Learning Norwegian – the Guide for Anyone trying to learn Norwegian

By OptiLingo

If you want to learn Norwegian, there is a good book that will guide you through. The content below will take you slowly and surely on how to learn Norwegian book. But the question is posed. What is learning this book or rather the language helps you?

First of all, English, Yiddish, Dutch, German and a couple of languages there in are considered part of the West Germanic branch languages. The Scandinavian languages which consist of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Faroece, Icelandic are North Germanic languages. This therefore qualifies English to share a myriad of similarities with Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

To start with, Norwegian is a pretty easy language to understand as compared to other languages such as Japanese, Korea and much more. Today, this language is spoken by well over 5 million people world over. It makes a mark somewhere on the easy to learn language even as most people would rather learn Dutch or other languages for that matter.

Someone may also ask whether Norwegian grammar is a breeze. While there is no definite answer for that, anyone who knows how to speak in English can learn Norwegian so easily. They can grasp this language easier than any other language. The grammar is so easy to master too, compared to German for instance, Japanese or Dutch.

When you want to learn this language, there are options, some people opt learning for free while others pay to earn. However the bottom-line is that you should learn it fast. Here are the tips to ensure you learn Norwegian fast.

First of all, you need to join a language group café, as there you will find a lot of people who are struggling to learn or are sharing insights on how to learn the language. To be honest, you can’t lean this language in a vacuum. Therefore there is need for one to join their local social media platform that teaches a foreign language.


Once you have learnt a thing or two make sure you practice your pronunciation

In fact you can install a certain program on your computer that will enable you to get a grip of the dialects and the pronunciation of both Norwegian. The system, such as CALST will enable you to get a good grasp of Norwegian spellings, grammar and even punctuations.

It is also imperative to memorize the pronunciation of Norwegian language and numbers right away. Do not waste much of your time trying to learn advanced Norwegian vocabularies. In fact, most of them you won’t be able to apply them in your early stages of learning the language.

Get the right book to enable you build your vocabulary by the day. Point your focus on the words that matter in your day to day life. If you feel that a word is more relevant to you, in your everyday life, you will find out that it will ring in your mind daily and you will be able to remember it every day.


Ensure that when you are practicing to speak Norwegian, you use simple and fun language

This will open avenues for you to learn complex vocabularies with time. This is what is covered in the Norwegian language guide, and this is a fundamental way how to learn Norwegian book.

Another way is asking your colleagues and friends at home to talk to you in this language. You don’t have to course them but a clever way is to strike a conversation in this language. If you do this a couple of times, your friends will see your eagerness to learn this language. Therefore good friends who knows what you want will create time to help you get a better grasp of the language. In the end you will discover that you have learnt the language arguably fast.

Another way is to listen to the radio and watch television to know what Norwegian verbs are being used. With this you will understand what inflections are in use, and the choice of inflection to use in whatever situation. In line with that, you should also read Norwegian newspapers online, as they sometimes offer you some recorded audio vision content in lettnorsk. You should become an enthusiast of this country’s film. Most of the films have an English subtitle and this will help you further enhance your Norwegian language skills. When watching them, you not only pick up the speech across most Norwegian dialect but also learn a thing or two about their culture, humor, and history.

If you reflect over the above, you will come out strongly and will aid you to internalize the language faster than anyone else.

There is a lot of benefit that one gains when learning a new language, such as, Norwegian or even English for that matter. Here are just a few of them.


Benefits of learning Norwegian

There are many reasons for one to learn Norwegian. To start with, this language is supposed to be so easy for anyone to learn. Actually it can be too late for you to start learning it right now. But, if you had learned it a bit earlier, you would know how to learn the Norwegian book much easier. Along with helping you send post card to your familyin Norwegian, the language also assists you to write long letters and contents without ever being busted by your grammar and mastery of the language.


Where can you learn this language?

While you have seen in the post that you can learn this language online for free, there are many websites that can give you quite a range of resources to this language. In fact you can get free online Norwegian courses for free when you follow http://www.ntnu.edu/now.

Here you will find entry level Norwegian courses where every teaching that is done here is done under one umbrella of the website. NoW was developed at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, better known as NTNU by experienced and knowledgeable lecturers and instructors.

When you learn this language, you will easily and better fit in the Norwegian society, and together build a network of positive friends. Also it will enable you acquire new jobs in the country. For instance when you go to this website, http://www.campusonline.no/english, you will get myriads of online tutoring as well as online materials for earning Norwegian at an affordable price.

At www.teachyourself.com, however, you will get the best Norwegian books that teaches complete Norwegian language for kids, starting from the beginner to level 4, all authored by one Margaretha Danbolt-Simons.

At NoW website, all the Norwegian teachings are integrated into one website all for you use free off-charge. Ensure you buy this book today and practice what the piece is saying ad you will be able to grasp this language better and faster than anyone else.