Can I Learn Swedish in 3 Months?

By OptiLingo

Some of the common Swedish words that you be accustomed to as soon as you land in Sweden are; hej, varsagod and tack. But this won’t last through your entire business trip or vacation. Good news for all whom wondering can I learn Swedish in 3 months?

It is better to start off with a disclaimer that the learning of Swedish in 3 months is an intensive program. But with the right attitude and motivation, you can bear the results in a short time. Regardless of your experience in learning a new language, with the motivation, a learner can adopt the Swedish language in a short while.

Can I Learn Swedish in 3 Months?



In case you are trying out on the Swedish language, then practice is the key to mastering the language in a matter of months. Duolingo is an incredible app which helps learners in mastering the Swedish language in three months. Through the app, you can specify the number of points you want to gain which each passing day. When the points rank high, it means that you are increasing in your proficiency and fluency in the language.

The moment that you hit the target, the app automatically awards you. Through Duolingo, you are not only learning new words but you are also improving your grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. A repetition is a common tool used by the app to ensure the words sick in your head.

Other meaningful additions to the Duolingo app include the podcasts and the YouTube videos aimed at increasing the efficiency in your listening skills. Learners may find it easy to read and speak but it becomes a challenge when it comes to listening. This is critical given the nature of the Swedish language which consists of many accents.

Immersion is another means to get yourself assimilated with the language. This involves shutting out other influences that many hinder your comprehension of the language. It can be achieved by other taking a long stay in Sweden or surrounding yourself in a supportive environment with Swedish speakers. You can also alternatively enroll for an immersion course at the comfort of your home.


Switching to Swedish Media

If you are really committed to learning the Swedish language, switch your radio to a Swedish channel. Turn on the television to a Swedish TV, and also take to reading current happenings across the world on the Swedish newspaper. There are also a host of films and series in Swedish in many platforms such as Netflix.

Another way to increasingly improve your pronunciation skills is by listening and singling along some of your favorite Swedish tunes. Through this means, your mind is able to pick up unconsciously words from the songs. You can create an entire playlist filled with the Swedish songs. You can go ahead to write down the lyrics and later translate


Use of Posts

This technique was used in a movie when a father wanted to surprise his son by learning English. The technique is used by placing posts of the name of the objects around the house in Swedish. You can make use of different colors to make it easier to remember. This creates mental pictures as you learn the basic words of common items.


Skype for Private Lessons

The tips suggested above are great in learning the Swedish language in three months but you also need to have real conservations. This is catered for when taking private lessons through Skype. You can subscribe to a private teacher to guide you on our progress. The teacher can also offer useful tips in the useful websites and grammatical explanations. This method is highly recommended in case you are learning the language in three months.


Real World

After three months of following the tips to the later, test yourself by taking a trip to Sweden. There are various destinations in Sweden and suits whether it is business or pleasure. The endpoint of the learning process is being able to converse with the native speakers of the language.

Make it a point to speak in Swedish while spending your time in Sweden. Avoid situations that many make you switch to English. This would build your confidence with time and mastery and command of the Swedish language. You can also learn a few phrases that are popular. Engage the learners by asking them to repeat but much slower.

The method of learning also plays an important role on fastening your learning experience. Do not limit your learning experience to the confines of a classroom. Ensure you have enough exposure to the Swedish language. Once you surround yourself with the Swedish environment, it will speed up the learning process.

When learning the Swedish language in three months, the time dedicated to the course is also crucial. Linguistic studies have shown that dedicating an hour a day to language learning backed with two hours of independent learning can do the trick. This independent learning time period is used by the learners in studying the grammar, watching films, reading a book and memorizing the vocabulary.

The online programs go a long way in increasing the frequency of studying and also ensuring the easy access on a daily basis. This is why the immersion method is considered the fastest manner of learning a language. The learner also needs to have the right attitude when learning the Swedish language. When approaching the learning of the language in a positive manner, it becomes a fun and fascinating opportunity to widen horizons.

There also needs to be the high motivation when learning the Swedish language. Recent studies have proven that motivation in language learning is the reason for language success. Keep a constant reminder of the reason you enrolled for learning the Swedish language.

The vivid complex interaction that exists between the above factors helps in the determination of the length of time it takes to learn Swedish. When setting the timeline, the language proficiency and fluency is the bar which determines the length to which the language is learned. You also need to be fluent in speaking a foreign language and to be comfortable interacting in the Swedish language. When using a low intermediate level, it can take you far when you are in Sweden.

In a matter of three months, I was able to hold long conservation in Swedish with the locals. I also developed an understanding of the Swedish radio news and also read the Swedish newspaper. Even after the three month period was over, I proceeded with improving my skills in the language on a daily basis. After a year of practice, I finished reading my first book in Swedish.