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Learning French is not a contest or a race. It’s not about how many words you know or which grammar rules you can recite. Learning how to speak French is all about understanding what you hear, and making yourself understood when you speak. At OptiLingo, we use a Guided Immersion approach. We focus on common phrases and high-frequency words placed in the context of native speakers in everyday activities, so you hear how French is spoken in the real world and learn to speak naturally. With OptiLingo, you’ll learn more content, more quickly, at an affordable price.

  • Learn French at your own pace
  • Practice on the go — anytime, anywhere
  • Connect with your roots or immerse yourself in a new culture
  • Improve memory and cognitive health

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“I heard about OptiLingo, and their 30 day money back guarantee, so I gave them a shot. It's only been a few weeks, but I feel pretty comfortable with some pretty helpful phrases.”



“My whole life, I thought I was bad at learing another language. With OptiLingo, everything just worked. It all just clicked, and it didn't feel like I was struggling.”



I always wanted to learn Spanish. I'm finally at a point in my life where things are beginning to slow down. I want to do this - learn Spanish - and with OptiLingo, I know I can.”



The only program developed by a language activist

I didn’t set out to start OptiLingo. I set out to learn my ethnic language. In the process of refining my study notes, I stumbled upon a process, a method, a secret formula. I designed my system to be as simple and fast and effective as possible.

There are lots of programs that promise to teach you a language; my driving passion was to preserve my ethnic identity. My language is on a path to extinction. If and when that day comes, my ethnic identity will disappear.

That’s what drove me to develop the best system to learn a new language.

— Jonty Yamisha, Creator of OptiLingo

How Does OptiLingo Work?

Our practical lessons are grounded in real speech and built from the most commonly-used words and phrases so you can start speaking French today.

Learn more about How It Works

Common Vocabulary & Phrases

You will discover how to use high-frequency, widely understood French words and phrases through our Guided Immersion approach that provides both structure and context.

Interval Training

You will retain more French in less time and with better results, thanks to our Spaced Repetition System, which works like High-Intensity Interval Training for your brain.

Real Speech

You will learn to speak French naturally by listening to native speakers discussing everyday common topics.

Organic Growth

You will grasp the French language naturally through the basics of organic conversation, just as you learned to speak your first language as a child.

Get it today for just $9.99!

I'm ready to learn!

Your ticket to travel the world

Traveling when you know how to speak French means finding the best bistros in Beaune that only locals know, or asking Swiss natives for their favorite trails to scale the towering Alps and behold the glimmering lakes of the Swiss countryside.

Imagine taking in the fragrant lavender fields of Provence or ordering a Liege waffle from a street vendor in Brussels, all while speaking French like a local. Wherever your travels take you, learning French will bring authentic sights, sounds and tastes to life.


Improve more than your language skills

Although it may seem foreign to you, learning French can be a fruitful undertaking if you want to improve cognitive functioning and memory.

Learning a new language has been proven to have a positive impact on brain health, and we make it easy for you to maximize those benefits.


Unlocking a number of cultures

Imagine spending just 30 minutes a day learning how to speak French, the native language of 57 countries across Europe, North and Central America, Africa and even Australia. Along with English, it’s one of the only languages taught in every country of the world.

The French influence is unsurpassed in the naming of cooking techniques, dishes and wine: sauté, coq au vin and pinot noir. When you learn French, you dive into a world of rich cultural experiences that are celebrated across the globe.


Immerse yourself in French culture

Learn French and learn about the historic streets of Old Quebec, the French roots of Vanuatu’s Bislama language and how Madagascar was given to France under the Berlin treaty. France’s history touches all corners of the globe, and exploring its influence through learning French brings these stories to life.

Ask French locals where to find the best pastries and croissants, order a bottle of Beaujolais as you bask in the majestic view of the Eiffel Tower, and explore your French heritage – all with ease once you’ve found the best way to learn French. A language that will take you across Europe, with a learning program that you can take anywhere. If you want to know how to learn French, then look no further.

  • Learn French at your own pace
  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • Just 20 minutes a day

Speak French like a native in
hours, not years.

In just 20 minutes a day, you can learn French! OptiLingo’s French Phraseology includes:

  • 100 quick and easy lessons
  • 1,500 of the most useful, everyday phrases
  • Over 1,100 helpful, high-frequency French words
  • Full audio MP3s for every lesson — over 30 hours (That’s the equivalent of a full YEAR of college-level study!)
  • Built-in reviews, so there’s no boring homework
  • Complete OptiLingo’s French Phraseology course book

Get it today for just $9.99!

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Includes 30-Day, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel at any time.