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What makes the OptiLingo different?

For every person who tries to learn a language, there’s one who gives up. The most common reason is that people feel that despite all their efforts, they don’t make progress. It turns the very concept of learning a language into something mythical, unobtainable, a kind of dream that monolinguals dream and aspire but can never reach.

The reason most people fail at learning a language isn’t that they can’t or that they’re bad at it. It’s because most language learning programs use inefficient methods. And if you’ve ever had to memorize verb conjugations or stand up and speak to a class of strangers, you get it.

OptiLingo is a guide. Instead of dropping you off in the deep end and seeing if you can swim, it shows you the basics, teaching you to thrive. We know that for you to truly learn a language, your lessons need to be stress-free and entertaining. But they also need to play off your body’s natural ability to learn a language. And that’s exactly how it works.


Speak confidently from your very first lesson

  • Language is more than basic vocabulary
  • Learning is not the same as winning fake internet points
  • With OptiLingo, we don’t play games
  • If you want to use your language, we’re the right tool for the job

Learning a new language is about more than covering basic vocabulary. It’s about understanding meaning and context. But most language-learning apps fail at this.

They distract you with games and fake internet points as you drag words around your phone screen. Some apps even stalk you daily, demanding your attention.

In the end, you may remember some words, but you’ll struggle using the language as you stumble embarrassingly over the few words you’ve managed to pick up.

We prefer a different approach.

With OptiLingo, you’ll cover real-world expressions you can use in any situation right from the start. Each day, you’ll listen, speak, and repeat useful phrases and high-frequency words.

As you practice, you’ll start speaking naturally, giving you the confidence to engage in any situation.

Say goodbye to boring drills and memorization

Acquire language naturally with interesting, meaningful lessons

  • Some courses use endless, mind-numbing drills
  • Others throw a concept at you once and never review it again
  • Both approaches can be stressful and overwhelming
  • OptiLingo strikes the perfect balance
  • We focus on the best way to learn and review, so you can focus on actually learning your language

All too often, most language courses attempt to drill information into your head by forcing you to repeat dull, boring exercises. The “methodology” here is the blind hope that endless repetition will somehow help you eventually memorize a language…

On the flip side, there are other courses that expose you to a concept once or twice only to never show it again. Then it’s up to you to figure out when and how to repeat or review.

Neither approach is optimal because it puts stress and pressure on you. Any effective language-learning platform that does its job should do the heavy lifting for you.

Leave the science to us.

While other platforms either fall short on review or force you to brutally memorize new words, OptiLingo’s methodology has a built in review system using our Spaced Repetition System (SRS).

Instead of trying to figure out when you should review, OptiLingo guides you to revisit lessons at optimal times, pushing the content deeper into your long-term memory.

It’s a stress-free, no-hassle way to learn a new language. Best of all, SRS helps you master these embedded memories, further guiding you to fluency.

Learn more. Study less.

Study efficiently by targeting high-frequency words and phrases you can mix and match for any situation

  • There’s no limit to what you can say in any given language
  • Trying to memorize content is an endless, meaningless task
  • With OptiLingo, we teach you the most important phrases and high-frequency words
  • We also teach you the basic patterns of a language
  • This helps you learn a lot more in much less time

There’s no limit to all the unique things we can say—in any language. Half of the daily searches on Google are unique. They’ve never been asked before… That’s why actively studying (or worse, memorizing) pre-defined vocabulary sets and sentences is pointless.

It’s like trying to finish a marathon by crawling, theoretically possible, but not exactly the best way to get around.

Less-effective language learning methods often teach using phrases that you’ll never use. They may be awkwardly funny, but you’ll have a hard time trying to fit one into a conversation naturally. And after a while, you’ll forget them, despite all your efforts.

OptiLingo gives you lessons you can use.

Most fluent speakers only use a small percentage of their total vocabulary in their everyday lives. You don’t need to learn “everything” to be fluent. And with OptiLingo, you won’t waste your time trying.

Instead, you’ll learn everything you need to speak fluently: how to greet others, respond to questions, express ideas, talk about yourself, and have casual conversations with new friends.

Don’t waste time. Access the phrases you need to start speaking confidently with locals today. Focus on what’s widely spoken. Learn the patterns. Master short lessons that leave you feeling accomplished and ready for any situation.

Practice with flexibility

Short 20-minute lessons, 5 days a week gives you more freedom

  • You don’t need to study EVERY DAY; for most people this isn’t realistic or sustainable
  • Even if you could study every day, the brain needs time off to rest and consolidate memories
  • OptiLingo provides flexibility and sustainability
  • Keep living and enjoying your life while maintaining a regular schedule

Some apps try to convince you that you need to study every day… (gotta earn those fake internet points!) But for most people, this just isn’t realistic or sustainable.

Sometimes, life gets in the way. We get behind, fall off the wagon, and give up.

With OptiLingo, our lessons are short, only 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Take weekends off. Go out with friends. Enjoy a break. Relax. There’s no pressure to stop everything and study. And if you get behind, you can quickly catch up without stressing out.

Take advantage of breaks.

Time away from lessons gives your brain a chance to consolidate memories, building neural pathways that get you closer to speaking like a natural, faster.

Experience freedom.

If you’re eager to learn more, you can always go above and beyond. Explore freely, without feeling like you have to follow a tedious, dull path. Learn a new language free from the fear of a certain persistent, intrusive mascot harassing you…

Learn on the go

Anywhere, anytime, any device: learn on the run and automatically sync your progress across all your devices

  • With OptiLingo, you can learn any time, any place, and on any device
  • But you can also learn based on your preferred method
  • Whether you’re a visual or auditory learner, we’ve got you covered
  • We even off a hands-free mode, so you can learn while you’re on the move

Whatever device you have, you can access OptiLingo and watch as it syncs your progress automatically in real-time.

But mobility is about more than using your preferred device…

How do you like to learn? Are you a visual learner? Feel free to read through the content. Is your learning style more auditory? Listen and Repeat is perfect for you. Do you learn quickly? We’ve got you covered. Do you really want to push yourself and dive into complex lessons? OptiLingo does that, too.

Use the platform wherever, whenever, however. With hands-free lessons, you can learn during your daily commute, in the office, or at the gym. OptiLingo will never limit you or how you choose to learn. Ever.

Relax and enjoy fluency

Explore your new language in a stress-free, positive environment with the freedom to make mistakes

  • Don’t worry about getting everything “perfect” from the start.
  • Experience natural correction that won’t leave you doubting your abilities.
  • Lean on us to coach you with our positive approach to fluency.
  • Feel empowered to explore and experience a new language like never before.

Learning a new language is a challenge. You’ll need to work hard and put your time into achieving fluency.

Yet, many language learning programs make it harder by shutting you down for the slightest mistake. And when you’re struggling to learn a new language, you don’t want to get held up by a language-learning program that doesn’t let anything slide…

Most language programs lack intuition. Even when you’re slightly off, they scold you for being “wrong.” All that negativity damages your progress. And with enough of these annoying, frustrating moments, you start to believe (incorrectly) that you’re not making any progress.

For successful language learning to occur, you need a completely stress-free environment. A place where you feel at ease. At home. Only when you know you can practice speaking a new language without fear or judgment can you rapidly make the progress you deserve.

OptiLingo lets you make mistakes.

Our intuitive platform doesn’t stop you every time you make a small slip-up because we understand that making mistakes is part of the journey to fluency. Instead, we provide a relaxed environment that naturally builds the confidence you need to start speaking .