11 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

By OptiLingo • 5 minute read

The truth is, everybody can learn a language. And it’s hard work. But there are a ton of benefits to learning a foreign language. You don’t need the skill or talent to become proficient. You just need inspiration and dedication to your goal. Focus on these 11 fantastic benefits to help you quit procrastinating and start learning the language you’ve always dreamed of today!

1. Cheaper Travel

You can save a lot of money during your travels if you speak the language. Tourists always pay more than locals. Even with basic language knowledge, you can stand out from the crowd. Native speakers will treat you differently, and give you better deals. But money isn’t the only benefit of learning a foreign language.

2. Easier to Get Around

Traveling can be daunting. You’re in an unfamiliar place and getting around is extremely difficult. It’s easy to get lost. But if you speak the language, you have options.

You can ask for directions. Basic sentences are already useful for that. You can also take public transport confidently. Being able to read signs and station names can help you familiarise yourself with your surroundings.

It also saves you money. If you don’t know the basics you’ll have to take cabs or shuttles. These are much more expensive options.

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3. You Get An Authentic Experience

Guidebooks are a disadvantage if you want to experience local life. They tend to point you to places where English is an option. Being able to talk with locals and understand the conversations really changes the world around you. You can discover places and activities no other tourist would.

Making friends and interacting with locals gives you a better understanding of the culture. If you want to really explore a country, you really need to know the language to get the most out of the experience.

One of the best aspects of traveling is getting authentic food. This is also cheaper and easier if you speak the language. You can read the menus, order confidently, and receive a better price than tourists.

If you aren’t sure where to eat, you can always ask the locals. They can point you to their favorite places, giving you a much more authentic visit.

improved memory is a motivation in language learning

4. Enhanced Cognitive Ability and Memory

This benefit of learning a new language is usually neglected, even though it’s a great motivation in learning a language. Many studies have shown that knowing another language improves your cognitive abilities and memory. It also means that the next language you learn will be easier.

A large part of this is because your mind is better able to switch between tasks and ideas. In today’s fast-paced environment, that is definitely a good thing.

5. Better Self-Control and Focus

If you’re learning a language, you need to dedicate time to study. There’s no better measure of self-control. Finding the discipline alone can help your confidence. Once you’ve achieved fluency, you’re also able to translate.

The bilingual brain is accustomed to having to choose the right words in the correct language. When you have to constantly monitor what you say, you become a lot better at both types of behaviors.

6. Fight Against Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Studies have found that multilingual people are far less likely to be victims of Alzheimer’s and dementia at old age. This is because learning languages is good for your brain health. Even when multilingual people do suffer symptoms, their cognitive abilities erode much slower. The way you learn to memorize languages helps with that.

7. Be a Better Student

If you are still in school (or are considering returning to school), being multilingual significantly improves your chances of being a better student. Top of the class better. They do better on standardized tests, which can affect what college you get accepted to.

Better grades aren’t the only language learning benefit. By learning about grammar, sentence structures, and vocabulary, you can also enhance your English skills. This is not a usual motivation in language learning, but you become better at your native language if you have something to compare it to.

motivation in language learning is finding a better job

8. Find a Great Job

Employers love employees who know more than one language. It gives them an advantage that they don’t otherwise have. Even if your target language isn’t relevant to your job application. Having a foreign language on your resume shows potential employers your skills and dedication. It’s impressive. It can increase your chances of finding a great job.

9. Earn More Money

If you speak a foreign language you have more potential. Employers know this. Leverage better pay by enhancing your skills. Speaking a foreign language is always an advantage to your career.

10. Increase Your Social Potential

For every language you learn, you expand the number of people with whom you can communicate. There are a lot of people who only know their native tongue. So, if you want to widen your social circle, knowing another language is the way to go.

Speaking a foreign language is also considered very attractive. People just tend to love foreign accents. Enhance your appeal by mastering a language, and don’t worry about having an accent. It might be an advantage.

11. More Privacy

English is one of the most common languages. 1.5 billion people speak it. Chances are, if you only speak English, a lot of people can hear and understand what you’re saying. However, speaking a foreign language is like a little bubble of privacy. The more languages you know, the more private your personal conversations can be.

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No matter what your motivation for learning a language may be, it can benefit you. Keep holding on to it to inspire you in difficult times. Undoubtedly, speaking a foreign language can improve your life. Whether it’s your career, your health, or just wanting to save a few bucks, it’s worth it. Keep that in mind in times you feel like giving up. That’s the biggest mistake you can make.