You get so much value with this app!”

– Jennifer

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