How To Learn Swedish In A Day

By OptiLingo

There are a lot of challenging things to do in the world and learning a new language an be one of them. Some people try to take learning a language to an extreme and try to figure out how to learn Swedish in 5 minutes. Others are a little bit more reasonable, such as how to learn Swedish in one day.No matter what language you’re trying to learn, or how long you plan on actively learning it, there are some tips and tricks to learning it quickly.

Unfortunately, however, there may not be an actual answer to how to learn Swedish in 5 minutes. However, when it comes to how to learn Swedish in one day, there are a few things that can help you learn Swedish pretty quickly. The same can be applied to almost any other language that you may want to learn.



If you’re going to try learning Swedish in a short period, then you’ll need to plan it out in detail. For example, you’ll want to plan out exactly what you want to learn and in what order you want to learn it in. If you are trying to learn Swedish in a day, then you should block chunks of time toward certain aspects of the language; more specifically, you could dedicate the first hour to learning how to introduce yourself and initiate a conversation.

After that, you can devote an hour or two-hour long blocks to tackling specific parts of the language; you could always set aside more time for aspects that may be more complex and need a little bit extra to learn. You’ll also need to figure in parts of your daily routine, such as meals and anything else you may need to take care of during the day. If you’re planning, then you could always make sure that there are very few things to distract you throughout the day.


Keep Focused

Planning out your day learning a language is all well and good, but if you’re not focused when you’re learning then you may not remember much of it; what you’re trying to learn may not even sink in. Because of that, you need to stay focused on learning. There have been some studies conducted that have shown that people can focus effectively for about 15 minutes at a time on one subject.

With that in mind, you may want to take five-minute breaks every 15 minutes to give yourself some time to reset. These breaks will not only help what you’re learning set in, but they’ll also let you focus properly once you’re back to learning. If you’re learning Swedish throughout a week or more, then you could always plan your education in 15-minute chunks.

This not only keeps you focused when you’re learning but ensures that you’re using spare time efficiently; for example, you could end up learning some Swedish on the train to and from work every day. Having a number of these chunks throughout a day means that you could take in the language much more effectively.


Team Up

One of the best things that you can have when you’re learning a language is someone who’s learning with you. If there are two or more of you learning Swedish, then you can all motivate each other to keep learning. This can help no matter how long you’re planning on spending learning a language. Having a learning partner means you can end up quizzing each other and helping each other with any problems that you might be having with the language.

Being able to lean on each when you’re learning means that you can keep each other motivated the entire time you’re learning the language. You can always end up taking a break and trying to have a conversation in Swedish over a quick coffee or a meal. This will end up helping you with your pronunciation as well as giving you a little levity when it comes to learning a language.


Use Your Skills In The Real World

Speaking of talking to your learning partner in Swedish; you should try to speak it in the real world if you can. It’s one thing to learn a language from a book or app where the conversation is somewhat one-sided; because of that, while your speaking skills may grow but your conversational skills may start to stagnate slightly.

With that in mind, talking to someone who speaks the language can prove to be a significant benefit. Not only could you get a better feel for how Swedish is used by a Native-speaker, but they may be able to help you with your pronunciation. Then there’s also the joy that comes with knowing that your language skills have grown enough for you to hold a conversation – no matter how basic – with a fluent Swedish speaker. If something like that doesn’t help to keep you motivated, then we don’t know what will.

Consider it a test of how well you’re learning the language. If you can hold your own in the conversation then you’ll know you’re doing great; if not, then whoever you’re speaking with may be kind enough to point out where you need to focus. They may even offer some suggestions for words and phrases so you’ll end up benefiting either way.


Personalize It

Doing anything is a whole lot easier when it feels more personable. Because of that, you may have a better time learning Swedish if you base what you’re learning about what you’re already interested in. If you’re interested in sports, for instance, then you could base your learning on being able to speak about sport in Swedish. This will help to keep you motivated and focused throughout the entire time that you’re learning, which can be significant benefits.

As you’re learning how to talk about your specific interest, you’re also learning the basics of how to construct a sentence and speak proficiently in that language. While you may only be able to speak proficiently in one area for a little while, it makes things a whole lot easier when it comes to conversing about other topics. Personalizing it means that your excitement will lead you to learn the foundations of the language a whole lot faster.

When it comes to how to learn Swedish in one day, all of these tips can be extremely useful. However, they can also be applied to almost any other language that you might want to learn. You mightn’t figure out how to learn Swedish in 5 minutes, but you’ll still be learning as quickly and effectively as possible. So what’s stopping you from learning it today?