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Find Relief from the COVID Economy

Every business has felt the effects of COVID. But your customers aren’t gone. They’re simply stuck at home, bored and looking for ways to entertain and improve themselves.

Our affinity program gives your customers what they’re looking for while growing revenue for your organization.

OptiLingo Provides Financial Stability During the Most Unstable Times

Increase revenue using a range of proven marketing methods. Each one deploys rapidly.

Expand Loyalty Programs

Embed OptiLingo into your existing loyalty programs and offer your customers even more.

Turnkey Marketing

Offer your existing customers and members a substantial discount on our subscription and earn a percentage of the revenue.

Private Label

Use our content, technology, and design with your existing promotions or create new campaigns.

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Offer our 7-Day free trial to your customers using our existing digital assets.

Drive Customers Download

Customers use the app. After the free trial, they choose a subscription plan.

Increase Revenue

Receive a percentage on every app subscription your customers buy.

OptiLingo Is Perfect for Your Customers

OptiLingo Is the ONLY Language Learning App That Focuses on Speaking From the First Lesson

Language learning is past-due for a change. Ride our wave of success to higher bottom lines and more customer engagement.

Language Learning Shouldn’t be boring

OptiLingo avoids the boring flashcard, drill-until-you’re-dizzy model of language learning. Instead, it keeps you engaged from the first lesson with high-frequency phrases.

Better Methods. Better Results.

Rather than slowly dragging users through “modernized CD-ROMs” and endlessly repetitive translation activities, OptiLingo gets you speaking like a local fast.

More freedom for stress-free language learning

Make your customers’ dream of learning a new language come true by giving them the freedom to explore and make mistakes in a stress-free environment.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Check out OptLingo and see yourself

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Our Language App Simply Offers More.

OptiLingo comes packed with TONS of content, giving users a language learning journey they’ll never forget.

20 Languages

Arabic, Chinese, Circassian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

20,000 Lessons

Each lesson is designed to help students learn phrases they can use in conversations from the first day without memorization or drilling.

30,000 phrases

Users learn real-world expressions they can use in any situation. They’ll listen, speak, and repeat useful phrases and high-frequency words they can use from their first lesson.

600+ Hours of Content

Each language offers users more content than 2 years of full-time study in a foreign language course.

Language Learning Is an Attractive Rapidly Growing Market for Your Business

Online Language Learning Market Continues to Rapidly Expand

Technological advancement makes mobile learning easier and more accessible

COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to hybrid digital learning solutions

Globalization and the need to communicate across borders continues to increase

The Pandemic has had a positive impact on online education systems

Travel (while paused) is still a priority for many

Bilingualism is still viewed as a highly valuable asset

More Value for Your Customers. More Revenue for Your Business.

See how our language learning app will help your business grow.