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In as little as 30 minutes, you can begin learning with Assimil

Give us 30 minutes a day, and you’ll be speaking your new language in now time. Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to develop the skills necessary to speak, read, write and understand your new language.

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How the proven Assimil method works

Interactive audio lessons

Useful and entertaining dialogues filled with every-day, core vocabulary designed to help you speak like a native.

Language and culture lessons

Help putting what you learn into context so that you understand when, why and where to say the right thing.

Practice exercise and review

Resources designed to help you construct new and helpful phrases based on what you’ve already learned.

No boring memorization drills

Organic learning system that stresses comprehension instead of memorization.

Why is Assimil so Effective?

Assimil was developed in Europe, where it’s very common for people to speak two, three or even four different languages. That European heritage has helped Assimil to develop proven programs for over 100 languages. The Assimil method is as effective as it is simple- every day, you spend 30 minutes learning a new dialogue full of helpful phrases and words. You are then presented with different exercises that combine what you’ve learned into new and different expressions.

At each step, the Assimil method emphasizes comprehension and context. This helps you to avoid boring memorization drills—when you understand what you are reading and saying, it just “clicks”. Millions of people around the world have learned to speak foreign languages using Assimil, and so will you—we guarantee it.

Don’t Study – Learn to Understand and Speak in No Time!

With Assimil, you assimilate your foreign language organically – and quickly. There are no confusing tests and no clicking on pictures to guess their meaning. You’re not forced to memorize complex rules, boring vocabulary lists or grammar out of context. You assimilate your new language by listening to authentic, native speakers, following along with written materials and learning how to combine what you’ve learned into new phrases and expressions – the same way you mastered your native language as a child—only much, much faster, since Assimil courses are designed for the adult brain.

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Learn at Your Own Pace – Any Time and Any Place

Are you too busy to attend a regular class? Is your schedule so tight or unpredictable that you struggle to find a regular time slot to learn a language? If you’re looking for freedom and flexibility, then Assimil is perfect for you.

Each Assimil Super Pack comes with pocket course book and MP3 files, so you can study on the go! The compact course book fits in your bag, and you can listen to your audio files in the car, on the train or anywhere you have a set of speakers or earphones.

In fact, more than 60% of our customers learn their new language on the go, while commuting to work, exercising, waiting for a plane, walking the dog or doing chores around the house. It’s just 30 minutes a day – any time and any place.