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Speak from your very first lesson, so you’re confident in any situation.

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Say goodbye to boring drills and memorization.

Acquire language naturally with interesting, meaningful lessons that don’t leave you frustrated, annoyed, or bored.

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Learn more. Study less.

Get the most out of your time by targeting high-frequency words and phrases that you can mix and match to fit any setting.

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Practice with flexibility.

With our daily, 20-minute lessons, 5 days a week, you can live your life without the fear of falling behind.

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Learn on the go.

Anywhere, anytime, any device. Fit your lessons in when you can and automatically sync your progress across all your devices.

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Relax and enjoy fluency.

Explore your new language in a stress-free, positive environment with the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

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What makes OptiLingo different?

For years, the language learning “experts” have put eager students through outdated, ineffective methods to teach them languages. They treat language as a subject to study, not a tool to use. When those methods fail, they ruin people’s dreams of learning a new language. Worse of all, they give up believing it’s their fault.

“Our mission is to breathe life into those dreams again.”
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What do our students say about OptiLingo?

We’ve tested, revisited, and refined our ground-breaking, language learning methodology with thousands of students around the world. The result is a proven system that will help you reach fluency using a scientifically-backed approach.

"3 months in and I can talk and understand native speakers for the most part. Sure, there’s a lot left for me to learn, but I’ll learn that eventually. I like the OptiLingo lets me learn on my schedule, and when you see the results, you get more and more excited for the lessons." Ben D.
“For learning brand new languages, OptiLingo is simply the best. I’m learning Korean. I’ve always hit a wall with other programs. Most are boring and left me feeling like I’d never learn the language. But now, it’s like my dream of learning a new language is finally coming true!” Owen P.
“OptiLingo is literally the best thing to happen to language learning. Period. Who hasn’t sat through a semester or 9 of a foreign language and felt like it was a complete waste of time? But with this app, I’m actually excited for the lessons because I know they work. I never thought that would happen.” Celia S.
“I’ve tried A LOT of language apps. A LOT. And they’ve all kinda been pretty “bleh”. Some were fun, others just felt like flashcards. But in the end, I never really felt like I could SPEAK better. OptiLingo is way different. It uses the 80/20 principle, so you focus on what really matters. It’s a smart language learning program.” Rachel C.
“My experience? In a month, my speaking and listening skills in German shot WAY up. I went from only hearing garbled noise to being able to list and understand actual conversations. This is the FUTURE of learning languages.” Josh H.
“Maybe it’s just me and how I learn things, but WOW, this app… it’s the best I’ve downloaded so far. Sure, a lot of people can say an app is great, but this one just teaches me languages in a way that works for my brain. That’s all I can say.” Michelle M.

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