Learning Polish Free-of-charge

By OptiLingo

Most people can speak or understand at least one more language other than their mother tongue. The good news is that there are so many languages from which you can choose. One of the languages that you can choose to learn is Polish. However, maybe you are asking yourself, ” but how can I learn Polish?” Well, it’s always good to know that you can easily learn another language from the comfort of your home, but what if you are doing it for free!? Below are some details about the Polish language and how you can learn it for free.

Currently, the number of people, all over the world, who speak Polish as their native language is more than 45 million. This was the figure in 2012. Speakers of the Polish language increase every year. Polish is Poland’s national language. It is also the language spoken by those living in neighboring nations such as Romania, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. Polish emigrants all over the world speak the language as well. The good news about this language is that it doesn’t have letter sounds or tones that are difficult to understand. Plus, its grammar is quite simple to learn. If you want to know where to get Polish lessons or free, please read on.


Methods of Learning Polish Without Paying

Many methods are available for learning Polish free-of-charge. There are pros and cons to each of the methods. These methods also have their own rates of progress. It is your role to choose the method that works for you best. After all, what works best for you may not do the same for someone else.


1. Downloading Apps on Phone or Tablet

If you have a tablet or Smartphone, you can easily learn Polish without having to pay a dime. Many apps offer free Polish lessons, and all you have to do is install the apps. The disadvantage of this method of learning Polish is that the learning plan and structure are not cohesive. It also gives little to no indication of the feedback or progress. This may not work for newbies who need a good structure to learn the language step-by-step.


2. Finding Websites

Also available are websites that offer their visitors Polish lessons for free. The duration of the lessons is different. These lessons may have little or no lasting progression. The disadvantage of the free websites is that their lessons are of poor quality. This is because they make very little money that fails to cater to the author’s needs.


3. Social Media

On social media, you can find speakers of a different language and try conversing with them. This method of learning Polish is time-consuming and difficult. This is so because you don’t have set lesson plans to follow. Also, it can be difficult to communicate with a Polish native speaker who can’t speak any of the languages you speak.


4. Bike Partner

You can also learn Polish for free by finding a bike partner who speaks Polish. If the person wants to learn a language that you already know, teach them, and they can teach you Polish in return. This is a good method because the person teaching you is physically there with you. However, the disadvantages are that they may not be good at teaching and learning will not have a strict plan to follow. These factors will slow down the rate at which you learn the language.


Why the Paid Polish Learning Platforms are Better Than the Free Lessons

They say that when the deal is too good, think twice. Although the free platforms draw you in because you will not pay anything to learn Polish, from the points above, it’s clear that learning in such a way has many disadvantages. So, why not pay to learn Polish in an organized manner? Here are some reasons why choosing the paid platforms to learn Polish can be so much better than the free platforms.


a. Higher Quality of Lessons

The quality of the lessons you get from the paid platforms is usually higher because the owner of the platform makes a living from it. The money they make depends on the quality of the products they create, which in turn increase the value of their learning platform. The courses on these platforms are often structured well, meaning that you’ll learn the language in a very efficient way.


b. Speedy Learning

Paid platforms can embrace the ever-transforming technology as it changes. This means that you will learn the language within a short time. Such platforms can create Smartphone apps, use multimedia video technology, and use technologies like microphone recognition to check your pronunciation while monitoring your progress.


c. Additional Help

Paid platforms offer support and some services that the free platforms can’t match. For instance, they have support staff, tutors, and forums that provide help whenever it’s needed. These services further simplify the learning process making it more efficient than free platforms.


Learning Polish with Babbel

Many new platforms offer Polish lessons, some for free others at a fee. Some of the platforms offer reliable services and others don’t. One platform that offers dependable services is Babbel. It’s a new online platform that offers Polish lessons at cost-friendly charges. Babbel is not a free platform, but its prices are very reasonable. What’s more, the platform does not allow advertisements. This makes learning smooth and without any disruptions.

You canaccess Babbel through Smartphone apps and via the internet. With that, you can learn Polish from anywhere. Babbel has well-thought-out lesson plans in addition to technology that makes it easy to monitor your progress. It also has a unique tool for recognizing speech and monitoring pronunciation to ensure that you are saying the words correctly. To optimize learning, this platform organizes lessons based on the progress a student is making.

Although there is a price attached to Babbel, the platform makes learning a language easier and quicker than the free alternatives. You will get the first lesson on Babbel free-of-charge. This gives you a chance to see the type of services they offer before choosing to subscribe to the platform or not. So, if you are wondering, “how can I learn Polish?”, go check the platform out. It could be what you have been looking for to learn a new language.