Useful Spanish Phrases

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Learn everyday Spanish survival phrases

Helpful Phrases

The following are a few useful questions.

¿Qué hora es?                                                                               What times is it?

¿ Qué tal?                                                                                        What’s up?

¿Qué onda?                                                                                   What’s up?

¿Cómo estás?                                                                                How are you?

¿Dónde está el baño?                                                                Where is the bathroom?

¿De dónde eres?                                                                         Where are you from?

¿Cómo se llega a…?                                                                     How do I get to…?

The following are phrases that are considered good manners.

Lo siento                                                                                          I am sorry.

Con permiso                                                                                  Excuse me.

Perdón                                                                                             Excuse me, pardon me.

Con mucho gusto                                                                         With pleasure.

Muchas gracias                                                                             Thank you.

De nada                                                                                           You’re welcome.

The following phrases are approximate translations for colloquialisms.

No importa                                                                                     It doesn’t matter.

No se preocupe                                                                            Don’t worry.

Está bien                                                                                          Ok or alright.

¡No me diga!                                                                                  You don’t say!

Por supuesto                                                                                 Of course.

¡Cómo no!                                                                                      Of course.

Claro                                                                                                  Of course.

Todo el mundo                                                                             Everybody or All of the World.

The following phrases are used for greetings and farewells.

Que se divierta                                                                             Have fun.

Que tenga buen viaje                                                                Have a safe journey.

Que tenga buen día                                                                    Have a nice day.

Buen día/ Buenos días                                                               Good morning.

Buenas tardes                                                                               Good afternoon.

Buenas noches                                                                             Good evening/ Good night.

Hasta luego                                                                                    See you later.

Hasta mañana                                                                               See you tomorrow.

The following phrases are used to discuss time.

Por la mañana/tarde /noche                                                   In the morning/afternoon/ night

Pasado mañana                                                                            The day after tomorrow.

Mañana por la mañana/tarde                                                 Tomorrow morning/afternoon

En seguida                                                                                     At once.

¡Al fin!                                                                                              At last! or Finally!

Quizás                                                                                               Perhaps.

Tal Vez                                                                                              Perhaps.

Ahora                                                                                                Now

Ahora mismo                                                                                 Right now or Right this second


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