How to Learn Portuguese in 3 Months

By OptiLingo

You can expand your vocabulary if you learn the Portuguese language. For instance, you need to acquaint yourself with specific vocabulary that will enable you to grasp it quickly. Besides, there are some incidences where learners develop particular suggestions. Hence, they need to explain them to their teachers.

As a good learner, you need to understand the adjectives that represent the animals, business, beach, body, and beverages. For example, an ant is known as formiga while an ass is called morsego. When tackling symbols and nationality of several individuals, we can represent them in various categories.



Do you want to know how to learn Portuguese in 3 months? Well, most learning institutions provide organized grammar lessons to enhance your learning skills. They are available in two categories namely beginner and intermediate Portuguese.

Both sections comprise of twelve units. For beginners, they can commence with articles, verbs in all tenses, different types of pronouns, time, adjectives, plurals, and understanding the male and females. Thus, it builds a foundation for quick learning by the students.

Intermediate Portuguese is available in the present, simple past, and future types of verbs. Moreover, they include ordinary numbers, prepositions in two verbs, possessive and relative pronouns, commands, present tense and imperfect verbs, and individuals asking various questions. If you are new to the language, controls will make you understand how fast to learn Portuguese.



We use an imperative form to enable the learners to understand how to learn Portuguese in 3 months. Be it negative or positive, they will help you to know how to learn the language. For example, we give them when talking about you, you all, and we.

However, we do not use the command I, he, or she. For instance, we can order a person in the second group to perform a particular type of chore. It is easy to use them because we only change the last part of the verb to reflect how we want it to be.

Amar, for example, changes to ame while comer to coma. In the plural, they are represented by amem and comam respectively. We say abra a porta when ordering an individual to open a door.

When issuing negative commands, we use nao before the conjugated verb. Moreover, when instructing a person not to call another one, we say nao ligue para ele. Meanwhile, we use nunca when representing never.

If we are cautioning an individual never to wash his clothes, we say Nunca lave sua roupa.



It is easy to understand how fast to learn Portuguese using different vocabularies. If you acquaint yourself with a particular category, you need to practice a lot to understand it. In case you do not understand anything, symbols are available to guide you.

We use native Brazilian Portuguese to pronounce them. With the help of the keyboard, you can track what you wish to use apply for your pronunciation. For example, @ represents arroba while & indicates e.


Useful Phrases

There are valuable phrases to help you understand how to learn Portuguese in 3 months. We can represent different categories such as bars, hotels, restaurants, and taxi. When writing emails or letters, we use various phrases like Prezado Rodrigo when addressing an individual named Rodrigo.



Portuguese alphabets are the same as the English ones. If an individual does not understand his expectations, he can use audio to guide him. An example is z that is represented by letter z in Portuguese.


Brazilian and Portuguese names

We use the alphabets to illustrate the Portuguese names. In English, if we have a name like Adriana, it will be represented by Adriana. The spellings of all English names are same as the Portuguese ones.


Favorite Portuguese Words

Some significant words are usually used in Portuguese. Once an individual grasp them, it is easy to connect with the rest of the words. A person needs to understand simple words like postpone, access, and open because they will guide him during his conversation.


Portuguese Verbs

There are Portuguese verbs that help a person to articulate himself well. For instance, we use abandon to illustrate leaving something behind. However, in Portuguese, we use the term lower. Abaixar represents lowering while abandoner demonstrates abandon.


Grammar Tips in Portuguese

During the Portuguese classes, we realized that many students make mistakes when referring to smaller and bigger things. For example, grande is used in Portuguese to represent significant while pequena represents small. When pronouncing the words, we discovered that many learners use mais grande if they are referring to a more significant item.


Importance of Portuguese


It is Fun when traveling

Have you ever thought about moving? Well, if you speak Portuguese, it is fun when visiting countries speaking the language. Since you might have grasped it well, it is easy to perform activities that other visitors find hard.

Moreover, you will understand a country’s culture because you participate well in many conversations. Even though you can use a planet guide to understand the activities in the country, interaction with the natives is an excellent way. For example, you might read their newspapers to enable you to know the best places you can visit.

Furthermore, it is natural the happenings in other countries. In spite of the information, Portuguese provides good literature to the inhabitants. It is available in traditional and modern forms.


Helps you to learn other languages.

If you develop an interest in foreign languages, then you in do not need to worry because Portuguese will help you. From previous statistics, the people who understood the word edged out their competitors in other words. Hence, it is natural to learn other languages like Spanish, French, and Italian.

Moreover, Portuguese provides an excellent experience to many individuals that can acquaint them to any Latin language. Since it is easy to understand its structure, you can always refer to it when talking about other languages.


Improves opportunities for getting another career

It is an advantage to your job when you have another alternative language. Besides, it is the best alternative if you are in a job that involves much interaction. For example, international trade, tourism, or communications.

During your job, you will get many opportunities where your skills are relevant. The language is limitless because you can do many jobs with it.


Fascinates life

If you are a fan of talking, understanding challenges, and reading then Portuguese makes your experience even better. Since you can talk a foreign language, life becomes better. Although it is tedious learning it, your efforts pay off quickly because of the many available opportunities.