Why is it Important to Learn Norwegian?

By OptiLingo

Guy Puzey, On the Importance of learning Norwegian

Guy Puzey is a professor that teaches Scandinavian studies, and he believes that learning Norwegian is important. Guy has listed some of the amazing factors that you should know if you want to learn Norwegian. One of them is that Norway is a country that has extensive cultural connections with other neighboring countries that are in the deep sea. The most common reason as to why people decide to learn Norwegian is usually because they have a relationship with Norwegians or the Norwegian culture. However, there are plenty of other reasons as to why a person would opt to learn Scandinavian as a language.


The breathtaking culture

Norway has a breathtaking culture, and in the United Nations Human Development Index, it came to be one of the top countries. This index measures the quality of life in different countries around the world. This shows that Norway is a country that leads when it comes to industries, architecture, slow TV and music especially black metal. Norway is also known to be a global leader when it comes to fishing and log burning. Also learning Norwegian will provide you with a career opportunity as a translator and interpreter. Many institutions are looking for individuals that are fluent in all the three Scandinavian languages, and therefore it will be important to gain fluency in this. The demand for such individuals is very high in the market.


Learning Norwegian

There is not a particular reason as to why I decided to learn the Norwegian language. It was a series of events that happened while I was young that got me intrigued in the language. One of the reasons as to why to learn Norwegian is because I spent a lot of time as a child researching about Norway. I would spend a lot of time on maps and atlases and had grown certain affection with Norway. I had a radio at the time that could catch on radio wave frequencies from Norway. I would listen to the presenters speaking in Norwegian, and to my surprise, I could comprehend some of the things they were saying without learning the language.

This made me more intrigued about Norwegian and marked the beginning of my journey to learning the language. I also became interested in their music, and I immediately acquired friends in an online platform that was for a Norwegian singer. This is also where I found my wife who was from Italy. Since then I decided that I wanted to study languages including Norwegian and Italian.


Learning in the United Kingdom

If you want to learn Norwegian fast, it is essential that you learn with other people for instance in a classroom. I attended the University of Edinburgh which is where I learned Norwegian. I am currently a professor in Scandinavian studies at the same institutions, and we host students from all cultures in the world. Antarctica is the only place that is not represented at the University of Edinburgh. However, this is not a problem as we have SIR NILS OLAV who is a penguin at the Edinburgh Zoo.

The students at our institution usually begin college with zero knowledge of the Scandinavian languages. In their 2nd year, they are usually reading Danish, Swedish and Norwegian books. For their third year, they usually go abroad to further their languages. When they come back in the 4th year, they can study items that are advanced in history, literature, and linguistics. Another alternative of studying Norwegian if you are in the UK is to study at other universities in the area. These universities offer short courses on Norwegian that are done in the evening. This is another reason as to why to learn Norwegian.


Improving your learning

If you want to improve how you learn Norwegian, you need to invest in watching a lot of television. Today, it is very easy to get access to films and series that are in Norwegian because of the advent of technology. These programmes are usually in Norwegian, but they have their subtitles in English. To get a grasp of the language quickly, you can watch these programmes with Norwegian subtitles so that you can greatly improve your reading and comprehension. There is a famous series in Norwegian called Skam, and if you want to learn the language, I would recommend you get yourself a copy of this movie. It will keep you intrigued and entertained.


A democratic language

Norwegians are allowed to speak their language in any social setting. Students in school also speak the language, and the teachers have no option but to let them. This idea came to be because the government wanted the people of Norway to gain self confidence when it came to speaking their language.


Forms of Norwegian

Norwegian can be written in two different forms. One is the Nynorsk, and the other is Bokmal. Bokmal is the form of written Norwegian language that is more famous among the people because it is used by almost eighty five percent of the individuals that speak Norwegian. It is also much easier to find a book that is written in the Norwegian language than finding a book that is written in Nynorsk. Nynorsk is regarded as the new Norwegian written language, and not many people are conversant with it. I learned Bokmal first before learning Nynorsk. Although I know both forms of written language, I prefer using Nynorsk. If you are torn between which language to learn at first, I would advise, to begin with, Bokmal because it is more popular. However, as you advanced you will be required to learn both of the languages.



Bokmal and Nynorsk are different and similar at the same time. This is because there are some phrases that when said in Bokmal mean the same in Nynorsk. At the same time, the words may be different in both forms but have the same meaning. So it utterly depends on what one is saying.


Difficulty in learning Norwegian

When learning Norwegian with native Norwegian speakers, it is difficult to have them speak their language because they are fluent in English. You may find yourself speaking with them in English and forgetting to speak Norwegian. Another difficulty in learning the language is picking the right prepositions. Also learning the pitch sounds that come with speaking Norwegian is a bit challenging. Living in Norway while you try to learn the language can also be challenging because Norway is expensive and therefore it requires you to save the coins.