How To Learn Swedish In 3 Months

By OptiLingo

A lot of people want to learn a new language such as Swedish. However, many don’t get to where to start when it comes to how to learn Swedish from English quickly and efficiently. Even if they’ve done the research, many may be confused as to the best way to learn Swedish online. This is just as true when it comes to how to learn Swedish from English, or even just how to learn Swedish for beginners.

Many people may also want to learn it to a deadline, which leads to the question of how to learn Swedish in 3 months. A lot of the easiest ways can be found online, but that then opens up which is the best way to learn Swedish online. No matter which way you decide to go, however, there are some tips when it comes to how to learn Swedish for beginners.


Look For Cognates

Cognates are essentially words that look the same in some different languages; these will be words that are spelled somewhat similar no matter the language and mean the same thing. They’ll be different in each language, naturally, but these differences will help you figure out many of the words that you don’t know. When it comes to how to learn Swedish from English, this mightn’t prove to be too applicable, but any extra help can prove to be a massive bonus.

Swedish and English tend to have the same kind of sentence structures. By looking for cognates in any sentence, you can end up figuring out what a sentence means without having to translate each word. This will end up helping you to learn different words through association. When it comes to learning Swedish in 3 months, this can end up saving you an awful lot of time and still get the same kind of results.


Guess On Occasion, But Learn From Mistakes

While we’re on the subject of cognates, you should be able to guess the pronunciation of certain words or phrases. While you might be able to get these right a lot of the time, you should always note when you’ve been wrong about it. If you’re speaking with someone who’s fluent in Swedish, then they may help you with your pronunciation of certain words, which can be a significant bonus. If you take note of your mistakes, then you’ll be able to focus your study a little bit more on areas that are causing you difficulty.

This can be most true when it comes to the likes of pronunciation. Unless you learn from an app or some software that speaks out the words and phrases, pronunciation can be quite difficult. Because of that, you may end up guessing a lot more than you’d be comfortable with. That being said, what we’ve mentioned already can end up proving to be a major benefit to taking a chance with guessing.


Talk To Native Speakers

Since we’re on the topic of trying to have a conversation in Swedish, we should also note how beneficial it can be to talk to native speakers while you’re learning. By listening to them, you can get a feel for the language, as well as an ear for how certain words and phrases should sound. If you’re able to hold a conversation with a fluent Swedish speaker, then you’ll be extra motivated to keep improving. When it comes to mistakes in a discussion, it can also prove to be beneficial; many people may help to correct you when you’re talking.

This not only helps you there and then, but can provide a little bit more focus when it comes to figuring out where you may be going wrong. Talking to fluent Swedish speakers throughout when you’re learning means that you’ll be able to benchmark your improvements in the language over the three months. With that in mind, what’s stopping you from trying out your Swedish with a native speaker?


Focus On Learning What You Need To Know

There can be some reasons what someone might want to know how to learn Swedish in 3 months. This can be for the likes of moving to Sweden for a job and many other reasons. Because of that, you may need to learn certain phrases or words first. If you’re moving to Sweden for a job, for example, you may want to learn the basics and then any words or phrases that are most related to your job.

That’s not to say that you should neglect the rest of the language, however. This route will ensure that by the time you’ve finished learning Swedish then you’ll have had more time to master the essentials of why you’re learning it. It will also help you build up confidence when it comes to using the words and phrases that you’ll need to use most. The rest of the language will start occurring to you naturally by the time you have these words and phrases mastered, and you’ll end up fluent in Swedish in no time.


Master The Fundamentals

While you’re learning the words and phrases that you’ll need most, you’ll start to notice what can be referred to as ‘glue words.’ These are the words that come up the most, no matter the context. With that in mind, you should master these words as soon as possible. As we mentioned, they come up almost constantly and don’t change depending on the context; because of that, mastering them as quickly as possible will end up having a positive impact on how fast that you learn the rest of the language.

Combined with mastering the words you’ll need for a specific reason (if it’s applicable) it will end up covering almost everything you’ll end up using, aside for some minor phrases, etc. However, this will set you up perfectly for becoming fluent in the rest of the language; after all, it’s a lot easier to become advanced at something once the absolute basics have been perfected. Because of how essential many of these are, it’s worth taking the time to nail them down as quickly as possible before moving on to more complex phrases.

When it comes to how to learn Swedish in 3 months, these tips will prove to be extremely helpful. They can also help you when it comes to learning any language. Whether you’re figuring out how to learn Swedish for beginners or just finding out the best way to learn Swedish online those tips will help you no matter what. With all of those tips in mind, what’s stopping you from mastering the fundamentals of Swedish and becoming a fluent Swedish speaker today?