Most Effective Ways of How to Learn Swedish language

By OptiLingo

How can I learn to speak Swedish?

Learning to speak Swedish is not as hard or time-consuming as you might thing. Babbel has simplified it for you. It has made learning Swedish online easy, under your control and intuitive. You are allowed to choose what lessons to take, as well as review and practice vocabulary easily at your own pace.

It is interesting to note that Swedish and English are similar with grammar rules and thousands of words in common. Pronouncing and mastering different accent can be challenging at first but Babbel has come in to offer online courses as well as mobile apps including speech recognition to help you become comfortable with speaking Swedish quickly. The guide below is designed to help you in the learning process and ultimately, you can test your skills using a free Swedish lesson.


North Germanic Languages’ history

The North Germanic languages include Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish and Faroese. The languages are sometimes referred to as Scandinavian, what is more in reference to geographical distinction. All the five languages evolved from the Vikings language known as Old Norse. Both Old English and Old Norse came from a theoretical “Proto-Germanic”.

Historically, English originates from a West Germanic language. As much as West and North Germanic languages shares many features, they became distinct from each other about two thousand years ago. You will realize that any word derived from old English has a very close relationship with the Germanic roots. Therefore, an English speaker can spot thousands of Swedish words. Apart from the obvious smorgasbord and Vikings, many English words may sound like their Swedish counterparts. For example, kyckling (chicken), blod (blood), dotter (daughter), kopp (cup), dorr (door) , syster (sister) and agg(egg).

Swedes can speak English pretty well. However, there are good reasons to master Swedish as a second language speaker. It is a mutually intelligible language with Danish and Norwegian, and is used in many films making it very useful throughout Scandinavia. Currently, Swedish is the most spoken North Germany language. Learning to speak Swedish for people planning to visit and live in Sweden is particularly important because it will open up more opportunities for them, letting them get assimilated into a community whose people find it a good way of life to speak no other language other than Swedish to each other no matter how good they can be when communicating with foreigners using English. Get a grasp of Swedish language and be part of more than 11.6 million people across the world who are Swedish native speakers or speaking it as a secondary language.


Pronunciation and grammar

If you’re wondering how to learn Swedish language, pronunciation and grammar is a good place to start. Pronunciation is what majorly differentiates Swedish words and English words. It might be challenging to pronounce some Swedish words at first, but once you have a grasp of it, you will want to learn more. Some certain sounds can be difficult to pronounce but still, you can guess the meaning of the words such as lang, apple, and over. It is important to start recognizing the differences in the alphabets because mispronunciation can lead to serious confusion. Once you’re able to differentiate the alphabets, it will be easier to pronounce words you have never seen or heard. You can look for tools to help you to practice the accent and make sure your Swedish is understandable.

Some of the differences between Swedish grammar and English grammar include Swedish has two genders, indefinite and definite article are the same words with different placement and in Swedish, verbs begins a sentence when asking questions making the word order inverted. Swedish is much easier than English in some instances. You will need to have a grasp of Swedish grammar and you will be good with Danish and Norwegian because the rules are almost the same.


Ways of learning Swedish

Well, put your, ‘how to learn Swedish language’ question to rest by purrsuing a language course (online or in school), hiring a private tutor, studying alone with an audio or CD-ROM course, practicing conversational Swedish with native speakers or joining an exchange program. While tutors as well as CD-ROMS can be costly and classes as well as exchange programs can be time-consuming, the above strategies are very effective. Immersion is the best way to get a grasp of Swedish although it requires the biggest commitment. Embarking on a journey to Sweden and living there will expose you to an environment that pressures you to learn the language so that you can lead your day-to-day life comfortably. The survival pressure will make you fluent in the language in a few months. It will be a good idea to prepare with one of the above methods or go for an online program.


How to learn to speak Swedish through online programs

There are a number of online programs that can help you to learn Swedish through courses that are accessible online as well as via mobile gadgets, affordable and proven to make your listening, reading, comprehension and speaking skills stronger. The online platforms will give you access to conjugation, grammar, pronunciation, writing exercises and listening comprehension exercises diverse program. You can learn to speak Swedish fast with your Android or iPhone device. How can I learn to speak Swedish within a short period of time? Well, some online programs such as Babbel can meet your individual needs through customization.

With online programs such as Babbel, you will learn to speak Swedish fast through its intuitive an easy course system which identifies your individual level and tries to accommodate different learning styles. With such efficient online programs, you are able to learn at the pace you’re comfortable with and customize your lesson plans. They also give you provide you with helpful insights on how to learn Swedish language whenever you need them.

The good thing about learning in an environment where learners are helping and supporting each other is the best you can get. Join a community of learners and put the question, “how can I learn to speak Swedish” to rest by mastering the language within a few months. Learners can share questions, advice, and experiences easily through chart and message boards. The support system is so massive that you will want to continue pressing on until you are fluent in Swedish. You will get to enjoy watching films which are in Swedish after efforts to learn the language bears fruits. Online programs like Babbel have a support that listens and always available to address your queries. Don’t be left behind, make an effort and ask how people who listens how to learn to speak Swedish language.