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How It Works

Thanks for checking out my “How It Works” page!

By the time you finish reading this page, you will have a good grip on how my OptiLingo program works and why it’s the best, most efficient way to learn a new language.

First, let me give you a very abridged version of my story because there is a direct connection between it and my revolutionary teaching method.       

My name is Jonty Yamisha, and I am an ethnic Circassian. At age 31, I taught myself to speak the Kabardian dialect of that language. It is one of the world’s most ancient and complex languages, and learning to speak it was the most challenging thing I’ve done in my entire life.

Learning Circassian enabled me to reconnect with my heritage and communicate with many other ethnic Circassians. An added and unexpected benefit was that it allowed me to discover the secret to learning a new language.

Guided Immersion Is the Secret

I call my approach Guided Immersion. It begins with a focus on common phrases and high-frequency words. Both are placed in the context of native speakers and everyday activities, so you hear how the language is spoken in the real world and learn to speak naturally, as native speakers do.

The Guided Immersion Process

Guided Immersion is the most efficient way to learn a new language. You'll learn more content, more quickly, at an affordable price. Here's how our courses are structured.

High Frequency Words & Useful Phrases

Everyday Context & English Tranlation

Literal Structure & Additional Information

Review Without crutch of English & Vocabulary

Culture & Study Tips

Sample provided is for Spanish but all languages operate similarly.

In every lesson, the content is presented across one’s target language and English, in both directions. This is an effective process because different parts of the brain are responsible for translating from another language into English, and from English back into another language.

I add structure and context so you truly understand how and why a certain word or phrase is used in the way it is presented. Rather than learning boring grammatical rules and endless vocabulary words lacking context, you'll learn real-world application and begin to speak with ease.

Finally, Guided Immersion uses spaced repetition systems, which present and re-present content at graduated intervals. It’s like high-intensity interval training for your brain.

Learn at Your Own Pace

This approach delivers faster results in less time, with greater active recall. My course materials are designed to work effectively with your schedule and pace, so you can learn your new language quickly, in as little as 30 minutes a day.

This proven, science-backed approach is used in many learning applications outside of language learning and is a welcome departure from mindless repetition and rote-memorization. Guided Immersion uses a totally different approach to language learning. It’s an approach that will give you a very practical and functional knowledge of your new language very quickly when compared to traditional methods.

You’ll be learning and speaking with your very first lesson. This will be achieved without boring drills, without taking notes, without homework or anything done outside of your lessons.

In this course, the materials are presented bit by bit and step-by-step. Learners are introduced to everyday useful phrases and high-frequency words. In each lesson, they are given a short dialogue presented in their target language.

An English translation is also provided, along with a literal word-for-word translation, also in English. The contrast between the English translation and the literal, word-for-word translation provides the learner with an intuitive sense of how the language is structured.

At the same time, learners are provided with explanatory notes for various lines of dialogue providing greater context. This is all part of the Guided Immersion method: useful phrases, high-frequency words and detailed explanations, all placed into the right context.

Each lesson is followed by a brief review appearing only in the target language. Learners are provided with a list of all the vocabulary used in their dialogue, along with English translations. There’s no need to memorize these vocabulary words, which are provided to add greater context to language structure.

Spaced Repetition Systems

Many people give up long before they finish learning. They struggle to recall the study habits they used in high school or college when they are attempting to learn a new language. When those same approaches are not working, frustration and uncertainty set in.

This is where Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) come into play. These systems can help language learners of all ages structure how they study in a way that assists their memory of the material and their learning of it.

OptiLingo’s SRS involves breaking the material down into smaller chunks and studying each smaller part each day for five days. For example, on the first day, people review the oldest material they learned. On a subsequent day, they review the next oldest section of material before going back and reviewing the material they prepared the previous day.