Spanish Alphabet Basics

By OptiLingo


Below is the complete alphabet in Spanish. Most of the letters are similar in pronunciation to English, but there are a few differences you’ll need to know. Word examples have been included so that you can not only practice your vowel sounds, but also the placement of accents in the words.

Spanish Alphabet

Letter as Written Name of Letter* How to Say the Letter Word Examples
A A AH aDENtro (inside) aFUEra (outside)
B Be regular B is fine BAño (bathroom)
C Ce S*** or K, depending CEna (dinner), said like S

CAma (bed), said like K

CH Che a hard CH NOche (night)
D De regular D desPAcio (slow)
E E AY esPOso/a (spouse)
F Efe regular F faMIlia (family)
G Ge usually a normal G sound, sometimes H GOrro (cap)

geneRAL (general)

I I EE ISla (island)
J Jota H said from the throat.** JUgo (juice)
K Ka K kiloGRAma (kilogram)
L Ele L LIMpio/a (clean)
LL Elle a hard Y sound is fine, you’ll sometimes hear it as more of a J llaMAda (phone call)
M Eme M medicaMENto (medicine)
N Ene N NUEvo/a (new)
Ñ Eñe Always said as a combination of N and a hard Y BAño (bathroom, bath)
O O long O o (or)
P Pe P perSOna (person)
Q Qu K (nevertheless, Q is always written with the silent U) QUEso (cheese)
R Ere R, with a roll of the tongue reGAlo (gift)
RR Erre RRrr… You get the picture. arrOz (rice)
S Ese S seMAna (week)
t Te T teneDOR (fork)
u U OO (like food, or scoop) club (club)
v Ve B is fine vaRÓN (male)
w Doble V Normal W wau (wow)
x Equis X Éxito (success)
y I Griega a hard Y sound is fine, you’ll sometimes hear it as more of a J ya (done, finished, now, already)
z Zeta S*** zaPAto (shoe)

*You can use these when spelling your name for a receptionist and when making reservations, etc.

**In Latin America, the J is said the same as any H, no difference.

***In Spain, S sounds are said like a soft TH

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