What Are the Types of Russian Media?

By OptiLingo

How Do Russians Get Their News?

Before you begin working your way to foreign language fluency, it helps to understand the culture behind the language you’re learning. After all, language exists to help a group of people express their ideas and beliefs. Russia is a vast country with a rich history and culture. As you begin your Russian language program, gaining a strong grasp on this history, the values, and the etiquette will help you rapidly achieve success. In particular, Russians have access to a variety of media to stay current on world affairs.

The Growing Internet Use in Russia

As the largest nation and one of the top 10 most populous countries in the world, you would think that Russia can easily dominate others when it comes to Internet use. However, Russians are not particularly addicted to the Internet, unlike other places.

According to the National Public Opinion, about 25% of Russians use the Internet these days. Although the percentage is quite small, Russia has seen a huge improvement in the number of users in just a few years.

Social Media in Russia: Another poll by the same organization showed that most of the Internet users choose “ВКонтакте” or “VK” as their main social media network. About 42% of the respondents say that they use VK on a daily basis. However, 39% of the respondents do not know what VK is.

Meanwhile, Instagram ranked third with 16% users, followed by Facebook with seven percent users, and Twitter at the sixth spot with just three percent users. All the respondents were at least 18 years old. “Одноклассники” is also a popular social network for classmates and old friends.

The development is slow, especially compared to other large countries, such as China and the US, which are enjoying rapid growth. Still, Russia’s numbers are improving. Its main cities, such as the capital Moscow and St. Petersburg, lead with the most number of Internet users.

Prediction: The progress may be sluggish but it is steady and it is expected to increase even more. In fact, it is predicted that by 2018, the figure will grow to over 96 million users. By 2019, there should be almost 99 million Internet users in the country.

With many methods of online communication, it is no wonder that many Russians are now turning to chatting with their friends.

TV and Radio: Still the Main Sources of Information in Russia

Russia has many sources of information, and the biggest in number are newspapers. With over 25,000 companies, you would think it would be the leading “informant” in the country. However, according to opinion polls, television is still the most trusted information source in the Russia.

The Public Has Spoken: TV beat other sources including radio programs, newspapers, and news agencies. There are over 400 news agencies in the country with over half of them running as independent companies. The rest is financed by the government, either fully or partially.

The polls showed that about 82% of the respondents see TV as the primary way for them to get the information they need. Additionally, the polls also said that the Russian public prefers TV over the press.

Radio in Second Place: Surprisingly, radio is the second source of information favored by the Russians. Almost 25% of the poll participants answered “radio” as their chosen means of gathering news. After surveying the people, they also gathered that “Маяк” (Beam) is the most popular radio station in the country. “Маяк” operates 24/7 and provides news to its listeners every 30 minutes.

There are also private radio stations in the country, including “ЕвропаПлюс,”“ЭхоМосквы,” and “Радио 101.” These stations, along with “Ностальжи” and Radio “Надежда” are among those with the most prominent audience share. They broadcast news to the public as well, and they provide analyses on the critical events in the country and the rest of the world. They also allow listeners to enjoy music as well.

Meanwhile, a new station called “Авторадио” has gained rapid popularity, thanks to its focus on cars and traffic.

Russia’s Serious Media Outlets

From Internet to television to magazines, these information channels are without a doubt dominating the market. However, journalism and other similar media outlets are no longer enjoying their glory days, unlike before. Even worse, they have been under pressure since 2000 as authorities are either blocking specific news items or ordering the company to shut down.

However, these details do not seem to matter to the brave people behind the press. Still active today are several newspapers in the country that perform their job in delivering news to the public.

Top Newspapers in Russia: Based on research and statistics, here are the biggest names in newspapers in Russia… When it comes to the top selling newspaper in the country, it is none other than “КомсомольскаяПравда.” This particularly newspaper was founded in 1925 by an organization called “Комсомол.” It is printed and distributed on a daily basis to at least 700,000 people nationwide. The newspaper is believed to have reached a total of 3.1 million readers.

For business news, “Ведомости” is the favorite. It is backed by the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. This business daily provides coverage of events relating to financial, corporate, economic, and political. It also offers forecasts and analysis on the important happenings.

“Коммерсантъ,” or in English “The Businessman,” is a page focused on commerce. The ancient newspaper originated back in 1909 and closed in 1919 after the Bolsheviks censored the media.

Other notable papers include the Russian Gazette or “Российскаягазета,” which was established by the Russian Federation and the “Московскийкомсомолец,” a Moscow-based daily.