The Best Way To Learn Portuguese Quickly Is With Babbel

By OptiLingo

Portuguese is the leading language spoken in the Southern Hemisphere including South America in locations like Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Sao Tome, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and Principe. It is also popularly used in Guinea (Equatorial region), Macau, and East Timor. The popularity of speaking Portuguese is vastly growing. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization states that Portuguese could soon become a communication language that will be used worldwide. Interestingly, there are several English words that have their origin in Portuguese like the word “cashew,” “mosquito,” “banana,” “caramel,” and “zombie.”

If you are planning a trip to any country where Portuguese is spoken and you want to know the best way to learn Portuguese, the fastest way to learn Portuguese, or what’s the best way to learn Portuguese is through the Babbel language platform. Babbel provides the best system in learning a foreign language and is the best way to Portuguese language. If you are an English speaking individual, you may have tried to learn a foreign language, perhaps in a classroom setting. You found it confusing and difficult to comprehend. So, you just stopped trying believing that you were not cut out to learn a different language. This thought process is so far from the truth. Classroom training is led by your instructor who helps you learn through their system of doing most of the talking and you repeating their lyrical dialect. Babbel is the best way to learn Portuguese fast, the best way to learn Portuguese quickly and succinctly.


Right off the top, you must understand that Portuguese is not Spanish

Portuguese is a little more difficult to learn because of its varied layered verb gender differences but it is a romantic language that is good to have under your belt. Using Babbel is the best way to learn the Portuguese language or the best way to learn to speak Portuguese as you encounter people from different regions of the world in your workplace, your classroom, your entertainment time, perhaps you have Brazilian in-laws, or simply a Portuguese family in your neighborhood.

Learning to be bilingual gives you a greater opportunity to communicate with a global introspection of the world. Memorization and listening skills are enhanced and can teach you problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, you learn how to better multitask, and other cognitive skills. No matter what your age is, you are never too young or too old to learn Portuguese or any other of the languages offered through the Babbel system. Babbel is the best way to learn Portuguese quickly as they provide lessons in several languages including German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, and of course Portuguese.


Language Tools

Babbel is easily the best way to learn to speak Portuguese especially with their introductory offer of a free trial. The Babbel lessons, which are styled in a quiz scenario, are easy to learn for beginners, intermediate learners or as a refresher for advanced Portuguese language interpreters. Babbel offers language tools in the form of CD-ROM programs, grammar books, audio courses, online courses, flash cards, all within the context of a Portuguese speaker. Perhaps you would like to read the literary works of Jose de Sousa Saramago, a Portuguese writer and Nobel Prize recipient from 1998. Using Babbel via the Internet is the best way to learn Portuguese online and the best way to learn Portuguese fast in addition to your connecting with individuals who speak Portuguese fluently so that you can pick up the fluidity of the language.

Better still, plan on attending the 2019 Rio de Janeiro’s Carnivale, Babbel helps you to learn daily communication words to inspire you to keep learning. Babbel teaches you the best way to learn Portuguese online and in written form by teaching you how to talk to the Portuguese people about what is important to you. Babbel is designed with basic courses, grammar courses, and supplementary courses. You can take the courses easily on your own and at your own speed. Babbel is the best way to learn Portuguese language because it introduces you to Portuguese expressions encircled within writing Portuguese, listening language courses to affiliate you with the accent, all within sentences that are repeated until you learn more of the language.



In your video portion, Babbel introduces images that resembles your hypothetical conversation, all designed to be humorous and light-hearted. Most video screens in Babbel are accompanied by an image intended to reflect the hypothetical conversation taking place. The images and exercises are often humorous, providing a light-hearted touch here and there. For additional light fun in an interesting interwoven environment, you are introduced to the Brazilian culture with the Portuguese speaker teaching you about the country’s food, sports, and so much more.

It is important to note here that Babbel provides guidelines on how to apply the right pronouns, prepositions, to give a better insight into the Portuguese language with specially designed programs that are easy to follow even by neophytes. In other words, the fastest way to learn Portuguese is by working through Babbel which can take you from having no knowledge of how to speak Portuguese to an A2/B1 on the European Language Framework. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediary, take your time in using Babbel language tools. No one is an expert right out the gate. Due to the Babbel immersion process where it is suggested that you soak in as much possible. Listen to the Babbel integrated online audio programs and texts perhaps for 10 minutes each day.



Listen to Brazilian music and their lyrics, view Portuguese and Brazilian movies or stream Portuguese TV. As a matter of fact, watching movies or TV programs helps when you watch the Portuguese actors use the muscles in their mouth to formulate their wording. Remember as an English speaker, practice, practice, practice to help you become familiar with hearing and seeing the inflection of how to speak Portuguese using your tongue, lips, and throat to form verbs and vowels. The more exposure to learning Portuguese the easier it will be for your brain to comprehend the language.

No matter which method you use to learn Portuguese, practice makes perfect and your only outcome is a positive result of a language that is fast becoming a leading global language. Remember that there is a free trial which gives you an introduction in the best way to learn Portuguese. What’s the best way to learn Portuguese? The Babbel’s system is designed to make your process an enjoyable experience with lots of helpful hints along the way. You are not alone! The best way to learn Portuguese language is to join the Babbel community for the language you are attempting to learn. You can connect with other learners to form a partnership, to share in a common experience, to talk Portuguese with one another and to test your language level.