How To Learn Swedish Online At The Swedish Institute Website

By OptiLingo

To answer the question how can learn Swedish? Sweden Sverige through the Swedish Institute (“SI”) provides online classroom courses in learning how to speak Swedish. SI and its educational partners (University of Amsterdam/The Netherlands, Uppsala University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Ghent University, University of Iceland, and University of Gothenburg) offers free online courses for beginners by giving individuals basic oral and written lessons as well as an introduction into the culture and society of Sweden.

The online Sweden Sverige entry into signing up for your online training features information in audio and movie format about spending time in Sweden during each season. You’ll also find key facts about the Swedish Language, innovations that you did not know was created in Sweden, gender-friendly Sweden, Sweden’s energy technology, Swedish films, Sweden’s government, working in Sweden, Swedish history, and much more.


Learning the Swedish language

How can I learn the Swedish language, the SI online courses are a self-study language course with options of paying for instructions led by teachers and/or a tutor. This part of the language course is called “Learning Swedish PLUS”) in your quest of how to learn Swedish online. For learning how can learn Swedish section of the PLUS course, there are two types. There is the “with” or “without” Skype sessions.

Both “with” and “without” sessions focus on writing in the native language, vocabulary, reading, grammar, and reading comprehension. The PLUS “with” Skype sessions are introduced by a friendly teacher that leads you in oral support communication. The teachers provide individual feedback on all your online work.

The PLUS “without” sessions do not feature Skype oral practice sessions. Students instead receive individual feedback by e-mail where they receive written exercises and grammar and vocabulary instructions. How to learn Swedish with SI is accomplished when you have completed a successful PLUS language course because all students receive a certificate. Yes, the Swedish Institute is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and is recognized by the United States Secretary of Education.


The Swedish language is spoken worldwide

But the majority is considered a native tongue in both Sweden and Finland. If you are an English speaker, Swedish is considered an easy language for you to learn because of its similarity to speaking English. To learn the language speaking Swedish has a lot more vowels than you may be used to. The English vowel, of course, is a, e, i, o, and u. The Swedish language uses the Latin alphabet, as well as the addition of three vowels with diacritics written above or below a letter to mark a difference in pronunciation.

Learning Swedish features ä (pronounced like the “a” in apple), ö (sounds like the “u” in the word full), and å (which sounds like the “o” in close or pot) and for German speakers and Swedish speakers, trying to remember that the vowels are similar takes a moment for the brain to process, especially during daily conversations. Another challenge for a non-speaking Swede is the gender of the language. Most foreign languages the gender is female and male, but the Swedish language has two genders called common and neuter.

The Swedish genders have endings like en or ett where en is the common gender spelling and ett is the neuter gender. How can I learn Swedish language due to their vocal tones, pronunciations, and grammar? Don’t worry about figuring it out for now until you sign up for the SI online courses because the gender rule in Swedish is a random langue communication rule where you will be more insight that makes sense.


Why would you want to learn Swedish?

The world community is becoming smaller. Sweden operates in global shipping, trading, research, and innovation, therefore you could possibly work in an industry where you could come into contact with a Swedish native, you could marry a Swedish descent person, or you may be going to the country itself. Learning Swedish places you closer to moving around Germany, Dutch, Iceland, Danish or Norwegian countries. Also, the Swedish language has a melodic soft tone to its pronunciations.

The SI and partners are available both online and offline through mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. How to learn Swedish has never been easier than learning directly from online teachers from the Swedish University firsthand. How to learn Swedish language online has been made simple with their three module design. The lesson modules consist of text, dialogue, and listening comprehension quizzes.


Learning Swedish online

How to learn Swedish language online with SI is further accomplish when you participate in the different types of exercises that are interactive in learning basic communication wording, grammar, and pronunciation. How to learn Swedish online is fun, comprehensive, informative, with the SI concept to help in memorization and exercises in how to use your mouth, throat, and tongue to formulate your sentences more succinctly. In addition, the teachers speak English.

The Swedish Institute is designed to help Sweden reach individuals with international goals as it regards foreign policies. SI believes in establishing cooperation, interest, and confidence in Sweden with nations around the world. SI and its educational endeavors work closely with Swedish and foreign partners, embassies, and consulates. SI happily welcomes students from around the world to its free online courses in order to create mutual relationships with the world community.


Sweden is the home of the prominent Nobel Prize award

Sweden has a proud history of academic excellence. The nation is home to some of the world’s best universities and its higher education system is considered one of the best in the world. The Swedish Institute and the Swedish universities are able to meet the needs of its international students. Sweden ranks highest as one of the many countries that excel in English proficiency. The question remains, why learn Swedish when the country speaks English almost fluently. The reason is that Sweden and many Scandinavian countries realize that we live in a world where English, at present, is considered the maintain language for communication relevancy. Children learn English in school when they are very young.

However, if you learn Swedish and interject a Swedish version of talk into your communication, native Swedes will smile and consider you very polite and reverent. Therefore, if you’re interested in studying Swedish the SI website features a list of universities and university colleges offering courses in Swedish that may be nearby from your location. Sign up at the Swedish Institute website and immerse yourself into a language with a great history – lycka till!