Learning The Portuguese language

By OptiLingo

If you only know one language and are looking to learn more, why not start with Portuguese? Most people travel abroad and what to stay ahead of the cultures by learning the languages to the countries they frequent the most. Portuguese is one of those languages that happens to be spoken pretty much everywhere just like English and you can learn it if you put your mind to it. You are probably asking yourself, how long will it take me to learn Portuguese? That depends on your attitude and what time you are willing to put into studying the language.

How long will it take to learn Portuguese is a question that most people ask that find that this native tongue is a common language. To be able to speak to other people in a common language that is very much shared just like English is an amazing thing. So how long to learn Portuguese from English? It really depends on you. You need to find time to set aside each day in order to get this language down. There is a lot of studying to do because this language is so complex. You will need a study guide and maybe even a few recordings go easy words to start you off. Also, there maybe a pronunciation guide for certain sounds that you must say in order to get the words right. So if you want to know how fast you can learn Portuguese, sit down and get started on it right away. Put some discipline to it and you will surprise yourself as to what you can retain from your studies. You can be speaking Portuguese in 30 days if you follow a strict plan.

Think of all of the countries you can go to where this language is spoken and how you will be able to interact with the culture. You will not be blindsided by anything because knowing the language helps you to understand how things are supposed to go while you are there. You can ask for anything and get an understanding of how certain things work to make your vacation more enjoyable. It might be a business trip. You are going to definitely impress the businessmen there with your ability to speak their language and that will land you a huge promotion in your job. Other countries love for you to fit right in an embrace their language because it makes them feel comfortable enough to trust you with anything you are doing business with them on. Everyone feels as if they are on the same page when they are embraced fully and learning the Portuguese language helps with that. Think about it this way, how quickly can you learn Portuguese if it meant you could be promoted or a job requirement?

Can I learn Portuguese in a year? It is a possibility that if you keep at it and use the language fully, that you will truly be able to speak it fluently. There are some factors that might help you learn it faster this a year if you put in the work.


1. How Long Did It Take You To Learn Other Languages?

What does the time you took in learning previous languages say about you? It is possible for you to get this one done. How much time will it take to learn Portuguese? Are you going to use the same strategy you did when you were learning the other languages? How fast can you learn Portuguese? All of this needs to be answered in order for you get this down. It does not matter if you are multilingual because of other languages that you studied. You must use the same discipline that you needed in order to learn with this language as well.

2. Portuguese is not that difficult to pick up

Portuguese is not a language that is difficult to soak or learn. You can pick this language up quickly because it is similar to other European languages. Because of that, you can get it in no time. If you can understand the cognates, then you can learn this language quickly. How quickly can you learn Portuguese? Because of the cognates of this language being similar to other words, you will definitely learn it fast.


3. How fast can you learn Portuguese?

Look at your study time. What are doing you doing to increase your learning of this language at s faster pace? Are you asking yourself, how long will it take me to learn Portuguese? Are you challenging yourself as you did with the other languages you have learned? If you put in at least an hour a day versus just 30 minutes you will be rewarded. You will not be worried about how much time it will take to learn Portuguese because you could have it mastered faster than you think.


4. Putting in the time

If you want to know how long to learn Portuguese from English, you really need to put in the time. You need to study. Practice makes perfect. You must find time in your day on a daily basis to study and get the pronunciations right. The more you study the more you will you will have it down.


5. Be motivated

What is motivating you to learn it? Is it knowing how much time it will take to learn Portuguese? What is your reason for wanting to do it? Let learning this language be a passion because you know it will benefit you have this under your belt for future use. You will not have to be wondering about “can I learn Portuguese in a year” if you are motivated to get it done quicker. You could learn in less than three months if you know what you are doing.


6. Getting down to business

Do not wonder how much time will it take to learn Portuguese, but rather are you serious about learning it and doing it fast. If your motivation is to be able to speak with the locals on your vacation then they will more than likely help you with easier words because of their appreciation for you taking the time to get their language. You will find yourself being fluent fast with their help.

How long will it take to learn Portuguese? This is a question that only you can answer. If you take the necessary steps and time to learn this language, you will be a fluent speaker of like the other languages that you learned. Let Portuguese be the next language added to your skill set.