Polish is a Beautiful and Vibrant Language: Learn to Speak It Fast and Easy with a Multifaceted Approach

By OptiLingo

Learning any language other than your own opens the door for you to be a part of a much larger and richer global community. There are more than 200 active languages currently in use on the planet. Those languages are the foundation of more than 500 cultures that comprise more than 7 billion people. When you take the time to learn another language you are not just opening up additional possibilities for work, but for being a better global citizen as you learn about the culture, the history, and the traditions of a group of people that while much different than you, you soon discover are not that dissimilar after all.


Yes, But Why Polish, It’s Not Exactly Like Its Widely Spoken!

Yes, Polish isn’t a language that is studied widely, but that doesn’t mean that it is not a language that is unimportant or dying. There are many reasons why someone may want to take up learning to speak Polish. One of the main reasons is the fact that Polish is a very challenging language to learn, but one that is rich and vibrant. Moreover, if you are a language lover, then Polish is a language that is perfect for you. It is beautiful, alive, and sophisticated with origins dating back to the earliest of European history. Polish has played an important part of many of the most significant the events of the world, and for that reason alone, it’s worth trying to learn it. Perhaps, the best answer as to why you should learn Polish is that it opens up so many opportunities for you as a person both professionally and personally. These can include:

  • Business Advantages
  • Traveling Across Europe
  • Living Abroad


Embracing Polish Culture in an Unfiltered Way

And of course lets not forget the absolute best reason for learning multiple languages in general, which is not only to grow yourself as a person, and to keep your brain active and vibrant even as you grow older. It has been scientifically shown that learning any new comprehensive skill, including the learning of a new language, creates an entirely new network layer of neurological connections that didn’t exist before the skill or language was learned. These new layers of neuron networks build a much stronger and more resilient mind that can help you ward off the mental effects of aging which we are all at risk of falling victim to.


So Why Specifically Learn Polish?

This one is easy to answer! The Polish language has been around for hundreds of years. It’s a beautiful language that reflects the history, culture, and traditions of a proud and noble people who are among the oldest organized cultures in Europe. Poland in one form or another has been a key player in trade, war, art, literature, science, and religion for more than 850 years. Today the Polish culture is active all over the world with more than 40 million people actively speaking the Polish language every single day. Almost every major city in the western hemisphere has a large and active Polish population, and millions of Americans and Canadians can trace their ancestry back to Polish roots. These reasons may be more than enough for you to ask about how to learn Polish language easily. If you need more reasons to learn how to speak Polish language, think about the professional opportunities to conduct business in a potential client or business partners native tongue. It has been shown that when you show a person you are conducting business with the respect of addressing them, or even making the offer to, in their native language they are 65% more likely to be positively receptive to what you have to say, or the offer that you are making.


Methods of Learning Polish

There are lots of ways to learn any new skill and a new language is no different. You have a few options as to how you can go about learning Polish and now that you understand the importance of learning Polish you may have a couple of questions such as:

  • What ways are there to learn Polish?
  • What is the most effective method of learning Polish?
  • What’s best in term of how to learn Polish easily?
  • What’s best in terms of how to learn Polish quickly?

The first question is easier to answer than the second. There are many ways that you can learn to speak, read, and write in Polish. Of course, there are paid classes that you could take, and no doubt there are also free resources that you could use to learn Polish. The paid classes will obviously be more effective, but they can be very structured and time-consuming since the lessons will be laid out along an extended timeline. These types of classes can also be much more expensive than you realize. Pay programs may be the logical answer as to how you can learn how to speak Polish fast, but before you sign up for one know that there are better options. Traditional Pay course programs can include:

  • In Classroom Instruction
  • Private Tudors
  • Audio Courses and Related Materials
  • Online Learning Programs


Yes, But What About Free Resources?

Using free resources is a great idea, but using this method exclusively can be frustrating, even more time consuming, and not significantly motivating. These limitations will often lead to you giving up quickly and failing in your desire to learn the Polish language. Another issue with learning Polish or any language exclusively with free resources is that you do not know for sure that the words, phrases, and constructs that you are learning are entirely accurate. This could potentially lead to embarrassing and possible unfortunate situations when you attempt to begin using your new language in practical real-world environments. Let’s take a moment to look in detail at some of the free resource options commonly available:


Tandem Learning

This is a great way to learn to use your language more effectively and become fluent. You and another person teach each other back and forth. For instance, here you would work with a native Polish speaker who has already learned the basic skills of English, and they would assist you, once you have the basic skills of Polish to become a better speaker of their language.


Immersion Learning

This method is great once you have a basic understanding of practical Polish for everyday life. You place yourself in a Polish speaking culture and learn to become more confident and fluent via the sink or swim method. Today, in terms of how to learn Polish easy, you have additional resources that didn’t exist a few years ago for immersion learning. You can, for instance, join online social groups that speak and interact in Polish on services such as Facebook, or special interest forum sites.


Library Resources and Books

This classic method of expanding one’s understanding of a language is still one of the best. By using books, newspapers, magazines, and other materials such as movies, music, and games from the library, you can delve deeper into the day to day living language that is Polish.


Free Mobile Device Apps and Online Courses

These resources should be used like the seasoning of a dish, carefully, with caution, and with only to add additional layers to your knowledge. It’s not that they are not great resources, but as mentioned above, you cannot be sure that they are going to teach you the right things in the right way, so use them as an enhancer to your knowledge, not as its only source.


How to Learn Polish Fast

One of the best ways of how to learn Polish fast is to use a multifaceted technique that incorporates several, if not all of the methods mentioned above. The multifaceted approach has been shown to be the best way for you to learn to speak Polish fast. If you need to rapidly absorb the basics of any language, Polish included, then don’t just use a paid program, and don’t rely solely on free resources, use both styles of learning together. There are some really great options online such as Babel and 50 Languages Online, that offer a combination of these different approached to help you quickly and fully assimilate your new language so that you can use it for travel, business, or leisure pursuits. A good program will include options such as:

  • Conversational Opportunities
  • Reading Resources
  • Games
  • Media
  • Practice Opportunities

Many may think that the questions of how to learn Polish easy and how to learn Polish fast are entirely irrespective of each other, but they don’t have to be. By combining all of the above-mentioned methods in a single regimen, a good language course will offer you the keys to learn Polish quickly, and how to learn how to speak Polish fast at the same time. You can get the best results of a paid program, with the abundance of resources and opportunities, not to mention the flexibility of a less structured program, that are available with free options.

If you are wondering how to learn Polish language easily, how to learn Polish quickly, and how to learn to speak Polish fast, the answer is as simple as choosing a language course that gives you the multi-pronged approach that has been proven to work for millions of people and for dozens of languages. Don’t waste time, and money on programs that do not work, take too long, are too expensive and do not deliver on their promise to assist you to learn to speak Polish fast, easily, and fluently.