Using Guided Immersion

You’ve made it this far, so I assume this book has been helpful to you.

I’ve covered plenty of different concepts and practical tips to send you on your way.

Of course, I sell a product, and it incorporates everything I’ve written in this book. I think it can be helpful for lots of people, including you.

If what you’ve read has been beneficial to you, I’m confident my OptiLingo system will be as well. So, here it is in a nutshell.

Guided Immersion is the key

Different language learning companies use different approaches. After extensive research on the subject and spending years teaching myself one of the most ancient and difficult languages on the planet – Circassian – I developed my method for learning a new language.

Guided Immersion employs a proven method that turns the old way of language learning on its head. Instead of “memorizing,” we emphasize “remembering not to forget.”

In short, Guided Immersion works, and it works quickly.

I believe you’ll love Guided Immersion as much as I do. It’s what I used when I taught myself Circassian. If you’d like to know more about how I did that and my personal background, check out my bio.

The only real requirement necessary for Guided Immersion to work is that you relax and enjoy yourself throughout the course of your studies. The most important factor in learning a language – beyond deciding to learn – is that you not allow yourself to be scared or intimidated.

Leave any anxieties or tensions behind. While you’re at it, try to clear your mind and put aside distracting thoughts. The key here is to avoid the temptation to try memorizing or studying the material being presented.

I know that sounds counterintuitive, but remember the difference between studying and learning? The responsibility of your success lies with the course and how it was designed. Put your faith in the Guided Immersion process and free yourself of the pressure and anxiety that come from studying or memorizing. Let the information be absorbed naturally, and it will become knowledge you never forget!

You may be tempted to memorize vocabulary words, and for some, that might be OK. But the vocabulary terms in my course are provided to add greater context into language structure, and you needn’t memorize them.

Your regular reviews of each lesson will ensure that these terms, and the phrases in which they appear, etch themselves into your memory in an organic and graduated process.

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